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When pretty hairdresser Delaney Shaw returned home to Truly, Idaho, for the Home>; FICTION>; Romance>; Truly Madly Yours - EPUB by Rachel Gibson. Aug 16, Truly Madly Yours - Rachel Gibson ~ Chương Ebook "Truly Madly Yours". epub Download EPUB - iPhone. Kindle Tác giả: Rachel Gibson . only available man who'd paid attention to her since she'd arrived in Truly. Aug 27, Download Truly Madly Yours Rachel Gibson Epub ->

Truly Madly Yours Rachel Gibson Epub

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Home · Truly Madly Yours Author: Rachel Gibson Very Truly Yours, Nikola Tesla · Read more · Truly, Madly, Deadly - The Unofficial Trueblood. Read more. Editorial Reviews. Review. Delaney Shaw plans to get in and out of her Truly Madly Yours (Truly, Idaho Book 1) - Kindle edition by Rachel Gibson. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ Truly Madly Yours book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Where there's a willWhen pretty hairdresser Delaney Shaw.

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Her mother had made her a stupid bride costume that year. Delaney had pretended to love the dress, only to turn up at the parade as a blood-soaked killer with no eyebrows.

Delaney looked at her friend out of the corner of her eye. A door opened and closed somewhere behind her, and she turned, but no one had entered her salon. Delaney smiled. She had a surprise of her own coming up. A second truck slowly moved past with a big smoking cauldron and cackling witch on its flatbed. Despite the crazy black hair and green face, the crone looked slightly familiar.

And Delaney had hung on every word. Pastor Jim preaches over at that little church on Seventh Street. Delaney did a mental groan. It was so typical of Nick to sneak up on her when she least expected him. Delaney cast a quick glance over her shoulder. His hair was pulled back from his face. Delaney turned to the parade again.

Truly Madly Yours (Truly, Idaho, #1) by Rachel Gibson

She raised her shoulders and buried her cold nose in the collar of her coat. By tacit agreement, they were avoiding each other. Four boys dressed as bloody hockey players wheeled past on Roller Blades and were followed closely by Tommy Markham pulling his wife in a rickshaw.

Quality cuts for ten dollars.

Helen waved and threw kisses to the crowd, and on her head sat a rhinestone crown Delaney recognized all too well. Delaney dropped her shoulders and uncovered the lower half of her face. That crown should have been mine. Delaney folded her arms over her chest. She was annoyed with herself for giving Helen the power to irritate her after so many years.

Delaney was cold, possibly neurotic, and very aware of the man standing behind her. Too aware. She could feel him like a big human wall. A weird reaction considering that he usually told her she looked stupid.

She turned her head and glanced up at him again with his dark hair pulled back in a ponytail and small gold hoop in his ear. He still looked like a pirate, and she was getting a warm little tingle in her stomach. Lisa looked from Nick to Delaney. It was true. Metal Head.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Steve played it all, and it was so embarrassing. Except Nick. Not to her anyway. Delaney leaned forward to look down the street and saw her Miata turn the corner. Steve steered the sports car with one hand, his hair dyed and cut short in a spiky crewcut.

Two teenage girls sat like beauty queens directly behind him while one more girl waved from the passenger seat. Smooth and free-flowing and trendy. All three looked wonderful and were living, breathing advertisements for her salon. The Cutting Edge fixes ten-dollar haircuts. A collection of grim reapers, werewolves, and corpses passed, then a fifty-seven Chevy turned the corner with Louie at the wheel.

Delaney took one look at his dark hair greased into a jelly roll and burst out laughing.

Truly Madly Yours

He wore a tight white T-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve. Delaney heard his deep chuckle just before Louie revved the big engine for the crowd. The antique car shook and rumbled, then for a grand finale, backfired. His big hands grabbed her upper arms, and when she looked up at him, her hair brushed his throat.

His grasp on her tightened, and through her coat she felt his long fingers curl into the wool sleeve. His gaze swept across her cheeks, then lowered to her mouth. His gaze lifted to hers once again, and there was something hot and intense in the way he looked at her. Like he wanted to give her one of those kisses that devoured her resistance.

