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About an hour into this fifth and final film of The Twilight Saga , director Bill Condon, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and most importantly producer Stephanie Meyer have an epiphany that is about three and a half movies overdue. There are no more undecided voters. There are no more converts to be won. They could make another five movies and those who scorn the series and ridicule its fans will line up to scorn and ridicule each successive iteration. Faced with that realization they do the only sensible thing they can do; they stop trying to expand the franchise's circle of fans and start playing to the base they already have. Giving the base what it wants means, among other things, a more active and participatory Bella.

Playing to the base also means remembering, a bit late but not quite too late, that Twilight is supposed to be, first and foremost, a love story.

Breaking Dawn—Part 2 manages to have its cake and eat it at the same time by deviating from the book in order to include a big, CGI battle scene but managing to do it in such a way so that the battle is neither the climax nor the violation of the books' core that fans watching the trailer might have feared it would be.

The ratio of fighting to conversation is still too high, but the film does not abandon the latter altogether, and it manages to have a few nice character moments in between those building up for war. Breaking Dawn—Part 2 still evidences many of the weakness that have plagued the franchise throughout, the chief being a mode of storytelling that tends to tell rather than show.

Nearly a dozen characters are either newly introduced or reconvened, leading to lots of expository speeches about who has what power and why each character is fighting on which side. For those completely or mostly ignorant of the books, the last film is probably the most accessible simply by virtue of the fact the motivations of mother and father trying to protect their child is easily comprehensible and allows viewers who might otherwise need a score card to tell the players apart to easily separate the good vampires from the bad vampires.

Even so, it takes the film a bit too long to realize that almost all of its set up is superfluous. The Twilight saga has never particularly excelled at world building—it has some big ideas but it almost always explores those ideas through character interactions rather than plot developments. Nowhere is the tendency to tell rather than show more problematic and consequential than in the romance between Bella and Edward. Even for the critic who wants to judge the film on its own terms rather than simply dismissing it out of hand, it is hard to make sense out of so many of the characters' actions when one has to keep reminding oneself that "oh, yeah, it is because they are supposed to be really, passionately in love.

Lautner has struck me throughout the series as the more charismatic actor and Jacob the more sympathetic character. That said, the Twilight fan and expert I saw the film with argued that Pattinson has been severely hampered throughout by a poor script in the first Twilight film that never truly explained Edward's character much less explained why Bella fell in love with him. For my friend the Twilight fanatic—and I have to think for the franchise's fans her response is more representative than my own—the finale was fully satisfying, giving fans "the moment we've been waiting for.

If you don't know what that moment is—if you are dragged to the movie by a wife, a daughter, a sister, or a girlfriend—you will probably find the film a little clunky but tolerable.

If, however, you actually liked the Twilight books then go get in line right now , because Stephanie Meyer finally put her foot down and insisted that the last movie be made for you rather than for me. Bella says she was "born to be a vampire. What are the implications of such an assertion for Bella's and, hence, the film's understanding of God?

Are the Cullens and their circle of allies morally superior to the Volturi? If so, what values or codes of conduct make them so?

Does the emotional appeal to Bella of being a vampire lie more in her being loved or being empowered? Is the vampire society truly an egalitarian one? The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2 is rated PG for sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sensuality and partial nudity. The sexual content is less explicit than in Part 1 , but the violence is more graphic.

Killing a vampire involves ripping his or her head off and burning the body, so we get to see several decapitations.

One head is ripped off by holding the victim's mouth open and tearing the head at the jaw. These are some very gruesome images and that the film received a PG rather than an R seems to indicate both ratings creep and a higher tolerance for violence than for sexual content at the PG level.

There is also some intense animal violence involving characters who are werewolves. One vampire feeds on a human victim, and this scene is regrettably played for laughs—as a means of introducing a secondary character—rather than any kind of pathos or horror. Edward and Bella are shown having sex once, though this is filmed through a moderately tame montage of extreme close ups of body parts—hands holding, backs arching, and the like.

Bella speaks in graphic terms about the intensity of her physical desire for Edward and his performance as a lover. The language is explicit but not crude.

Jacob Taylor Lautner strips to his underwear in one scene that is played for laughs but is more or less present to provide eye-candy for female viewers.

