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Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけが ない, My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute) is a Japanese light novel. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, EPUB and PDF Download. My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Country, Japan. Year, Type, Light Novel. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Vol pdf / Chapters List ga Nai Vol pdf · ‹ Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Vol pdf · up.

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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Na vol+SS [LN]. Novel Updates . Translation Group: Nanodesu Labels: Light Novel. The PDF and ePub of Oreimo 6 are now finally avaiable for At long last, I'm pleased to present to you the entirety of Oreimo Volume 6! As well. Hey guys, is there any reason no one has picked up the Oreimo light novels to translate to i have all the light novels translated in PDF form.

December 25, by EvilLinkz. Hey guys, this is our new side project. The basic plot is Kosaka Kyousuke is a very average high schooler, he has a mother, father and a stylish sister in middle school. One day he finds something very interesting in his home and well… saying anymore would spoil the story. I heard you guys wanted a file to download for easier reading. Your wish has been granted in PDF format. Here and Medifire Torrent:

Whether that is too early or late is another question, but she seems to obey it. Well, even though she might look like a high schooler, she is still a middle school student. By the way, today Kirino was wearing a black and white T-shirt, with something like a mix between black boxers and a skirt. If someone were to say she was a fashion model, everyone would believe it. We somehow have to deal with it. So yeah, I wait for Kirino to go to the dining hall in the middle of the stairs.

I stood in front of the door to the living room and put my hand on the knob. Why do I try to talk to her, when I know this is going to happen? Am I an idiot? On the dinner table, curry and miso soup was there for dinner. This room, where our family meets for supper, is a combined kitchen-dining-living room, so there are no dividers and is roomy. My sister and I line up in our seats, my dad and mom sit across us. On TV, the anchor is reading out about how the foreign exports are and other important news.

My father quietly drinks his miso soup. He dresses in traditional Japanese clothes after bathing, so his heavy atmosphere is multiplied and makes him look like a yakuza.

On the other hand, my mom sits next to him biting through her Fukujinzuke. My sister is silent.

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She is normally cold to us family members. From watching her eat her meal without a word, I can definitely say she resembles her father. Especially his sharp sight and stuff. By the way, people often say I have the same atmosphere as my mother. Our dinner table like this, looks very ordinary and is very fine.

Of course, I was eating my curry while thinking of the chance to get that plan into action. And here is a perfect situation for that.

The limited seasonal edition thing. So I might watch it once. Right, father? They are speaking their thoughts openly and my father was out of the question in the first place. So by elimination, the suspect left is… I quietly glanced at Kirino sitting next to me. Uhh what? She slams the door shut and climbs the stairs with a stomp. The people left behind are left in shock.

What is she angry for? What part of that conversation would have made Kirino mad? I can consider that as a sign that she responded to my hints. Oh great. She must have dropped it this evening when she bumped into me. That thing, which would have been in her bag, found itself between the shoe closet and the wall when it spilt out.

And Kirino realized she had lost the thing after she arrived at her destination. So, I can be quite sure she went to see a friend. I go to my room for my wallet and purposely say aloud in front of my room. I should head out to the convenience store. Who cares. Making large thuds, I go down the stairs and close the door with a bang.

Leaving the house, I take the path to the convenience store. Instead of heading for the convenience store, however, I take a different path leading to the back side of my home. What am I up to? If Kirino was the culprit then she would have realized by now that it was me who picked the thing up. So then, if I were Kirino, what would I do?

The best solution would be to recover the thing before I notice and then pretend she knows nothing about it. Kirino was apparently acting strange at that time. If so, she might lose her patience and begin searching for the thing. So well, even though the chances that she would fall for it are low I set up a simple trap. I swung the door open. No way! She really was in here… Uh, how surprised can you be?

How would you feel if someone were to break into your room and begin a search? With my secret anger, I tell her coldly. Is it from her anger that her cheeks are becoming firely red?

She then slowly stands up and walks this way without a word. Answer my question. What were you doing here? You were searching for this. Throwing a fake expressiong of coolness, I tap the DVD case with my hand. Well, I picked it up this evening in the entrance hall. I thought maybe you dropped it when you bumped into me. W-Why would I watch such a… childish… anime? No way I would… right? This is going to take forever.

