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Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) is pulp-action RPG that takes place in the first three which had been released previously in PDF-only format. EARTH EXPEDITION; EGS) BY EXILE GAME STUDIO PDF . This book requires the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG (EGS) (HEX) Core Rulebook. Thread: Hollow Earth Expedition Free PDF for Valentine's Day The Secret Volcano Base: my intermittently updated RPG blog. Running.

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Hollow Earth Expedition RPG - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. is a pulp s role-playing game set in the. This adventure is designed as a short introduction for new players to Hollow Earth. Expedition and the Ubiquity system. It can also act as a starting point for an . Hollow Earth Expedition RPG - First we discovered that the Earth is round. I went there and compressed the HEX PDF from M down to an.

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While breaking my. We shall leave behind a sealed explanation to be opened in conjunction with our first post-polar message to the world. This should establish that we did not gamble or guess, but proceeded on the basis of reliable information not yet disclosed to humanity at large.

We turn with glad hearts to final preparations. Danskya, Spitsbergen Aloft! Flying in the Eagle brings a distinct set of sensations. In other balloons, we aimed to rise above most features of the terrain into the realms of calmer air. But Andres balloon is not an ordinary one. I can peer over the side of our gondola and see the many ropes trailing down to the ground perhaps meters below me, every rope capable of being raised and lowered independently.

The drag from these slows us so that we are no longer moving at precisely the same speed as the wind. With this slower speed, we can steer, using small sails deployed to each side of the canopy overhead and alongside our gondola. I already knew all of this, of course, but knowledge is not ever as glorious as experience. Our ascent was not without incident, however. The drag ropes worked too well, and we had to jettison some of our ballast lest we crash into the sea. We know that our more informed observers must be predicting disaster, but we know what they dont yet.

We are now steering slowly toward the secret current, and preparing for a period of more rapid travel.

Hollow Earth Expedition RPG

What an adventure this is! I wouldnt have missed it for the world. North of Spitsbergen Early this morning, we found the secret current. Now we are cruising along at a very respectable 9 knots.

The wind itself runs knots, with slight gusts from time to time, and we deploy enough drag ropes so that we retain some steering capacity. Ahead there is only ice and cloud, but we all feel the thrill of impending discovery.

Our course is very nearly due north, and even if we must land some ways from the pole, we have more than enough in the way of sledges and supplies to make a trek across the ice ourselves,. Fiction having safely grounded the balloon and then returning to it. I hope I am not being too childish in feeling that the secrecy of some of this crucial understanding makes it all the sweeter.

Now that we are up and running smoothly, Ive had more time to observe my colleagues in operation. I make notes here so as to have a record of my perceptions from this time. Salomon August Andre is not the sort of man I would seek out as a friend. He is a full 15 years older than I, but its more than age. He combines a certain natty fussiness with a tremendous self-confidence of the sort that so often leads mountaineers into folly.

What redeems him from this risk is the simple fact of his actually being correct. His design of the craft and his plan for the expedition route demonstrably work as he intended. For this, much can be forgiven. Nils Strindberg, on the other hand, is a fine fellow. A few years younger than I and far less experienced in exploration, he nonetheless has a deft hand for the most delicate of photographic equipment in the harshest of conditions.

I confess to not fully understanding all of his technical concerns, but the resultshis most excellent negativesspeak for themselves. We shall be well-documented on this trip. Andre and I also find kindly warmth in Strindbergs devotion to his fiance, to whom he writes long letters for our pigeons to carry along with more scientific data.

And what of myself? What would I say of myself, were I to encounter me, as twere? Knut Fraenkel, 27 years of age, civil engineer, veteran of the mountains, and not altogether a novice in the air: I like to think that I would wish to know myself.

The wind seems to be picking up.

FREE Hollow Earth Expedition Scenario PDF

Time for more monitoring. North of Spitsbergen The wind did indeed rise yesterday afternoon, gusting up and settling back down, rising in terraces until it stabilized at about knots.

Drag ropes reduced our speed to 17 knots, but even that is uncomfortably fast for the Eagles design. The wind is, furthermore, shifting slightly to the west, taking us not very far from the pole, but nonetheless toward territory not as well plumbed as our originally intended course. I could wish for some additional drag, but I fear that our ropes would end up under too much tension and simply snap. In the meantime, we shall watch. I suspect now that my volcanic hypothesis will indeed prove out.

