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Memory book of SOE's SWG, a now defunct MMORPG. top related. star wars galaxies free to play -? star wars galaxies free to play Download. The Star Wars Galaxies Memory Book is an online resource published by Sony Online Entertainment to commemorate the conclusion eBook (PDF document) . Furthermore, you need a PDF reader, you can get the original adobe reader right here. Star Wars Galaxies - Memory Book · Star Wars Galaxies.

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Do I need the physical SWG CDs? Biophilia's SWG PreCU Scrapbook v . It's a PDF book the devs released after the game shut down. Star Wars Galaxies Memory Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or view presentation slides online. Memory book of SOE's SWG, a now. Relive Star Wars Galaxies With This Massive Memory Book The best thing about it, though, is that the PDF file is available for free. Source.

Table of Contents I. The Galactic Senate. Galactic Civil War. The End. From the first rolling of the end credits, people of all ages have closed their eyes and dreamed of being able to enter the Star Wars galaxy and live their own adventures in this galaxy far, far away.

Personally, I thought the PDF was a huge disappointment. From joining a few months after launch, I played in the world where 32 professions and a hugely diverse system of play were completely normal.

Originally there were 32, and you could master every single one of them separately if you put the time in. The NGE was just a huge insult to all the players who had devoted time and effort into the game over it's pre-NGE lifespan. No game that has been released since has matched just how much you could do and achieve in SWG. But then again, it was probably only aimed at NGE players anyway. You guys can kinda guess that this is something I feel strongly about.

Not to cause offence to anyone who liked NGE! It just wasn't a lot of players' cup of tea. Especially since it was just imposed on us all with less than a weeks notice.

Instead of going off on a huge rant on why I hated the New Game Experience, I'll just end this forum post here. I think most people will get the gist of my rage over the NGE.

Still, good on SOE to release something for people to remember the game by, It was great fun while it lasted. Yea they screwed us over bad. I never in my entire life held a company before with such hatred. I refuse to ever buy anything from SOE again.

You know, I never played Galaxies, but it's still sad to see something that so many people put so much time into leave. February January December November October 5. September 8. August 3. July June May March October 8. September August July 1. June 4. April 4. March 3. February 2.

Search By Tags. Courtship of Princess Leia. Dawn of the Jedi. EU Short Story. French Legends. Planets Remember Talus … Remember the sunsets. Remember massive torturs as big as ships. Planets Talus cont. Remember looking out across the world from the top of the Fynock cave. Remember looking up and seeing Corellia and Talus looming large beneath the stars. Remember the parks in Dearic. Remember the mysterious artifacts scattered throughout the thick wilderness.

Planets Remember Yavin 4 … Remember the glorious beaches framing the wide oceans. Remember the temples towering over the trees. Remember the enveloping jungle and the worn ruins hidden within it.

Planets Yavin 4 cont.

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Remember red Yavin rising over the waters. Remember the massive Massassi Temple. Remember the ancient tomb of Exar Kun. Rendered in stunning detail and allowing for amazing customization. Nothing brings the Star Wars galaxy to life like stepping into the shoes of one of the classic races seen in the movies. III Choosing a profession became a deeply personal decision as communities grew around them.

Star Wars Galaxies had a satisfying career path for everyone. Bounty Hunters had a fearsome solution for most problems in the galaxy. IV Hardened by countless missions chasing some of the most dangerous and wanted criminals in the galaxy.

Bounty Hunters quickly became experts in fighting dirty.

Classically sporting carbines or rifles. Like the most elite stormtroopers. Professions Remember the Commando … The epitome of combat. Masters of heavy weaponry and demolitions. Professions Remember the Entertainer … Unique in a galaxy threatened by constant war. While others studied violence and destruction. Whether performing new dances at the local cantina. Whether following after the ways of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. These legendary warriors could be found on both sides of the conflict.

The guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Rebel and Imperial. If you wanted to come back alive. Whether strengthening allies.

The ability to have an immediate effect on their groups and make those around them better. Professions Remember the Officer … A natural leader.

Modeled after Leia Organa. When navigating the underworld. From fighting dirty to using blasters to full effect. Professions Remember the Smuggler … Quick in a jam and good in a fight. Modeled after Han Solo. Maybe especially if it meant shooting someone in the back. Inspiring grudges and rage from even the most reasonable of players. Their ability to navigate untouched through dangerous territory and detect others doing the same made spies invaluable to both sides.

Perhaps more than any other profession. Gaining experience not for combat. On planets torn apart by soldiers bent on finding old powers. In a galaxy gripped by destruction. Whether specializing in domestic goods. Professions Remember the Beast Master … Friend of animals and beasts. Those who chose to follow this path will never forget their faithful companions. In charge of and responsible for the growth of player cities. Professions Remember the Pilot … Whether Rebel. Pilots were known for flying daring combat missions.

They had the power to specify objectives and create dialogue. Using the Chronicle System. Whether flying combat missions against Star Destroyers and stations in deep space or investigating wreckage. The kind and quality of your ship sometimes made all the difference. Whether engaging in small ship to ship dogfights or massive space battles involving capital ships and fleets on either side.

Pilots had a wealth of ships at their disposal. Both systems sparked amazing creativity. VII What follows is a small taste of what was possible. Houses within its limits could join the city.

Eventually the Mayor could place civic structures. Mayors strove to create cities with sound organization and remarkable beauty. What follows are some of the great cities in Star Wars Galaxies. Senators brought real change to the game and created a better gaming experience for everyone. You all helped make Star Wars Galaxies a very special place. Experts in Star Wars Galaxies. A record of their service follows as a thank you to them and to everyone who supported them.

It also brought a tremendous amount of impressive Star Wars artwork to players. What follows is a sampling of some of that amazing artwork from all eight card sets. The war was fought by troops on the ground and by pilots in space.

No place in the galaxy was too remote and no person too small not to feel the ongoing effects of the conflict between the Rebellion and the Empire. Players declared Rebel or Imperial and sought to give their side the upper hand in the war by capturing territory. X Restuss was destroyed in a massive battle. Its ruins became a neversilent focal point in the war. Once a charming city on Rori. If you were on galaxies Ahazi.

Escalating conflict led both sides to throw everything they had into the war. Remember the End … All things end. Reinforcements in the form of elite strike teams were dispatched throughout the galaxy and cities on both sides of the conflict saw the start of civilian raids.

The Rebellion scrambled fighters to match as word of the Death Star spread. The Empire began constructing a second Death Star in the skies over Endor and moved the Imperial Fleet into striking distance of many strategic Rebel outposts. In a matter of months. Intense fighting broke out on Endor. In Star Wars Galaxies.

If you were on galaxies Bria. XI In the end.

Star Wars Galaxies Memory Book

The End Naboo The bravest pilots and soldiers in the Rebellion sought to strike a decisive blow against the Empire. Jabba the Hutt hosted a great celebration for everyone on Tatooine. The End Tatooine For those less interested in war and more interested in spending good time with friends. Imperial defenses on the ground at Endor held. The final blows came at last from the Death Star.

Of them and their Rebellion.

Star Wars Galaxies 'Memory Book' downloadable for free

The Imperial armies and civilians celebrated on their own planets. The End Rebel ships and bases were destroyed in a torrent of green fire. The Lords of the Sith would rule forever. Hate lingered. Fear stood by. The Rebellion was finished. And conflict… The people soon learned the galaxy would never know peace.

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