Well, it must feel like being accused of possessing a porn book by someone I hate. It surely must be frustrating and so embarrassing that you would feel like killing yourself. Damn it. Why must I do something so uneasy? Oh fine, I quit. Kirino still keeps her expression of hatred and looks up at me. Instead, I speak using well thought out lines. Would you throw it away for me? I step aside and open the door, and then Kirino leaves the room.

I proceed to step into my room. I slump into the bed and look up into the ceiling. How troublesome. Just go away. I look at her, and she was shyly looking at me.

What a commendable expression it was, one that she would normaly never show me. Uhh… what? I suddenly felt worried and ask her. I wanted to get her out of my room as soon as possible and if I answered differently she would surely get mad. I returned it to you in a way that would get your pride hurt the least. And this was your mess up in the first place. I said really. Believe me. Somehow this scene makes me nostalgic.

I feel something like this happened in the past too. And so for two days, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Kirino and I were back to normal. No conversation, no eye contact, and keeping the distance of a stranger.

Well, it did interest me why my sister had something like that.

Looks like I got slapped on my cheek. A burgular? I open my eyes in surprise. It looks like the lights in my room are on. She was on all fours like she was covering me while I was trying to get up in my bed. What time do you think it is now?

What time you think it is now? That would be my line. What the heck is this situation? It might look like some scene from a love-comedy but my heart is about to explode, in the wrong sense.

My sister did what I told her with apparently a disgusted expression. Surely if it was some other woman, I would be disturbed with another reason than being suprised. All brothers with sisters would agree with this. How nice am I?

Could we do this tomorrow? It has to be now. How selfish can this woman be? I want to ignore this crazy talk and go back to sleep, but too bad my eyes are wide open now. I give up my resistance and unwilllingly follow. Last spring when Kirino entered middle school, Dad gave her this room. I could have imagined it to happen in the morning, since I still think this is a joke or something. However the big difference is that it has a computer desk. It suits my image of Kirino well, not being the individualist, but quite modern.

You lead me here and you say it like that? Kirino sits on the bed, and points to the ground. Jeez, she really seems to hate having me touching her possesions. Does she think I spread germs or something? Are girls of this age all like this?

Oh, how evil. Kirino still looks cross and all flustered. Then after a deep breath, she quietly speaks out. After I ask, her expression becomes even more mean. I thought I heard wrong, and I ask again. She hates me like some dung beetle. And what did she ask me? She wants to consult me about life? It must be a dream. With my dead dry throat, I managed to speak up. You consulting me? Hey hey… You serious?

I begin to wonder. You woke me up just to make sure of this? What is this? I begin to feel tired. Meanwhile Kirino seems to have made up her mind and stands up, walking to the bookshelf. What are you going to do? I am amazed at how easily it was moved around, but after a second look, realize all the contents have been pulled out and already stacked on her bed. With one of the bookshelves that filled the wall gone, a huge space opens up. Little by little, the thick bookshelf moves.

What was revealed was a Japanese style door not matching this western style room. A hidden storage space. Why ask me? One type is the most common type, asking someone who can relate to your issue and can be trusted upon it. In this type, your concern or problem and solution you want to think through together with the consultant.

And the other kind is consulting a complete outsider. She would be afraid of destroying her personal image. That would be me.

Whatever comes out of there, I will never look down on you, and if you tell me to keep it a secret, I will never tell anyone.

I-Is this the original game? At what? At the erotic package with a half naked, blushing girl embracing herself! And what? This was a series? Well it was first a series on PS2, but after porting to PC, it became a completely different series. What do you mean by a beginner in the first place? Are you some pro? You are a pro, right?

Damn, I have too many questions to ask. This is way past my skill level! Have I stepped into another world? Someone tell me! But as for Kirino, it was nothing more than a light jab.

The inside of the closet looks normal at first look. It had a top and bottom shelf and was dimly lit. But the goods piled up were of an even stranger variety. What catches the eye was the large number of cases piled high on the top shelf.

In there were more huge boxes lined up. Those boxes were larger than PC game boxes and were not of uniform size. Some had pictures of girls and others were glittery colored. All of these here are special box editions. Special box edition? Like the final edition with the episodes touched up, a bonus disk, special booklet, and other specials are packed in it. Is she so happy to reveal her prized collection to someone that she hates so much like me?