The ice below us displays noticeable ridges, meters tall, all marching toward or from our as yet unknown destination. Eruption would press upon the pack ice that way.

Im now looking for longitudinal breaks in the ice that might let me view the sea. The wind continues to rise and has twice reached a peak of 28 knots. We have lost some of our drag ropes, and both sails have been significantly damaged; at my suggestion, we brought them inside the gondola for safety. For the moment, the wind carries us as it will, and we are no more than 1 knot below the prevailing speed. Looking ahead, I see peculiar clouds.

Conditions are altogether wrong for what appears to be a towering stormhead, but even if conditions allowed, cumulus clouds would not rest on the ice that way. I can only assume that my perception is faulty. Another few hours and we will no doubt find the truth of the matter, one way or another. North of Spitsbergen Our altitude fell after suppertime, until we finally stabilized at about 40 meters. The air is more humid than seemed feasible for prevailing conditions, and I discovered while climbing partway up the canopy that there are pockets of warm air in the current!

They are 10 degrees or more above freezing, carrying rather heavy droplets of water, which are responsible for the additional ice build-up on Eagle. All three of us took turns scraping off the accumulation we could reach, and Andre tested out his plan for rotating and titling the canopy to clear more.

Alas, it worked much less impressively than hed hoped. We have been in the midst of dense clouds for the last three-quarters of an hour. Strong upwellings of warm, wet air are spread throughout the mass. Instead of a volcano, I now suspect a different sort of geological activity: Some of the floes we saw just before entering the clouds seem to confirm this speculation, as there were areas of upliftsome conical, some long symmetrical ridges.

Some of those uplifted floes were also a remarkable green tint, which might well be an infusion of copper or other minerals in water expelled by volcanism, such as Ive seen in mountain hot springs. Flight of the Eagle The surface of the ice appears to slope somewhat downhill to the north and west. Its difficult to fully confirm these observations, given the variability of the conditions, but I expect to reach open water sometime in the next few hours so long as the slope remains roughly constant.

More disturbingly, I notice an increasing swing in our magnetic compasses. Some of that we expected; it is well-known that the magnetic north pole lies at some remove from the geographical axis of the Earth, and that magnetic instruments in its vicinity sometimes register fluctuations. We are relatively far for that, but these are unusual conditions. Even so, I can only hope.

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I am now supplementing the usual data with my dead-reckoning observations. The cloud cover remains and, indeed, has thickened. With our compasses malfunctioning, only my dragline measurements provide a guide to speed and direction. I will assume that errors are entering the record, and note that later travelers shall have to correct the account.

We are over clear water now. There was a transitional zone of a kilometer or two where the ice cover broke up, and since then its been sea punctuated only. Fiction by occasional independent drift ice. There is a steady sea current of about 4 knots in the same direction as the wind.

From time to timewhen the clouds permit most light to passthe sea itself appears to tilt, though this is, of course, merely an optical illusion. Unknown location We no longer know where we are or what direction we are traveling. Below us: Behind us: Ahead of us: A strange new land When we awoke this morning, we noticed a change in the quality of the air. Ahead of us, we could see the glow of the rising sun. We have no clear sense of how far we have traveled, but are quite certain we must have passed over the North Pole and are now heading east.

I may err significantly in judging our progress. I trust my appraisals, but trust is not the foundation of science, and henceforth I shall consider my conclusions tentative until objectively verifiable. Our altitude has risen from meters up to 30, and we re-deployed the drag ropes in hopes of regaining some maneuverability. The air is rather hazy, with visibility only good to a few kilometers, but we all had the impression of hills rising on all sides, our well occupying the bottom of a natural reservoir of some sort.

The temperature rose sharply as we emerged, climbing to at least 10C in the space of half a kilometer, and we hastily shed our outer layers of coat. We saw scattered islands and then an expanse of shoreline rising ahead of us. All pieces of land showed shoreline bluffs of perhaps meters, cut by stream channels and occasional collapse, and then hilly interiors covered with a dense jungle of unfamiliar trees.

Strindberg regretted for the first time, he said, never having gone into the hot wilds of the lands we know back behind the well, and Andre and I promptly agreed. Were we to face a coniferous forest, or tundra, or any other feature of our beloved Scandinavia, between us we should no doubt analyze it promptly and thoroughly.