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I hated the thing inside her. I hated that it might be causing her any kind of pain. That it could kill her. But none of it compared to how much I hated myself. This was my fault. I had done this to her. I had cursed her with my monstrous existence. Was there nothing I could do with her, no part of me that didn't bring her pain? That didn't endanger her life? Finally, we began our merciful descent towards the airport.

As the wheels touched down on the airstrip, I reached out my mind, searching for Alice. I found her quickly, but the pain in her mind felt like a physical blow. What was wrong with her? She was trying to search for Bella's future, but the visions of Bella were blurry or nonexistent. I felt a new surge of panic. It was like something was blocking her vision of Bella. The blurry images made my head swim, and I pulled my mind away from Alice's, the pain ebbing immediately.

When we were cleared to leave the plane, I reached over and brushed the hair back from Bella's face. Her eyes turned to me, filled with some sort of intense emotion. She was so lovely, and I ached to take her pain away, to make things right again. I leaned over and kissed her gently on her pale cheek. I pulled back to look at her, and she nodded, her wide eyes searching my face. I stood up and gently helped her to her feet. I placed my hand on her warm back, feeling her heart beat beneath my fingers, and helped guide her out of the plane.

It took all my control not to send the foolish humans who kept bumping into her flying into the side of the plane. When we reached the terminal, I wrapped my arm around her, but she seemed to shrug it off. She resents me for this, I thought painfully.

So, instead, I took her hand gently in mine and led her towards where I could sense my family was waiting. My family's minds were very clear to me now. Everyone's thoughts were filled with worry and concern for Bella. Alice's head continued to be a jumble of blurry images of Bella, and pain.

When I got close enough to see, her face was pinched and miserable. Jasper was concentrating on Alice. He was trying not to become consumed by everyone's anxiety, attempting to beat it back with calm so that he could try to help relieve her pain.

Rosalie's mind caught me off guard. She was feeling very intense about something, but her thoughts were wild and unclear. It was hard to distinguish her emotions — was she angry? Images of Bella filled her head several times and my thoughts blackened. Why was she feeling so strongly about Bella? Was she jealous of the pregnancy?

It would be like her to make this about herself. I had an irrational fear that Rosalie might try to attack Bella, right here in the airport. But that was ridiculous — what would be her motivation? I tried to shut out the self-centered workings of Rosalie's mind. I glanced down, surprised, but of course her human eyes couldn't see what mine did.

Her heartbeat picked up. She's anxious to see Alice, I thought. And Carlisle, of course. To hear from him that everything would be OK. She would trust his reassurances over mine, as she rightly should. Unlike me, Carlisle had never done anything to harm her.

I paused, reaching out to take her other hand, and pulled her to me, cradling her hands against my chest. This would be our last few moments alone, and I was filled with a strange sense of foreboding. Bella took her hands out of mine and reached up to my face, her warm fingers caressing my skin. I cherished her touch, aching with the feelings of happiness and despair that dueled inside me. She searched my face, looking for something.

She seemed to be struggling to figure something out, to make a decision. What did she want? Her shoulders seemed to hunch over a little. I took her hand, confused by her reaction. I couldn't think clearly on this anymore. I needed Carlisle.

I searched Carlisle's mind, seeing it filled with thoughts about the surgical room he had begun to set up in his office at home, and the equipment he had brought from the hospital. There were bags of blood in the refrigerator, just in case Bella needed them. He was working through all the possible scenarios of how the procedure might go. His final thought sent a piercing jolt of shock through me. If all else went wrong, Carlisle planned to change her. He would do it himself if I wouldn't — to save Bella if he couldn't stop the bleeding, or to allow the venom to kill the thing inside her if he couldn't get it out.

He was agonizing over it, trying to envision the best spots to bite in order to make the transformation quicker. How to get the most venom into her bloodstream. His mind filled with an image of himself, kneeling by a sleeping Bella, her arm in his grip, as his mouth rested against her wrist. He remembered how he would fight the bloodlust, how he had in the past. He remembered the scent of her blood. I froze on the spot. Even when Carlisle had agreed to change Bella after graduation, he had never let his thoughts get this far.

The horror of this image, of Bella, helpless, Carlisle's teeth about to pierce her fragile skin, filled me with a sickness and despair that tore at my brain.

