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Aplikasi KPM eTextbook adalah aplikasi pembaca bukan komersial untuk membaca fail EPUB yang dibuat untuk pendidikan rendah dan menengah Malaysia. Join Facebook to connect with Ebook Multimedia and others you may know. Facebook Did you mean: book multimedia · Ebook Went to smk multimedia. Interactive multimedia learning: Innovating classroom education in a Malaysian The Effectiveness of Sea-Based Blended Learning eBook on The Subject of.

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Rpp Etimologi Multimedia Smk Filetype PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. rpp. Rpp Prota Promes Silabus Smk Multimedia - [Free] Rpp Prota Taogouore Stories You Can Use Download Free Pdf Ebooks About Learn how to create enhanced/multimedia eBooks including d create multimedia ebooks by Wesley Fryer 6 March Edmond.

The purpose of this study was to provide multimedia based listening materials for 1st grade students of SMK of Hotel Accommodation Program which is useful for self-study activities. The product was successful in making students interested in learning listening. Key words: It gives the learners information from which they build up the knowledge necessary for using the language. When this knowledge is built up, the learner can begin to speak. Listening plays an important role in communication. It has been claimed by Nunan , that students spend more than 50 percent of the time functioning in a foreign language for listening.

Showing Regret and Apology Boss b. Expressing capabilities 5 Hotel Room Describing Video a. Describing Location Super Room at b. Introducing self and others, Gathering I b. Describing professions c. Expressing thanks. Oral invitation Gathering II b. Asking for and giving permission. There are five hotel area labels that appear in the lobby each of which comprises three listening activities with which the learner engage: As Miller She affirms that this format has proved to be useful in taking attention of the learners and allow them to do other things with the information that they listen to.

In the pre-listening, the learners are lured to read a virtual book containing the setting of the context and a list of new vocabulary. It aims to facilitate comprehension. From all the seven listening materials, 5 of them are video while two of them are audio. It is believed that learners can develop their listening skills in a richer language context by using video Miller, Besides, video is the more favorite listening materials compared to audio based on preliminary investigation.

As it is revealed in the preliminary investigation, students often fail to comprehend the text because the speed is too fast. The impression of faster or slower speech commonly results from the number of pauses that the speaker uses Richards, There is also a replay button to meet the learners need. Moreover, the while-listening is completed with exercise button that pops exercise pages. Students need to do the instruction in the exercise pages, do the exercise, and click submit button.

The result will appear automatically right after it. If they are willing to review the exercise, they can hit the Review button and the review will appear. The exercises completed with the complements of task mentioned by Nunan , cited in Cahyono, The goal of the exercise is to check the students listening comprehension, the input students should get before doing the exercises is the audio-video listening materials, while the activity during the task is answering questions.

Since the media is designed in self-study format, the teacher role is encouraging the students and the learner role is an independent learner. The settings of the task can be either in the classroom or outside the classroom. Those components are generally applied for all exercises involved in every unit because all of them have the same format.

The last part of the unit is post-listening. This section provides reference materials to the media, another compulsory feature of self-instructional materials. The expressions used in the video are discussed and other expressions having the same functions are also explained.

Creating MultiMedia eBooks (March )

After the above alfa version of the media was created, a product evaluation was conducted. The product evaluation was to provide feedback to be used in revising the developed materials. This stage was needed to generate the final product of the study. Materials evaluation involved four different processes: A university Lecturer of English Department, State university of Malang was asked to evaluate the content of the media. Then, she was to give her judgment on two aspects; options which dealt with the appropriateness of the provided menu and content which refered to the appropriateness of the texts, audios, and videos used in the media.

The options given in the main menu, namely Enter the hotel, Tutorial, About, and Quit, were considered appropriate. However, due to the probability that learners could get lost and confused, there was still a need of a guide book on how to operate the media.

In the content evaluation section, the expert of material evaluated whether the content of pre- listening, while-listening, and post-listening section in each of the five units were appropriate. The result of the evaluation affirmed that the text in pre-listening had been suitable with the topic. However, to improve the students understanding on new vocabulary, a direct translation to the first language was considered inappropriate. There was also a need of additional activity to check the students understanding of new vocabulary.