Anyways, this question comes to my mind. Well this one is… 41, yen… This one is 55, yen. What part of that was somewhat? Your sense of economy is screwed already at the age of 14! From my pay, of course. I ask her with a half fearsome face. What kind of work do you get paid for? I work as a model for a magazine. Like those nude photos on the front? Perhaps she got tired of seeing my confused look and took a magazine from the shelf, throwing it at me.

It was one of those so called teen magazines. Wow… she looked like a model, but I never thought she actually was one. Was your back hurting or something? I feel even worse after she then looks away from me. I try to fix the situation. Even I know the title so… Could you be some great personality or something? Since the evil mood had been repaired, I get back to the topic that was cut short. My working on my cuteness everyday is a part of my job. While feeling all the agony in the world, I try to look into the depths of the closet.

However, Kirino, who is on her knees, opens both her hands and blocks me. Kirino takes a look into the depths and then glares at me. What the heck is she talking about? Oh wait, erm… You DO have something? You do huh?

What kind of things could make her embarrassed? I become silent from the extreme surprise when Kirino starts speaking. If someone knows, please tell me now.

I struggle to provide an answer, and Kirino is getting somewhat antsy. Anyhow, I really want to go to sleep and forget about this. Maybe she will let me go now? Regardless of whatever hobby you have, I will never look down on you. Everyone is permitted to choose their own hobbies.

Nobody has the right to say anything about it. Heh… You do say good things every now and then. Actually, there was something I really wanted to ask about the entire time and had been holding it back. Am I ready to deal with the issue calmly even if I get a bizarre answer? That formality of yours is so unreal. Phew… After a sigh of relief, I ask her.

Say something will you? Why are you crawling towards me on all fours? N-N-No way! Please, stop that! Fearing for my own safety, I slowly take several steps back as if I am shaken from fear. You are. All I could do was look around the room frantically. And before I realized it, she was able to get even closer to me. That serious look from her eyes stabs straight into my eyes.

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Not answering my question. Kirino went up to the remaining bookshelf having already dumped half her books on the bed.

Kirino stared at me intently. A secret hiding place And then It was hidden by the bookcase. I think. Facing the empty gap on the wall.. He probably thought that it would be OK since the problem spot was being covered by a bookcase. And then.. Why from me.. Volume 1 Chapter 1 be behind the sliding door.

Whatever was behind there. Needs life advice. She must be afraid of tarnishing her own image. At this point, there really was only one person in the world that Kirino could go to for honest advice. That one person was me. So, I spoke. Before I went for a detailed look at the contents of the hidden compartment, I moved instinctively and picked up the fallen object.

It was another DVD case Th- this again?! I was dumbfounded. Also, what the hell is with this half naked girl looking embarrassed and covering herself on the cover?!

Such an indecent cover illustration is beyond my imagination! That originally came out for the PS2, but it was ported over to the PC and renamed. Breaking out into a cold sweat, I raised my head and took a peek into that forbidden abyss that was thrown wide open.

It was split up into an upper and lower compartment, and was poorly lit. For now, let me start with a relatively safe question. Straining to keep in dangerous comments that were threatening to come out from my mouth, I averted my gaze and turned towards the lower shelf in the compartment.

These boxes were even bigger than the PC game boxes, and there were a variety of them. On many of them there were illustrations of girls, several which had a metallic shine to them. These complete editions include extra story content, have bonus disks, special edition booklets, and other extras are included. Being able to reveal her prized collection like this made her this happy?

Well, relatively, I guess. And this one was 55, yen, see? And then, umm, this one was I might have stepped on a landmine. Around USD at late exchange rates of 77 yen per dollar. This is the last time I will convert a yen amount into USD in this translation. I never explained that. Volume 1 Chapter 1 Giving Kirino a penetrating stare.. Whether or not she noticed my confusion. For magazine subscribers.. On a white background. Gravure idols. Are your ears broken or something?

I said I was a mo-de-l.. It was some kind of teen magazine.. What job? Where did you get it? I never really had made a distinction between a model and a gravure idol. On the cover.. I continued my questioning. Kirino took a magazine out from her bookcase.. I let loose a snide remark I felt the mood of the room darken.