My emotions halted coherent thought, and an intense feeling of fury at Carlisle began to overtake me. I didn't move, fighting against the overwhelming urge to throw myself at him, to attack him, to protect my love. We were about 15 feet away and I locked eyes with Carlisle. He realized I had seen what he was thinking, and I knew he had not meant for me to see those images in his mind.

His face was anguished. It may be the only way, Edward, he thought. You need to accept that. No, I screamed inside my head. Not like this. Bella was tugging on my arm and I felt her fingers twist out of mine. I glanced over to see her flying across the open space towards my family, her long brown hair cascading out behind her. We all watched her, statues, except for Alice.

Holding her fingers pressed against her eyes she took a step forward, as if to meet her. But Bella flew by Alice and, in a flash, was swept into Rosalie's arms. I was too dumbstruck to move. And then, suddenly, like the boom of thunder, Rosalie's thoughts finally broke free and crashed down on me. The baby.

Breaking Dawn Book 2

Save the baby. Her baby. I won't let them hurt it. Anger flooded my brain and I roared back to life. In a fraction of a second, I was at Bella's side, the rest of my family still frozen. Rosalie's arms were around Bella, steel vices, and Bella was sobbing into her chest. I put my hands on Bella's shoulders.

She just stared back at me grimly. I searched her mind, trying to get a hold on her plans. There was a resolve, a plan to protect the baby at all costs. And an aching desire she couldn't hide to have that baby as her own. Anger and hate clouded my vision momentarily. I wanted to rip her head off. She narrowed her eyes at me and sent a thought in my. A memory of a phone call from Bella. You have to help me, Rosalie. I want this baby.

Help me protect him. Bella's words. Bella's intentions. You blind fool, Rosalie sneered in her head. I stared at Bella, mortified. She called it a baby? My mind processed this with horror. She imagined a baby in there, and she wanted it. Did she not appreciate, not understand, that it was a monster I had created inside her? A monster that would kill her. I felt a sickly dread crawl under my skin, and begin to work its way through my entire body.

Bella's eyes were shining up at me, full of tears. And now, I finally named the expression in them. Not to me this time, but to the thing inside her. Rosalie was right. I was a blind fool. Then Bella moved her hand slowly down to her stomach, and her expression changed. A blush appeared on her perfect face. It wasn't fear, or discomfort.

It was love. Love for the monster inside her. Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god. What had already been a nightmare worsened, shifted. Became a horror story within a nightmare.

My family finally unfroze. Carlisle stepped quickly over next to us, and Emmett put his arm protectively around Rose. Rosalie stared at him, her glare just as hard as it had been for me. Carlisle stared in shock, and then horror slowly dawned on his face. Alice groaned behind him, and it looked like she might fall to the floor. Jasper steadied her.

I was reeling from the revelation of Bella's feelings. Love for the thing inside her, the monster that would take her life? What madness was this? Come to me. Her eyes left mine and looked up at Rosalie, who shook her head minutely. When she looked back at me they had changed again. They flickered with distrust and she shook her head. I seethed with hatred for Rosalie. I could feel my fingers pressing too hard into her soft body.

I let go and grabbed Rosalie's wrist, twisting it. I wondered if I could snap it off without making too much of a scene. She hissed and Emmett took a step towards me. Carlisle's hands were on the both of us in a flash. I let go of Rosalie's hand in disgust, and she wrapped it back around Bella. My mind scorched with anger. I tried to keep my voice steady. Bella looked at me, her face worried, but her deep, brown eyes glowing with passion.

When I heard what you and Carlisle were planning, I didn't know if you would listen to me, let me explain. If I could stop you. So I called Rosalie. I stared at her, trying to comprehend, and then slowly, painfully, realization crept into my mind. She did not want to end this monstrous pregnancy. Suddenly, I was gripped by a fierce resolve. She was right to worry, because I would not let anything, including her misplaced emotions, stand in the way of saving her life.

I would not let her get hurt. He was looking at me, concerned about the expression on my face. Rosalie turned and started walking, her arm wrapped protectively around Bella.

I stayed pressed to Bella's side, Emmett flanking Rosalie on the other side, continually glancing at me. Carlisle walked right behind.

