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There's a lot of script kiddie hackers who might get lucky and do maythem without understanding what they did. Hopefully, there's hackers with. hacking tutorials leaked the best of pdf. learn to speak spanish deluxe 10 free download Learn To Speak Spanish, Vmware Workstation. Hacking Wireless Exposed-wireless Security and solutions Ebook Pdf Free Download. Wireless Hacking Tutorials Free Download Gray Hat Hacking -The Ethical Hackers Handbook By Tata Mc Graw Hill ebook Free Download.

Learn Hacking 1000 Hacking Tutorials - Pdfs

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Now free download hacking tutorials which includes all the stuffs of hacking , cracking and tips its most useful. It includes the most of. Hacking ebooks pdf, Hacking ebooks free download, hacking ebooks There are lots of different methods on the internet to learn Hacking. But for Also Read: Basics Hacking Guide For Beginners Best (90+) Hacking eBooks Free in PDF 3 Topics Inside + Hacking Tricks eBooks As most of you want to learn hacking tricks (ethical) so in this post, I am providing you the Best Hacking tricks PDF for free. In this download, you.

In this download, you will get the compilation of Best hacking tricks and eBooks that are free to download. I have made your task of becoming a Pro Hacker easy as in order to learn ethical hacking you have to search eBooks and PDF on internet one by one so I have compiled them in one folder so that you can have all these hacking eBooks and hacking tricks PDF with a single click. You can also download this collection to know how Hackers hack and gain some knowledge to protect your data and privacy. Hope these books will come handing and be useful to learn some ethical hacking tricks at home by enhancing your skills from these hacking eBooks. If you have anything to ask then feel free to comment below and get your query cleared..!! There are times when antivirus identifies. So,Our request to you,,please upload this ebook PDF in this website as soon as you can to help us…Thanks.

Technical controls This is usually focused on controlling access because it is the most vulnerable area of physical security. Each of these works differently and understanding its strengths and weaknesses will help you in your mission.

Technical controls include smart cards and CCTV cameras.

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A repellant alarm will make loud noises and emit bright lights to try and force an attacker out of the building. You will have to know the types of motion detectors you are dealing with. Smart Cards These have microchips and integrated circuits that process data and enable a two-factor authentication. The facility may have sensors on the doors and windows. They are located at strategic places and are monitored by security guards sitting in a control room.

Physical security is a critical part of cyber security. This is an intrusive attack that involves connecting probes directly to the chip. Hackers will always look for any weakness that they can find. The goal here is to take the chip out and reset it. Another way is to use software to perform a noninvasive attack. This involves hacking the software and loading commands that enable you to extract account data.

The cameras can be wireless or web-based. If you are an employee in a company and want to gain unauthorized access to confidential data. We saw in the last chapter how the most advanced technology cannot protect you against cyber attacks if the people guarding the building are sleeping on the job. One aspect of social engineering is that it is usually done together with a physical security hack. The aim is to make contact with someone who has specific information that can help you gain access to the files or resources of your intended target.

The answer lies in the people. Why do you think social engineering is number one on that list? A hacker is supposed to attack the system or network. This shows you just how rampant social engineering attacks have become in cyber security.

For example: Send the target an email that contains links. You could impersonate a genuine product vendor and claim that your. When they click the link.

They will give you the keys to enter the room thus allowing you to get to the physical and digital files you want. The biggest weakness of every element of security is the people involved. Through social engineering. Chapter 5: Social Engineering Did you know that in the year These examples may seem too simple or easy. You could then request to be given the administrator password.

By learning how malicious hackers commit their exploits. You have to be articulate. A fake work ID and uniform can sometimes help you impersonate an employee in a company. This often happens when the hacker displays the following signs: Talking too much or showing too much enthusiasm Acting nervously in response to questions Asking odd questions Appearing to be in a hurry Having information only reserved for insiders Talking about people in upper management within the organization Pretending like they have authority within the company As long as you practice good social engineering skills and techniques.

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You set someone up by creating a particular problem for them. Gaining Trust One of the best ways to build trust for a social engineering hack is through words and actions.

People will even give you passwords and other sensitive information as long as you appear to be one of them. When the victim cries out for help. This works to create a bond between you and the potential target. There are instances when a social engineer fails in their mission because they were careless in their talk or acted nervously.

The aim is to get them to share sensitive or personal information either by sending it directly or clicking on links. Spamming is another tactic you can perform. All you have to do is send the target a software patch via email and ask them to download it for free.

The tools that social engineers use. When they do so. One of the most common tricks is to claim to be a verified software vendor. You can pretend to be a close friend. Phishing scams work so well because they are very difficult to trace back to the hacker. The email will look like the real deal to the intended target but that is because you will have spoofed the IP address to display an email address that appears genuine.