It must have been my imagination. I had always said that she looked like a model.. But it was also the truth. At her suddenly downcast eyes. Volume 1 Chapter 1 Hmm. I tried to smooth things over Sensing that the tension had broken. And I mean.

I tried to peek into the bottom of the hidden compartment. Kirino stood there with her legs straight and arms stretched out. However you look at it..

I dropped my shoulders. Hey hey. That would be.. You saw What exactly was she saying? She made it sound like this was just the tip of the iceberg. Suddenly shivering and quieting down. Is that true? I fell forward onto all fours. How could that be? My sister. If anybody knows Kirino started a bit bashfully. I want to sleep and just forget about all this Whatever hobbies you want to have.. I know.. Leaving that aside.. I really wanted to get away from this place as soon as possible.

I began to lift myself up. I really am very surprised. With that. Kirino frowned and murmured wearily. Collecting my wits with a breath. Should I really? Am I prepared? Am I ready to deal with it..

Make a comment! Volume 1 Chapter 1 The truth is. I started speaking. At this point though.. There is really no good way to translate this perfectly into English. For more information.. What are you being so formal? Why do you only have little sister eroge?

Bear with it If I made a poor remark Looking for a way to stand up and run from the room, I hurriedly looked around the room. Doing this quite slowly, I became more and more cornered. With a serious look, she stared right into my eyes. I felt paralyzed, and could not move at all. Neither of us looked away, and a tense atmosphere permeated the room. I was surprised at this unexpected development. She began to speak as if slightly entranced.

There were two clues. First, there was the package she had thrust in front of my face. If I thought about it normally, there was really only one answer Or not? I might be wrong but A-and so, you have a lot of those kinds of games? A type of game usually pornographic in which the objective is generally to woo and date a girl out of a number of choices.

The girl she was pointing to was short and seemed very timid. Her black hair was tied in twin pigtails, and she had on a shy, bashful expression.

These types of tidy, obedient girls, you just really want to protect them, and you just really want to hug them tightly But your hair is light brown. You wear an incredibly short skirt, cross your legs, and sit with your ass in the air and talk on your phone. I understood that much. But my curiosity was far from sated. Rather, my curiosity was just getting bigger. Why would you like, I mean, like things like that?

Is there a motive, or reason, or something, for this? After hearing my question, Kirino was clearly dismayed. She blinked as if her face were splashed with cold water, and her gaze darted confusedly around the room. Waiting for a while like that, I heard Kirino speak.

Kirino held her chest with both hands, and, embarrassed, began speaking. I also I always kept it hidden. And then I downloaded a trial version, and while I was playing that I got really into it and knew I had to buy more. This does not translate at all into English, but this is what Kyousuke refers to in the next sentence. Volume 1 Chapter 1 And. Is there any brother in the world who has done this before? Kirino continued.. In front of me Hey hey..

Kirino looked very disheartened.. Cosplay is Akiba is shortened from Akihabara I closed my eyes and accepted the situation. I understand. Kirino came to me and spilled her worries to me. Volume 1 Chapter 1 Frankly.. I had already decided that coming from me. It was a rather frivolous and lighthearted way of thinking about things. Especially not dad. She chose to come to me for advice. I really should just tell mom and dad. If that would have worked. Whatever the case may be.

I nodded. So cooperate with me here.. But I was too scared to ask. We need to make sure your hobbies stay secret. As I was thinking these unhappy thoughts.. Seeing my sister like this. If anything happens. As I was mulling over my surprise. Well well. How nostalgic.. If not that. Kirino inclined her neck.. Such undisguised disgust. So now.. I guess that in the two days since I discovered that item in the entryway.. I have to help her on this But in any case.

Games are games. Are you an idiot? There are a lot of brothers and sisters in this world that get along. That charming side of Kirino was just strange. But it seems that in my case.. Volume 1 Chapter 1 Crap. The games you like are about a little sister loving an older brother. Are you denying that? Could you leave? Since that night.. I guess from the start.

Volume 1 I had received not a single request for help. As I was becoming entwined in these gloomy feelings. She leaned over and peered at my face. As this was happening. I had said that I would help my sister to the best of my ability. That night. I was also not the kind of person who would take initiative and do something on my own for her.