We drew some odd looks, walking in this tight group, everyone refusing to give up their position. Esme, Alice and Jasper walked a little ways behind. They had brought Carlisle's car, as well as my Volvo. I tugged on Bella, to bring her to the Volvo. She was looking down, unable to meet my eyes. Instinctively, I reached out to lift her face to mine, but then let my hand drop.

Rosalie gave me a smug look and pulled Bella over to Carlisle's car. Alice paused by the car, putting her hand on my arm. I'm sorry, she thought. I just can't see anything clearly. I didn't know what was happening.

It's not hard to understand why she would help Bella with this. You have to understand for her Her thoughts trailed off as I turned away, blocking her out. I could not understand this. I searched the thoughts in the car in front of us as we drove home. Bella was crying quietly, and Rosalie was comforting her. She knew I was listening. I'm not letting her go for a second, dear brother. She was prepared to protect the thing inside Bella at all costs.

She wanted it, wanted it to live. And if Bella wavered she was prepared to try to convince her to keep carrying it. The risk to Bella meant nothing to her — she couldn't hide that from me. I gripped the car door in rage, trying not to rip it off completely. Edward, I heard from Carlisle. I looked over at him, and he had a grim look on his face.

He gripped the steering wheel tightly, looking straight ahead. You need to talk to Bella. Make her understand. If you see the chance to get her away from Rose, take it. I'll be prepared. I stared at him, a little shocked. This had been my exact thought, but I did not expect to hear it from Carlisle. The fact that he was saying it terrified me.

His fear for Bella's life was more intense than what I had read before in his thoughts. He saw very little hope for Bella, if we didn't end this as planned. I had been so blind. All those hours flying home, I had tragically misjudged what was going on in Bella's head. And now, that precious time alone was lost.

Time to stop this insanity, before she became resolved. I would have pleaded with her, begged her on my knees for hours, to let us save her life. Instead, I had delivered her into the arms of the worst possible person, the only person twisted enough to encourage her resolve in this deadly matter. I felt a consuming panic. Bella was so stubborn, what if I couldn't get her to see reason?

And it would be even more impossible with Rosalie there, feeding the madness. I needed to get her away from Rosalie, as soon as possible. And I was willing to go to extremes to accomplish it. We pulled into the driveway.

Rosalie, Emmett and Bella were already standing on the front porch. Rosalie only had one hand on Bella. Her other hand was on Emmett's face, and she was speaking intently to him. He was upset. I was gripped with a sudden terror that I had to act fast, or another opportunity might not come. I had to get Bella alone, to convince her, before it was too late.

Do it now, I thought. I made my move. I tore from the car and flew at them. Emmett's head snapped around and he launched himself at me. We slammed into each other on the porch steps, just feet from Rose and Bella. Our arms locked. Emmett thought that I was attacking Rosalie. Idiot, I thought. This had nothing to do with Rosalie, other than trying to get Bella away from her poisonous influence. Although, I wouldn't hesitate to take out some of my anger at her if she stood between us.

I glanced at Rosalie as we struggled. She had her arms tight around Bella now. And if I was able to get Bella away, into the woods, could Carlisle convince Rosalie not to follow? Give me the time I needed to talk to her?

I tensed, searching Emmett's mind for his next move. No Edward, stop! Alice's desperate voice was loud in my head.

You will hurt her! And my mind filled with Alice's blurry vision of Bella being crushed in a struggle between Rosalie and me. I dropped my arms from Emmett and he shoved me off the stairs.

I flew backwards and slammed into the car, shattering a window. I straightened up quickly. Of course I was fine. Emmett held his protective stance in front of Rosalie, and I stayed at the car. Carlisle ran up the stairs and put his hands on Emmett's arms. Rosalie glared at me, fury and determination on her face. She didn't trust me to be alone with Bella, especially now. My eyes met Bella's for a moment. They were still concerned, but I also saw a flash of fear. Fear of me? I wondered grimly.

She looked away, too quickly. Patience, Edward, thought Alice. We have to choose our moment wisely. I glanced at her, and took grim satisfaction in her words. Alice would help me. We stood together, our love for Bella binding us. She leaned over and murmured something to Jasper and he nodded. Jasper would help as well.

Along with Carlisle, it was all I needed. I would wait for the right moment. I would save Bella from this deadly fate. Carlisle was moving Emmett into the house, and we all followed.