We shall have to muddle on as best we may here. The islands seemed uninhabited by fauna. The shore was a different matter.

As we approached, a flock. It is difficult to judge distance and velocity against the persistently hazy background and generally unfamiliar conditions.

We soon realized that they were much larger than wed expected, and scarcely birds at all, for all that they flew. Instead, they had the bare skins and fangs and talons seen in reconstructions of the vanished dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

These, of course, were altogether full of vitality, and hastened to meet us. We were still staring in shock when their talons first tore at Eagles canopy, opening up long gashes. In a flash, I saw what we must do. Andre and I had experimented with scale models back in Sweden to test schemes for rapid ascent and descent.

This was not the sort of contingency for which wed planned, of course, but preparation was, as it so often is, the handmaiden of success in the face of the strangest adversity. I shouted to the others to fall prone, and they did. I then tugged at ballast and drag ropes so as to give us a very rapid ascent, the strange lizard-birds following us. We shot up several hundred meters, and I felt dizzy from it. Then, as the creatures swarmed all around us, I pulled out the sails and made a series of adjustments, ending with the shut-off of Eagles pilot furnace.

We plummeted nearly as fast as wed risen. Finally, with a prayer to the spirits of wise engineering and chemistry, I lit a flare and tossed it up into the sunlit sky, barely able to track its arc.

It flew just as Id hoped, fortunately. It intercepted the largest stream of hydrogen from our canopys inner bag and ignited. In a flash, a pillar of fire engulfed two of our attackers. They in turn carried sparks to other hydrogen trails, which also flamed into defensive pyroclasm as I steered us down to within 5 meters of ground level and inland, away from their nests.

The last I saw of them, they were wheeling in blind, burning agony, seeking to get away from us. I slumped then, and was grateful beyond words that Strindberg and Andre were willing to see to repairs. My own time passed in a daze. Whatever the light may be above us, it is not Sol as we have known that mighty orb.

It remains constantly in the sky overhead, never rising or setting. We retreated to the cabin and drew the curtains to get some relief from the apparently eternal day outside. I have decided to switch to this tally of perceived days since our arrival in in this strange new land. I can only estimate the passage of time based on how often we sleep. The task of reconciliation with our native calendar will be difficult in any event, and this reckoning is relevant to our present experience.

We have continued to sail in what I would call a southerly direction if I had any confidence in such bearings. The haze remains.

So does the sensation of curvature, and we have debated the matter extensively. Strindberg believes we are in a chamber that may occupy much of the space within the Earth and that it is an entirely real phenomenon. Andre agrees that we must be in some interior realm, but regards it as no more than an optical trick of some kind.

Engineer Fraenkel must record himself as undecided, unwilling to embrace Strindbergs hypothesis because of its implications but also unwilling to commit himself to operating in the sort of massive perceptual delusion Andres approach would require. This is not the sort of matter for which academic study or even Arctic field experience can much prepare one, I fear.

In broad overview, the land remains fairly constant. In detail, it varies endlessly. There are miniature volcanoes up to half a kilometer high, and arching ridges of continuous mild lava flow precisely as Id imagined might have caused the ice features we saw while approaching the well. The ash surrounding recent eruptions provides the only interruption from very dense vegetation that runs right up to the waters edge.

Streams and rivers cut across this lowland, descending from heights we cannot see through the haze. Wildlife of all kinds flourishes below us. We have seen more of the lizard-birds, but they did not molest us. Perhaps we carried some reek of the well? I cannot imagine any natural organism delighting in its conditions. Shaggy creatures reminiscent of mammoths trample the undergrowth, and so do peculiar flightless birds standing up to 3 meters tall, who display the fiercest of dispositions.

I recognize some beasts as clearly related to our paleontologists reconstructions of the dinosaurs, some of what appear to be contemporary species greatly enlarged, and some chimerae that baffle my powers of description.

Fortunately, Strindberg photographs them all. It has taken us two days to recharge our gas stores properly, but now we maintain a satisfactory height of meters above the treetops, perhaps meters above ground level, and in the gentle breezes. This is not the pole, to be sure, but it is a world of marvels and I rejoice that I am here to see it.

It is storming. I am barely able to stand, let alone write. The lightning is fantastic. More later. So ends the aerial lifespan of Eagle, I fear. Just as the storm was clearing, a mighty downdraft slammed us against what appeared to be the most massive fern imaginable, and its jagged hide ripped at canopy, gondola, and sustaining ropes alike. We tumbled to the ground in jerks of 15 meters between each collapsing branch, and finally landed on the ground with a great crash.