You just send them a ton of emails and wait for them to become curious and open at least one of them. As they log in. Phishing involves sending the target emails that appear to be from a legitimate or trusted source. You can also pretend to be a financial institution and ask them to click the link in order to update their account information.

It is simply amazing how trusting people are in this day and age of increasing cyber attacks.

The email will contain a request to download a free gift ebook. When fired employees. It is important.

It is also important for upper managers to lead by example and undertake the training too. Some of the ways of preventing this kind of attack include: The same password should also not be used for more than a set duration. The training program should be easy enough for those who are not technically-minded to understand.

There should also be strict enforcement of wearing ID badges by all employees and consultants. Organizations will generally use two techniques to prevent social engineers from exploiting their vulnerabilities: This information will also help you perform more effective exploits.

This training should be continuous rather than a one-time event. After all. Training the users in security awareness — Most employees simply do not know what to do when they are faced with a social engineering attack. Developing and enforcing strict policies — The organization can create hierarchies of information. The most important aspect of any organizational policy is observance. There has to be some kind of user awareness and training in order to teach people how to identify and respond to hackers.

The people involved must understand the requirements and follow them at all times. Avoid the tendency to hover your cursor over an email link. It is your job to find it and exploit it. Avoid downloading attachments from unidentified IP addresses. Anti-malware is a good way to prevent this type of hack.

The truth is that while social engineering can be a bit complicated to pull off. Hackers are able to embed malware in a link and trigger a download the moment the mouse moves over it.

Avoid sending your personal information via email or social media without verifying the identity of the receiver. An organization cannot control all the people linked to it at all times.

Make sure that you know who is sending you a friend or connection request on Facebook. Avoid giving out passwords to random people. Passwords do a good job of keeping unauthorized users out of a system but as we all know. Chapter 6: Hacking Passwords One of the most common ways to ensure the safety of your data is to password-protect it.

We have become so used to putting passwords in all our digital devices that we actually believe that this measure is enough to keep our information safe. Passwords may make people feel safe. Imagine someone using the same password for their Yahoo.

There is no need to imagine because this is exactly what most people do! The majority of people simply find it too difficult to memorize every single password. Passwords that are too simple and are linked to your name. We live in a world of convenience. This usually results in people repeating the same password for all their accounts. Yet you would be surprised at the number of people who choose weak and silly passwords just to make cramming them easier.

User vulnerabilities User vulnerabilities are those weaknesses that result from lack of proper password policies or weak enforcement of such guidelines. So what are some of the user vulnerabilities that a hacker can take advantage of? Passwords that are never changed. The same password being used in several different accounts across different networks and systems. When was the last time you changed your Twitter or email password? Why go through the hassle.

For example. Whatever they see is what they will use. With all the letters and numbers available for use. Types of Password Vulnerabilities There are generally two types of password vulnerabilities: User and Technical.

Most users just look around the room when asked to create a password. After that. Using programs or databases to store all your passwords. Technical vulnerabilities Exploiting user vulnerabilities is usually the first step for a hacker. As long as the location of the file is unsecured. The most common ones include: Failure to utilize applications that hide the password as it is being typed on the screen. Use of unencrypted databases that can be accessed by large numbers of unauthorized people.

Though most applications immediately hide the characters being typed on the screen. The majority of developers tend to have too much faith in the fact that their source codes are unknown. Use of weak encryption techniques by software vendors and developers.

Passwords that are long and complex are usually written on pieces of paper or stored in a file. A hacker who has enough computing power can even use tools that are designed to hack weak encryptions. Some users store all their passwords in one MS Word. This is often the case with organizations. Such passwords are quite difficult to crack. LINUX even goes further and adds a random value a salt to the hashed password.

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Understanding Password Encryption A password is said to be encrypted when it is stored in a system using an encryption or one-way hash algorithm. The basic assumption is that once a password has been hashed. The salt is what makes it possible for two people to use the exact same password yet generate totally different hashing values.

If you want to make sure that your system is safe from malicious hackers. There are a number of tools that can be used by hackers to crack passwords. At times a hacker may find a password that is very complex and strong. Once the password is hashed.

These tools work by taking several well-known passwords. Once the encrypted hashes have been generated. The most important thing is to understand how encryption works and how these tools can be used to overcome the encryption.

VNC and Windows passwords. There are many other tools that you can use to hack passwords on a variety of applications.

Ophcrack — This tool is used for cracking passwords in Windows applications. Password-Cracking Tools There are a lot of advanced tools in the market right now for cracking passwords. Some are more popular than others due to their effectiveness across diverse systems and operating software. John the Ripper — This is definitely one of the most well-known and loved programs for cracking passwords. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery — This tool works extremely fast by incorporating a GPU video acceleration program and using thousands of networked computers simultaneously.