Chapter 2—Love Watching Bella walk in front of me, clinging to Rosalie, the world suddenly felt like a very foreign place. My arms felt empty, and the distance between us, although short, loomed painfully. I feared I didn't know how, or when, I would be able to cross it. We went straight into the dining room. Lines were drawn as we sat down, reminding me of the first time we gathered around this table to discuss Bella.

It seemed like a lifetime ago. It might as well have been. Carlisle sat at the head, and Esme next to him. I stood behind Carlisle, unable to sit. Alice walked in slowly and sat next to Carlisle, Jasper behind her. I was extremely concerned about the amount of physical pain Alice was in — I had never seen her like that before.

Same as the first time we met to discuss Bella, Rosalie sat on the opposite side of the table. She pulled Bella into her lap and wrapped her arms firmly around her. My stomach turned in disgust at the way Rosalie was holding her so possessively. I visualized myself ripping off her arms. Bella stared at me, her eyes hurting, but her face calm and resolved. Emmett stood behind Rosalie, his expression clouded with concern and confusion.

Obviously, Rosalie hadn't shared her sick plan with him before now. He was watching Rose intently, as he thought over her words on the porch, that she planned to help Bella keep the baby inside her. He didn't need an explanation why — he knew how badly Rose wanted a baby, any baby. He glanced momentarily at me, and his thoughts flickered angrily back to our confrontation on the porch.

His desire to protect Rosalie had originally just been instinctive, but now that he knew what Rose wanted, he would not let me take it away from her. I was shocked to sense a resentful undertone to these thoughts, that I had given Bella what he could never give Rosalie. As I watched him, Emmett's eyes slid down to Bella's stomach.

A vision grew in his head, as his mind wandered, unbidden, to imagine what was inside her. The image was a human baby, but then it opened its eyes, and they were blood red. Its lips curled back as it bared its teeth in a grotesque expression. He started, and looked up at me quickly, his face strained.

My family's eyes moved between us, while Bella remained unaware. Sorry, Bro, he thought miserably. He meant for more than the image in his mind. And Edward. It does not involve you," he said firmly. Both of you. I heard Esme gasp. So I am sticking with Bella, every minute, to help her through it, and keep them both safe.

Bella continued to watch my face, her eyes now full of unnecessary apologies. Carlisle stared silently for a moment at Rosalie, his face hard. He certainly understood her interest in this, but he felt it was at the expense of Bella's safety. His mind battled between anger and sympathy for her feelings. I growled softly. Carlisle sighed, and decided he would not even try to reason with Rosalie.

He looked at Bella, his face pained. He sought to reassure her. I will do everything I can to keep you safe and healthy when we remove the I can go over the procedure with you if Her face hardened slightly.

I'm not afraid. I don't want you to take this baby away from me. I just stood, staring, letting him carry on the conversation. I didn't think I could speak rationally. I'm so sorry, but this is the only way. But instead I saw a flash of determination in her eyes.

She shook her head. His very existence was wrapped around loving and protecting Alice. Why do you say that? This is our baby. Her eyes moved to mine. She could see reason.

Seeing the look on my face. I could see the answer in her eyes. What I heard on the island is that it will be strong. I tried to make my voice calm and reasonable. The idea of something hurting Alice was excruciating. Carlisle's thoughts began to disintegrate in. I can give her enough morphine to put her under and then. What had she been resolving on that plane ride home?

How far was she willing to go? We can't lose her like this. She's not hearing us. We made it. Rosalie nodded vigorously.

Bella stared at Alice. Carlisle's thoughts hit me then. Alice moaned in her head. Jasper's thoughts had been focused solely on Alice this whole time. She sighed.. How can she be thinking this is possible?

Talk to her.. It will hurt you. Alice's eyes tightened with pain and worry. Jasper was resolved that. Oh Edward. Alice spoke for the first time. I took a deep breath to steady myself. Edward's and mine. Clearly it is growing fast. We don't know what it will be like. He was letting the pain in her head wash through him.

I ascertained she knew what the word morte meant. Carlisle thought. I don't want to take away her choice. My voice dropped to an agonized whisper. We may have to do this another way — if we can get her alone. But now he looked up at Bella. This raised his level of hatred towards the creature near to even mine.