I quickly forgot all about my sister and her strange hobby. My bespectacled childhood friend began to lightly laugh. Untidily sitting in my shallow seat. As expected from someone with glasses. I drowsily opened my eyes halfway. I answered in a self-derisive way.

I was the spitting image of the lazy high school student. I went out into the hall with my bespectacled childhood friend. Tamura Manami. But Kyou-chan. Feeling tired? I meant that you looked even more out of it than usual.

Her grades were just below the top of the class. Viva the normal life. She had many well mannered friends She was the supporting actress.

I was just thinking how normal you are. She was the polar opposite of Kirino. She was actually relatively cute. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Outwardly. She did not belong to any school clubs. I could relax. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Those were my mottos. If you could. When I was next to her. We were lined up and walking through the hallway.

Kyou-chan has been spacing out quite a bit recently.. Pursing her lips slightly. A lot. With a scowl. I let out a sigh. With an amazed expression. Manami inclined her neck strangely. Feeling guilty. Is that just your way of telling me that you love me? Volume 1 Chapter 2 Her eyes gently narrowed as a laugh surfaced.. I murmured unhappily about her meddling. Walking ahead one step and then turning back. I see. I suddenly returned to the issue at hand.

Manami blinked in surprise. I saw the world warp. Sensing my scornful expression.. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Still facing front. I snatched her glasses. From Kyou-chan? Playfully putting them on myself. I continued talking..

Nanodesu Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Volume 1b

This is another reason why childhood friends are so. How annoying. But she seemed really bothered.. Why do you have to put it like that? I shrugged my shoulders and let out a sigh.

Manami lightly sprinted to catch up. Manami smiled with a knowing expression.. Checking that she was indeed walking by my side. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Seeing that I had walked ahead a bit Manami began to talk. It may have been just slightly girly34 of me.. Because Manami lived in the same neighborhood.

I was aiming to attend the same local college as Manami. The distance between the school and my house was approximately a kilometer. Just a bit sexist. For a second year high school student. As we were leaving the school gate. Studying for exams.. Changing our shoes in the shoebox. This was a sign between childhood friends. I can make Kyou-chan a bit happy.

Google image search it if you want a visual. Miss Ordinary herself. Manami walked with her bag held in both hands in front of her. Volume 1 Chapter 2 anything. This was not the taste of a mother. Even though I almost make a hobby out of teasing my childhood friend. Maybe I think like this because. I suppose. From the left hand side of the T-junction. For some reason. If we turned left at the T-junction up ahead.

It looked like she was with a few girls from her class. As I was trying to change the subject.. Volume 1 Chapter 2 to be very happy.. I guess we were rather similar. I stopped right near to the lower portion of the T-junction. And every last girl that my sister was talking to was pretty good looking.

I preferred being with my normal. Junior high school students are still kids. Being young is pretty wonderful. Are you really that old and forgetful? But they seemed much more mature than that. In front of these two supporting players. What a hopeless situation. Volume 1 Chapter 2 And I mean.. I had avoided speaking to my sister.

I understood this all too well. She was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. Come with me. When evening came. In the morning. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Hmph. It was Sunday. I know what she wanted to say. Her dangerous sidelong glance pierced through my heart. Part two. I had gone out with Manami to the library. I walked with Manami to her house and returned home. For a long time. Is that really the proper attitude of someone asking someone else for advice?

Just come. What the hell is she trying to say? Was this not an advice session? Not knowing what my sister really wanted.

Kirino turned on her computer. I was bewildered. I might be overreacting. I could always smell nothing other than incense.

Kirino began pulling at my sleeve.. As always. Kirino came to my side. I did as my sister commanded. Browser and other icons were also lined up in an organized way.. In one corner of that cute desktop. From right beside me. Using a launcher and skin to dress something up. In the upper portion. Volume 1 Chapter 2 screen.

Kirino gave me a scornful look.. What the hell. Why is she using all these technical terms? I changed the skin. There was a calendar in the upper left. And so did you. I lost the game.

Taking the computer mouse. I was getting an unpleasant feeling about it. Where was the usual cool attitude that she usually had? If I thought about it. That you would help me as much as you could. I thought that was the main point. I meant that I would help you keep this secret from our parents The game. She probably became a bit self-conscious that she was saying some pretty weird things.