It can be used for cracking hashes. It is able to crack Windows. Cain and Abel — This is one of the most effective tools. It combines a dictionary style of attack before launching a complete brute force attack. Social engineering — What if you could get a password by simply requesting for it?

The vast majority of people tend to believe what they are told especially if it is in an official setting. Shoulder surfing — This is where you hand around a person as they key in their password. A hacker can impersonate a staff member from the IT department of a company. The hacker then requests that the user gives them their password so as to sort out the glitch.


This technique works best when you are familiar with the target or have easy access to their personal data. You can literally get access to employee records from anywhere these days. You can either watch the characters on the screen or memorize their keystrokes. The word that matches is then.

Guessing — This is probably one of the most overused techniques. It is also the simplest approach since most users tend to pick passwords that they will remember easily. Dictionary attacks — This is where a program is used to create a list of plain-text dictionary words that can be compared to the actual password. It could have been the home computer.

It involves hashing plain-text words. It is likely that you used a conventional method rather than an advanced one.

All you need to do is use logic to guess what may have been used to create their password. Techniques for Cracking Passwords We have all tried at some point to crack a password. It is important that you blend in to avoid detection. The techniques below are a combination of some old-school approaches and some high-tech methods. Make sure that you have a decompression tool such as WinZip installed on the computer. This procedure requires that you have administrative access.

Brute force attacks — This should never be your first choice when it comes to cracking a password. The more characters a user puts into their password. It is considered a fall-back option that is used when all other methods have failed.

Programs that can help you launch a dictionary attack include John the Ripper. If you are trying to crack a Windows system. Download pwdump3 and John the Ripper and install them immediately. It is primarily used to crack passwords that are 6 characters or less. There are other approaches that are available. Programs that use this technique include John the Ripper.

On the computer. It is an inefficient and extremely time- consuming technique. Using John the Ripper and pwddump3 to crack a password The pwdump3 tool is an effective way to extract hashed passwords from a Security Accounts Manager database. The above methods are the simplest and most commonly used ways to crack passwords. John the Ripper. Extract them into the directory you created above. Type the command c: Type the command [root local host yourcurrentfilename ] tar — zxf john — 1.

Type the command: The output should be the same as that for the Windows procedure. The aim is to teach the system users how to create more secure passwords as well as the effects of poor password security. Adding punctuation marks in-between separate words Deliberately misspelling words Changing words every six to 12 months.

In order to hack a password. The criteria to be followed include: Forming passwords that combine upper and lowercase letters. For individuals who want to secure their personal information. Ensuring that passwords are of different lengths to make cracking more difficult. In the event of a security breach. Avoiding the tendency to recycle old passwords.

Having the right knowledge of how to create a strong password will help you become a more effective hacker. Storing all passwords in a password manager program rather than an unsecured MS Excel. Creating Secure Passwords When it comes to strengthening the security of data within an organization. Ensuring that passwords are not shared at all. Wireless networks have become so commonplace these days, but unfortunately, they are also very vulnerable to hacking threats.

This is due to the fact that they involve the transmission of data through radio frequencies, thus making information vulnerable to interception. In cases where the encryption algorithm is weak or transmitted data is unencrypted, the situation becomes much worse. These include:. Unintentional association There are instances where one wireless network overlaps with another, allowing a user to unintentionally jump from one into the other.

If a malicious hacker takes advantage of this, they could acquire information contained in a network that they never intended to be on in the first place. Non-conventional networks These are networks that do not have the proper security that is usually reserved for laptops and access points. They tend to be soft targets for hackers.

They include wireless printers, barcode readers, Bluetooth devices, and handheld PDAs. Denial of Service attacks This type of attack involves sending hundreds or thousands of messages, commands, or requests to one access point. In the end, the network is forced to crash, or users are prevented from accessing the network. Man-in-the-middle attacks This attack involves a hacker using their laptop to act as a soft access point and then luring users to it. The hacker connects their soft access point to the real access point through a different wireless card.

Users who attempt to reach the genuine access point are thus forced to go through the soft access point. This allows the hacker to grab whatever information is being. Man-in-the-middle attacks are usually performed in public areas that have wireless hotspots. MAC spoofing This can best be described as theft of the identity of a computer that has network privileges.

Once the hacker finds these administrative computers and their IDs, they use other software that enables them to use these MAC addresses.

Aircrack — This tool enables you to sniff a network. It depends on passphrases and encryption of packets using temporal keys. Passive cracking. One weakness of WAP is that it is vulnerable to dictionary attacks if weak passphrases are used. Verification of Wireless Networks The majority of wireless networks are secured by passwords in order to control how users access and use the network. The tools that you can use to crack a WEP network include: Tech Viral.

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