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Nokia 110 Pdf Reader

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Is there a better program to read PDF on Nokia ? Or it's not possible?. Hennes Wahid Bitar Wahid Bitar 5 15 Adobe Reader LE 2. It says it can open large files faster , he can't open them at all.

John T John T k 20 I freed memory and my PDF just 2.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Page 16 Click Start. Select Settings and Control Panel. When the operating system prompts you, remove the wireless LAN card.

Again, wait until the operating system prompts you to remove the card. The Monitor window is a small window displaying information on the status of the network connection. Page 19 You are connected to subscribed services provided by your network operator or service provider. The Monitor window also has a signal strength indicator and a data flow indicator. Page 20 LAN card and get more detailed information on the status of the connection.

Page 21 You may need to change the proxy settings when you change profiles. By creating different profiles for different wireless LANs, you can easily switch from one wireless LAN to another without having to memorise the network settings.

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To create a new profile, click New. The Profile Wizard opens. This wizard will guide you through creating a new profile. Page 22 settings can also be specified and configured manually.

Ask your system administrator for the correct values. On each tab you can change the existing settings, but the changes will take effect only when you click the OK or Save As button in the main Edit Profile dialog box. Page 24 On the Logon tab, you can edit the following properties: If you select this option, your wireless LAN card automatically logs on to a specified domain.

You must have a user name and password for the domain. The following properties are displayed on the General tab in the Operating information area: Name of the profile currently in use.

The PUK code is unique for each smart card and it cannot be changed. Page 28 Wireless stations in the ad hoc network area.

By double-clicking the entries, you can access those folders that are shared. Page 29 Open Monitor window automatically option. Page 30 For the changes to take effect, click the Apply button. If you have made changes to the settings but wish to restore the previous settings, click Restore. Personal WEP keys are used for authenticating the user in a network.

Personal keys are usually created by the system administrator, who can store them on smart cards and then distribute them to the users.

Page 31 For the changes to take effect, click the Apply button. Page 33 Click the Update button. There you find a link for the Web page where you get the latest software. Install the updated software version for your wireless LAN card.

Page 34 To store data on a smart card: Make sure that the metal contacts of the smart card are facing down and that the bevelled corner is on the right. See Figure 7 on page Page 35 The installation disk can now be used: The installation is carried out without the user having to configure settings. Page 36 Before connecting to SIM services, make sure you are within the coverage area of an access point and connected to a wireless LAN. The Connect button is activated only when the wireless device has detected a service in the network, otherwise the button remains inactive.

Your service provider may store these settings on the SIM card before issuing you the card, or the service provider may send a text message to your cellular phone when the SIM card is inserted in it.

Page 39 Shared keys can be used as the only form of WEP security or used together with a personal key. Select the name of the network from the list. The name of a shared key must be the same as the name of the network.

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For each wireless LAN network, you may specify four shared keys. In the Use as list, select a slot for the key. Page 41 Smart cards provide a means of storing vital information such as security keys or network profiles. Smart cards also provide an easy way for users to carry data with them. If you already have a smart card driver installed on your computer and you want to use the smart card driver provided by Nokia, you first have to uninstall the existing driver.

Page 43 Insert the wireless LAN card in your computer. Keep all miniature smart cards out of small children's reach. The chapter is organised according to the type of problem. When troubleshooting the wireless LAN card, a good starting point Page 45 Click Yes and follow the instructions given in the wizard. Note that you need the Windows NT installation files during this procedure. The order in which the various installation files are used is: You can, however, continue with the installation.

When upgrading to a newer version of software, profiles are not deleted. You do not have to configure them again because the installation directory remains in the system. Page 47 Enabled or Automatic, not Disabled.

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Updating Network Neighborhood may take a while. Page 48 Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity compatible. Power saving should be disabled on the General settings page of the Manager window. Make sure that all computers are on the same channel and have the same network name.

Page 51 Control Panel, Users and Passwords. Select the Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer check box. You can find the latest troubleshooting information in the readme.

You can also find further information at www. Wired equivalent privacy WEP with up to bit secret key.

Free Top 10 Nokia 110 / 112 / 113 Video Downloads

Page 53 Do not use the wireless LAN card while driving a vehicle. If using the wireless LAN card, park the vehicle first. Do not place the wireless LAN card on the passenger seat or where it can break loose in a collision or sudden stop.

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