For the while-listening, no further improvement was needed. The post listening activity was considered less suitable due to the absence of follow up activities. For the expert of media validation, a university lecturer of Department of Visual Communication Design, State University of Malang was asked to evaluate the media in the aspects of design, color, audio-video, and user control. The expert affirmed that the overall design of the interface was attractive.

It owed mainly to the idea that it could create the atmosphere of game simulation and to the detail visual objects in the media.

Whereas, the lay-out of the opening did not tell the learners what kind of application it was. Information about the application needed to be displayed to make the students aware of the next interface appeared.

The overall color in the media was considered appropriate.

It was also checked that there was no problem with the audio material. However, there are more to do with the video material due to the limitation of video with. A distinct treatment needed to be done to several videos that were considered broken by resizing the panel. It was affirmed that the application was easy to operate.

However, the button in the beginning of the application that was considered too big. It was also suggested to give additional information about the map of the application to ease the learner in applying it during self-learning.

The teacher confirmed strongly that the whole aspects were appropriate and no suggestion for further improvement was given. The teacher confirmed that the product was good and very attractive.

The materials try-out was conducted on the 12th of March, It was tried out to 26 respondents who were involved in the preliminary investigation process. The respondents were gathered in computer lab where computers and loud speakers were available.

They were given brief information about the product and how to operate it before they tried it by themselves. The result of the product try out showed that no further revision was needed. The result of the expert of material validation and of media validation indicated that the media need to be revised due to some reasons: To overcome the problems, a number of revisions were completed. To help them and to ease them in operating the application, a guide book was made.

It contains a complete guide on how to operate the product and the function of every buttons in it. As stated by the expert that the method used in explaining the new vocabulary by translating it into first language was inappropriate, the meaning of those words were then changed into a simpler English. To check whether the learners understand the new vocabulary, Vocabulary Focus activities were provided.

In the activities, learners need to complete the fill in the blank quiz or matching quiz.

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The text provided in post-listening section was also modified as suggested by the expert to include follow up activities which employ other language skills. Guo and Wills Based on the result of expert of media validation, there were several suggestions for further improvement of the product: Those suggestions were used as the basis in revising the media. The title of the application, as suggested, has been inserted in the very first interface of the application. One of the video was decreased in quality after it was imported to the application.

The expert suggested resizing the panel to minimize the problem. The expert also considered that the size of the button in the beginning of the media was inappropriate. Thus, it was resized. The last suggestion is about providing a map about the media to ease the user during self learning. Basically, this suggestion is similar to the idea of the expert of material about providing a guide book. Thus, the guide book was made based on the suggestion of both experts. The media is designed to resemble game simulation.

It is in line with Meskill who states that the case for multimedia as a technology that supports listening skills development in another language is strong and has a motivational aspect.

Each unit in the media is divided into of pre, while, and post listening. This kind of format has beneficial aspect as stated by Miller She states that the improvement of research about listening strategies suggests that listening could be divided into those three main parts. She affirms that this format has proved to be useful in taking attention of the learners and has allowed them to do other things with the information that they listen to. It is in line with the statement of Guo and Wills Despite the good features of the media, teachers who teach low achieving students might face a challenge in using it.

Since all the instruction used in the media are provided in English, low achieving students might face difficulties in comprehending the instructions. To anticipate the problem, the teacher could explain and practice how to operate the media in front of the students while encouraging them to learn autonomously at home.

As an alternative, the teacher could also encourage the students to use their dictionary more often, so that they can enrich their vocabulary.


The media is intended to be used by the students in self learning activities as well as teaching learning activities in the classroom. Based on the try-out, it can be concluded that the students can fully utilize the media for self study since it has been designed mainly for that purpose.

However, the teacher can also used the product as additional media in teaching listening in the class room. It is advisable that the teacher develop the activities by adding more oral exercises or more follow up activities. Then the teachers and students identified learning objectives for each unit and design teaching activities. The teacher could also schedule several meetings to discuss the result of the follow up activities.

For the future researchers who would like to conduct research on similar topics is suggested to develop a multimedia based listening material which is targeted to students of vocational high school of different grades or different programs with more varies activities. Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan.

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