It is fortunate that the rich soil cushioned us, or it may have been the end of us then and there. As it is, we are all quite sore, and are managing to deploy our tents only very slowly. Cannot write more now. Creatures that seemed half-tiger, half-lizard came to prey on us. We had to climb, for they would not climb after us. We spent the afternoon and evening teetering on narrow branches 10 meters up, until those flightless birds chased our would-be predators away, killing all but two and dashing in pursuit of those.

Then we were alone again, to tremble in private. Indeed, there is not the slightest hope of repairing the Eagle without sophisticated machinery such as we did not bring and cannot fabricate in this wilderness. We are now concentrating on adapting our sledges for wheeled travel, hoping to make carts that we can pull without too much struggle.

Consultation revealed quickly that all of us feel a desire to continue south and see what lies ahead. We discovered that we are not alone in this strange land. While gathering wood, I noticed unmistakably human footprints near the closest stream.

I judge that they were at least a week old and seemed to proceed from upstream which is to say, ahead toward downstream which is to say, toward the sea and well behind us. I summoned the others, but several hours of scrutiny revealed no further sign of human life. We shall proceed carefully, hoping for neutrality or even char-. We took a day of rest, and set forth early today, or at least so it seems to us. We make use of the trail blazed by those unknown others.

Our carts handle not particularly gently, but not as harshly as Id secretly feared. We manage an average of about The worst of it is the enlarged gnats and other such vermin, who share their smaller kins fondness for human flesh and blood and can seek it much more aggressively. I caught myself on several occasions about to fire my pistol at one of the pests, before reminding myself what a foolish waste of ammunition that would be.

Andre has rigged clever swatting devices out of frayed drag ropes, and these do help, but even so, it is not like a garden trek. We have found a village! And a remarkable thing it is, reminding us of something by M.

Verne or perhaps that wonderful classic, Swiss Family Robinson by Mr. It is arboreal, rising around and within a dozen giant trees, a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of platforms, rope bridges, and ladders, with chambers carved out of some trees. Baskets of all sizes and shapes have been cleverly fastened to rope networks, and carry cargo of all sorts. We found no one present, but clearly the place is not abandoned.

Some of the baskets were laden with fruits,. Fire pits had been carefully banked, and fire stores rested near each. There seemed to be nothing in the way of personal belongings, however: It is difficult to gauge the makers level of civilization. We find no metals in their construction, but given the peculiar magnetic properties of this land, perhaps thats merely intelligent cautionwe have found our metal tools sometimes heating or sparking for a few minutes, and have already suspected that before our journey is done, we will have to discard many or all of them.

Certainly the practical engineering on display in. Flight of the Eagle pulleys, levers, arches, and so on is superlative. I could do no finer job myself, and I do not believe I know an engineer who could. What a find this is! Strindberg alternately curses the fate that shattered some of his negative plates and blesses the fate that preserved so many.

Certainly without his record, few will believe this account. We have encountered the makers, and vice versa. For the moment they are ranged below us, circling the tree we chose for our rest, four dozen men and women and a dozen children staring quietly up at us. Their skin is a peculiar bronze such as I have never seen before, nor heard of outside medieval travelers fables. They stand as tall as we do, and their health seems excellent. Their hair is dark, in shades from a medium brown to pitch black, their eyes likewise dark.

They wear finely woven tunics and trousers, and thick-soled sandals, all decorated in zigzag stripes several inches wide in the brightest of colors, somewhat suggestive of Latin American fashion.

They carry bows and perhaps other weapons inside their large satchels. I have gone around several of the trees, and showed the tribe that we have disturbed none of their belongings. This provoked a strange sigh, that I think must be a gesture of satisfaction, just as Burton tells us there are tribes to whom the shake of the head signifies yea and the nod nay. I have endeavored also to isolate specific features like a rope and a pulley and ascertain their words for them, but with limited success.

I believe it is time to descend among them, and see if the appearance of peace continues. After much conversation, Andre, Strindberg, and I have decided to leave. We have lived side by side with the villagers for seven years now, by my estimation, and have learned much from them.

We have made this our home, but it is not our home, and we have never given up on seeing our loved ones again. Andre, in particular, has never stopped working on some means of getting us home, and he is convinced that he has finally succeeded.