Rachel Gibson

Like they were lovers and the most natural thing in the world would be for her to put one hand on the back of his head and lower his face to hers. And in the end he stepped back and dropped his hands to his sides.

She turned around and sucked air deep into her lungs. She could feel his gaze on the back of her head, feel the air between them charged with tension.

The pull was so strong she was sure everyone around them could feel it, too. But when she glanced at Lisa, her friend was waving like a mad woman to Louie. Nick said something to Lisa and Delaney felt rather than heard him leave. She glanced over her shoulder one last time and watched him disappear into the building behind them. Delaney looked at her friend and shook her head. By no stretch of the imagination was Nick Allegrezza cute.

He was hot. One hundred percent, testosterone-pumping, drool-inspiring hot. Delaney checked her watch. She bid Lisa good-bye and spent the rest of the afternoon on a three-color weave and two walk-ins.

When she was finished for the day, she quickly swept up hair from the last girl, then grabbed her coat and climbed up the back stairs to her apartment.

She had plans to meet Steve at the costume party being held out in the old Grange hall. Steve had found a police uniform somewhere, and since he planned to impersonate a law enforcement officer, it seemed a given that she should impersonate a hooker. Delaney stuck her key into the lock and noticed a white envelope on the step next to the toe of her black boot. She had a bad feeling she knew what it was even before she bent to pick it up. She opened it and pulled out a white piece of paper with four typewritten words: She crushed the paper in her fist and glanced over her shoulder.

The parking lot was empty of course. Whoever had left the envelope had done it while Delaney had been busy cutting hair. It would have been so easy. Delaney retraced her steps to the parking lot and knocked on the back door of Allegrezza Construction. The old Grange hall had been decorated with bales of hay, orange and black crepe paper, and cauldrons filled with dried ice.

The ages of those gathered at the Halloween party ranged from teens who were too old to trick-or-treat to Wannetta Van Damme, who was tying one on with the two remaining World War vets. By the time Delaney arrived, the band was well into its first set. The matching satin blazer she left at home. Her boa was draped around her neck and the handcuffs were tucked in the waistband of her skirt. Except for her teased hair and thick mascara, most of her efforts were concealed by her wool coat.

She wanted nothing more than to go back home and fall head first into a coma. She was sure the note had come from Helen and was bugged by it more than she liked to admit. Delaney reached for the buttons on her coat as her gaze scanned the crowd dressed in a wide variety of interesting costumes.

She spied Steve dancing with a hippie chick who looked to be about twenty. They looked good together. He was a nice diversion sometimes when she needed to get out of her apartment. He was a nice guy, too. She decided to keep her coat on as she made her way into the crowd. She squeezed by two cone-heads and a mermaid and almost ran smack into a Star Trek character covered in makeup with a slight yellow tinge.

The voice sounded vaguely familiar and he obviously knew her. His hair was slicked back with black spray-in color, and he wore a red and black uniform with a symbol that looked like an A on his chest. I moved back in June. Delaney stared into eyes so light they hardly were blue at all. A Finley dressed up as a Trekkie. Long time no see. Delaney glanced around the area for someone to rescue her. What fresh catfish? Are you?

She wove her way through a group dressed as punkers, to the edge of the dance floor. Abraham Lincoln asked her to dance, but she declined. Her head was beginning to pound and she wanted to go home, but she figured she owed it to Steve to tell him she was leaving.

Her eyes scrunched and she glanced away from Steve. He could be so extremely embarrassing sometimes.

Her gaze stopped on a familiar couple dressed as a fifties tough and his girlfriend in a poodle skirt. From the perimeter of dancing couples, Delaney watched Louie swing Lisa behind his back then around front again. He pulled her against his chest and dipped her so low her ponytail brushed the ground.

Delaney smiled and her gaze moved to the couple closest to Lisa and Louie. It Happened One Valentine's Day. Where there s a will. When pretty hairdresser Delaney Shaw returned home to Truly, Idaho, for the. Where there's a will.

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