She would die. My panic grew even more intense. I can't find her future. I don't know if I can get through to her.

He was. For the monster I had created. Her scent swirled strong around the room. Whatever was growing inside of Bella was causing Alice physical pain. Too fast. But I can't let her die. A tenor of thirst flared up at the edge of everyone's thoughts. We have to act quickly. Her hands moved to her stomach and a deep blush rose onto her cheeks.

I would incapacitate Rosalie enough to get Bella from her arms. Jasper's thoughts were cool and unemotional now. I gripped the chair in front of me. Alice and I would go straight over the table. There would be scars. This would be the worst thing that had ever happened to my family. Could she see me dying inside? I would get Bella alone. She may never forgive you. I needed to get her away from Rosalie. Emmett stiffened. I didn't even dare look at Carlisle and Esme as I tensed for the fight.

He lifted his eyes from Rosalie to Jasper. But first. Alice hoped that Jasper could calm them enough to allow her to reason with Rosalie.

But mine became crystal clear. Jasper could come around to be at Emmett's back.. I cringed away from the visions of my siblings fighting. I would need Jasper to take on Emmett. That was a small price to pay for Bella's safety. A vision appeared of my face. But right now. Alice could only see herself. She searched the future. Jasper let go of the tenuous hold he had been keeping over the mood of the room. Be very careful of Bella. And compassion. The future shifted.

I didn't care. Those tensing for battle were filled with anxiety and rage. Her sorrowful eyes stayed on my wretched face. And as she resolved her course of action it became clearer. Emmett and Rosalie. And if I couldn't — how far would I go to save her? I thought I knew. I stared back at myself. I searched. I shook my head. She will probably hate you for this. Alice glanced up at Jasper. The initial confrontation was blurry. She would be alive.

Alice would hold off Rosalie once I had Bella. Alice's chair shifted slightly. As I made my decision the vision started forming in Alice's head. I saw Jasper move his eyes to Emmett. But she kept seeing images of the four of them struggling with each other.

To allow this to continue was a death sentence for Bella. I began to strategize in my head. Carlisle's mind was crippled with pain as he struggled with his decision to see the procedure through. She felt this meant I was somewhere else with Bella.

Breaking Dawn Book 2 | Feeling | Pain

And in that moment Alice's visions of the fight disappeared completely. Rosalie's glare darkened and she gripped her hands together. Carlisle called in my head. She spoke her thoughts as they materialized in her mind. But Esme — I heard her suck in a sharp breath. How much I loved and needed her.

He glanced up at her. The ties that bound us were unbreakable. I moved slowly around the table towards Bella. A wave of utter sadness washed through me at this thought. I'm so sorry.

She was delusional. Just for a moment. Bella glanced. Bella wants him. Esme shone brightest. But in decisions that involved love. Bella glanced up at Esme. Surely she could see how scared I was for her. I kept my eyes on Bella. You can't take away this baby. But then she glanced down and said. I want him. Emmett looked into my eyes. She loves him. I opened my eyes and looked at her lovely face. Emmett moved protectively in front of her and Rosalie.

This was a fantasy. And if Emmett saw that. I closed my eyes to block it out. I tried to strategize new attacks. He is yours and mine.

I knelt beside her and held out my hand. She pulled hers out from Rosalie's tight grasp and took it. Bella needed to be protected from me. I would follow her. It's her choice. Because we all knew we would not make a decision that would lead to a physical altercation that might involve Esme. I can't live without you. I caressed her warm. But none came. I would die as well.

I ignored her and kept moving forward. I doesn't exist. He didn't agree. And the thing inside her. Jasper and I remained resolved. She wavered. At least try. Carlisle was the leader of this family. We had lost him.

He moved aside and Rosalie let out a disgusted sigh. Esme stood up. How had it come to this? Carlisle's thoughts floated to me.

Carlisle sighed and put his face in his hands. Part of us. Try and talk to her again. Her touch burned. I could almost envision the smug look on Rose's face. But then she said. And now that she stood with Bella. There is no me. I pressed on. I love him too. I was wrong. It will kill you. I wouldn't be able to save her. I couldn't move my face to respond.

I did not feel the same. Bella's face softened. Lists of equipment he would need. I didn't look up.

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