Maybe she realized how puzzled I was. She maneuvered it to the icon in the corner and double clicked. I would have thought that she would never want to touch me. Whether this was a competitive game or not Why do I. I only recently came to understand this though. What are you staring at? Volume 1 Chapter 2 this was her real personality. Cooling down. Exuding the spirit of an elder brother.

Wearing the latest clothing. I watched as the game booted up and displayed on the screen. A lively title screen showed up. All the little sisters who appear in this game. Am I a pervert or something?! You probably already knooow I wanted to say something.. Welcome home. I turned to Kirino.. I stopped in my tracks Rubbing my temples to dull my headache.. Shut up. This damn girl. I should have known when she led me to into her room instead of into the living room to play.

I should get out of here right away. I spoke. Pointing to the screen.. You know.. Or rather.. I started up again.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Light Novel Volume 12

You understand.. So I mean.. When she says that she loves little sister characters.. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand. I know my mistake now. I must be going crazy.

I have to calm down. What are you shouting for? I exhaustedly collected myself. You can get through this. I think this game is a bit too high of a hurdle for me right now.

Kirino began talking as if nothing had happened. What should I do? Someone tell me.. Please believe me.. That I understand all too well. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Ahh. I spoke without really knowing the situation. Kirino gave a huge sigh..

If I stop now. Feeling my cheeks cramping..? I should. I knew that in the end. Waving her hands energetically. When she clicked to exit the application. Kirino asked a terse question. I tried to leave the living room I went into the living room and saw Kirino there. What do you mean? I awkwardly turned around. She sat there like a queen. Feeling energized. I poured a glass full of wheat tea and drank it dry. She was in her usual uniform with the damn short skirt I heard a voice from behind me.

Standing here.. How did she know that? Kirino-san is seriously scaaary. Kirino tossed her magazine there.. Kirino responded.. Looking furious She muttered this. Come on Even after reading the instruction booklet. Can anybody understand my predicament Kirino continued to apply pressure. But come for now. Somebody compliment me.

Having gone up the stairs.. I saw a complete change I decided to try objecting. Kirino brought her computer back from standby. We went out of the living room. Come to my room.. Volume 1 Chapter 2 And then.

I try it out. It just seems unsatisfying.. I really have to do this I watched as the game screen changed and I was faced with the display. I really want you to try the original version. Underneath the title. Taking the mouse. Is it really. So in this game.

I was only listening. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Kirino became unusually talkative. Do I have to? Put in your real name. First you put in your name When I had glanced at the instruction manual I had picked it up just before now.

Is it really alright to be doing this?. I read that there were three fundamental things that. What a boring guy. I would say I was an extremely commonplace high school student. Volume 1 Chapter 2 made up the game display: If I had to describe myself. Suddenly calling himself commonplace. Putting in my name. If I had to describe it honestly. I was presented with a blue sky background.

I slept a lot.. I woke up fully. And also. When the ordinary. I pushed the mouse buttons with a click.. Listening as Kirino excitedly continued to explain the game. A sound. In this version of the game. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Hm? Why is he being so calm about this? Are you still half asleep or something? Shiori was the black-haired. I gave that vague response. Right now. You were surprised. The player has to pick what the protagonist does at important plot points.

There are three choices.. When I tried to click and advance again. This was the character that Kirino had said she really liked. I guess.. I will. Wake up. Good job. Gently pull out the futon so as to not wake her. Gently hug her close. To the peacefully sleeping Shiori. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Alright.. Without faltering. Without any hesitation.. The screen shook a bit. I clicked on the third option. Grabbing the mouse.. So then I did not see that attack coming at all. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Bang!

I started the game again.. Kirino shouted I gave a huge internal sigh Did you just say something? I sat back into my chair. What are you doing all of a sudden?! Clutching the place on my side where Kirino had kicked me. Good morning.. Shiori-chan does. Volume 1 Chapter 2 Kyousuke: Are you saying something? From the early morning. After the decision point.. No matter how I look at it. By the way. Do you really want to know? The heroines having all gathered.

In the upper half of the display. The image changed to a viewpoint overlooking the dining table. Volume 1 Chapter 2 It was a silly question.

I left-clicked..

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