Strindberg has never stopped thinking of home and has often expressed his desire to return to civilization. For my part, I believe the whole world should know what we have discovered here. Although the journey will be dangerous, the three of us are fully committed to the attempt. We woke from our nap to find them there, and in the thirty or so minutes since then, they have made no move to climb up any of the ladders. They amongst our friends and loved ones soon. A useful skill for a diplomat is Sent by: Con f i expe dential diti.

T hu le. Prepare yourself for the pulp adventure of a lifetime. Hollow Earth Expedition transports you to a savage world beyond imagination. Pay no attention to the naysayers, the doubting Thomases, and the nonbelievers who mock the existence of an inner Earth. Youre leaving them all behind to take a fantastical journey! How do you get there, you ask? There have been whispers of entrances through volcanoes, caves, or either of the Poles.

Perhaps that crazy old scientist with the drilling machine knows the way. Whatever route you and your fearless band of explorers take to reach this unexplored land, there are wonders awaiting you: If you desire glory, riches, fame, or discovery of the unknown, this is the place for you. Be you an explorer, a scientist, a reporter, an occultist, or a terminally ill man seeking the legendary healing properties of this utopia theres something for everyone in the Hollow Earth.

But beware, my friend, the path you are taking is filled with dangers. Dinosaurs rule the land: There are strange and deadly plants that youve never even read about. Plus, youll have to deal with threats from the surface world. Secret societies vie for control of mankinds greatest discovery. And aside from all that, there are unfriendly natives to contend with.

Trifling matters like these wont hold back your intrepid group. Youve put together a talented and capable party of explorers, and are prepared for every eventuality. You have a map, you have the manpower, and you have the determination. Its time to forge ahead, brave traveler, and experience adventure beyond your wildest dreams!

Pulp adventure stories are fast-paced, sensational, and thrilling tales that were published in mass production magazines. The plot, the alluring cover art, and the inexpensive prices combined to make pulp fiction wildly popular from the late 19th century through the s.

The best-known and most enduring characters were created in the late 20s through the 40s. Introduction Pulp heroes come from all walks of life.

They can be wealthy or on the edge of poverty, highly educated or illiterate, but they are all men and women who possess qualities that set them apart from ordinary folks. Even those who seem rough around the edges exhibit key qualities of bravery, integrity, and honesty.

Theyre not perfect and they have their flaws, but their motivations are pure and theyre very difficult to corrupt. Pulp villains, on the other hand, are not just bad theyre irredeemably wicked. They might hide their true nature behind a pleasant smile or a kindly demeanor, but their moral compass is broken beyond repair. Theres next to no chance that heroes can negotiate with the villainsthey wont be swayed from their nefarious plans.

Characters in the pulps are not troubled by moral dilemmas. Whats right is right, and whats wrong is clearly wrong. Heroes and villains are extremely unlikely to be steered off course. A heros sidekick or a villains moll just might switch to the other side, but the stars of the story should remain true to their characteristics.

In pulp stories, right in the midst of an exciting momentjust when the hero is in a perilous situation and doesnt know what will happenthe scene ends! The action cuts to other characters to see what theyre up to, and the hapless fellow in dire straits is left hanging as to his fate! Hollow Earth Expedition is a roleplaying game that follows in the grand tradition of pulp adventure storytelling.

Within these covers youll find all the actionpacked, two-fisted adventure that you can handle! As a pulp adventure game, HEX has all the elements youve come to expect from that genre; however, it also has its own conventions that make it unique.

Finding a route into the Hollow Earth is no simple matter, but its much easier to accomplish than finding the way out. Character versus environment is an essential and central conflict in the game; if it were easy to escape, there would be no sense of satisfaction or accomplishment when the characters resurface.

Heroes dont just rely on shotguns and explosives. Human ingenuity triumphing over the savage and the. Theres nothing quite as exciting as outwitting your opponents! In HEX, the s were a time of great faith in scientific discoveries, accomplishments and benefits. Super-science ruled the day, and superstitions were on the wane. Heroes are much less likely to believe in the supernatural than were their predecessors, but they are likely to run afoul of cults and secret societies with strange powers and abilities.

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In a dangerous place like the Hollow Earth, its comforting to stick by the other expedition members. However, its inevitable that somebody will become separated from the group. Perhaps the biologist cant resist going to look for that rare, previously assumed extinct plant that he spotted off the trail. The starlet might be kidnapped by a native tribe, or maybe the group gets split up by stampeding dinosaurs.

It will be more challenging for both the expedition party and the Gamemaster, and should not be overused, but separation is a pulp genre mainstay and a guiding HEX convention. In essence, roleplaying is interactive storytelling. Its an opportunity to gather with friendsboth old and newto tap into your creativity, spin a yarn, and make it come to life. Hollow Earth Expedition is a roleplaying game that will provide you with countless hours of imaginative entertainment.

The history books will tell you that roleplaying first came about in the s, when people started playing fantasy wargames with miniature figurines, and when the very first RPG book was published. But roleplaying has been around for much longer than that.

After all, what child hasnt played some form of house, or copsand-robbers? Those games are much less sophisticated than those we engage in as adults, but it goes to show that the fundamentals of roleplaying games, if not the mechanics, have been with us for a long time.

As weve grown up, so has the hobby of roleplaying. Much has changed since that first book was published. There is now a myriad of genres available to explore: Just as exciting, we have a variety of gaming methods to consider: Hollow Earth Expedition is a pulp roleplaying game with larger-than-life heroes and villains, endless adventure, and fast-paced action. The subterranean action is. Introduction powered by Ubiquity, an innovative role playing game system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action.

It provides you with the tools and flexibility to play the kind of game you want to play. Hollow Earth Expedition is conveniently divided into chapters to allow the reader to reference specific parts of the game. Chapter 1: Setting summarizes the historical details of the world in the s, particularly Chapter 2: Characters gives step-by-step guidance for creating a variety of pulp characters.

Chapter 3: Rules explains how to resolve actions and challenges. Karl Olson. Chad Bowser. What books do you recommend for somebody just starting out with HEX?

Just the core book? The core book and a supplement? Small clarification: The upcoming new edition of Space: Honestly, there are a few more Ubiquity games out there, and rumors are there will be a Core Ubiquity book released at some point as well.

Trevlix, one thing in Ubiquity I've been struggling with is the scaling mechanic. Could you elaborate a bit on that, perhaps? Dan Conley. Currently Playing 2 games: It's a mechanic that applies when there's a large difference in size between two creatures engaging in combat.

If two combatants are larger that Size 0, both receive a bonus to their attacks and defense equal to the Size of the smaller of the two creatures. Reviews 9. Please log in to add or reply to comments. July 26, 8: So, has this been updated to read well on a tablet? Samuel K July 26, 8: This is still the PDF of the earlier 8.

If EGS would simply upload the PDF of the most current edition of the rules, which is a handy digest sized book, that would help a great deal, and it's been brought up more than once in more than one context, but for whatever reason, they seem unwilling to do that.

July 27, Doug M September 25, My copy wouldn't work on a tablet either. It only took a few seconds. The compressed HEX works great on my tablet with no noticeable loss of resolution. Dino Z March 07, 3: Very badly optimized!

Impossible to read on a tablet with 20 sec loading time per Page. Austin F October 15, 5: Why does the PDF cost the exact same as the hardcopy? I would like to get this already own paperback but there is not way I am paying the same cost for the PDF.

Samuel K May 09, 5: I second the motion for an updated PDF. The smaller size would display better on my computer screen, it would have errata incorporated, and it would match the pagination of my physical book.

Samuel K March 03, 5: Is there ANY movement on this at all? Now that I'm moving more and more to PDF gaming, and own a tablet, the digest sized rulebook would work SO much better for me. John P V August 30, 4: Just picked up the new paperback version. I love it. I would like to see an updated PDF to reflect any changes made for the new edition, preferably one that doesn't cost more than the dead tree version.

Timothy S.

You simply can't go wrong with Ubiquity, and especially with Hollow Earth Expedition. The unique Ubiquity system takes the idea of number of successes like Shadowrun and World of Darkness and turns it on it's head.

Fantastic background, a great set [ Ben S. Just tried it out and it's definitely a fun game. Timothy B. The Hollow Earth has always been one of those fringe theories that always sounded like a lot of fun in a game. My exposure to the idea for a game [ Shannon M. This game was nominated by Origin for "Best Roleplaying game in ". I played it at Kublacon and had a great time.

So what's this game all about? Think of pulp action stories. If that doesn't ring a be [

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