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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions and Answers (MOST IMPORTANT MCQ) For Competitive Exams PDF Download. electrical engineering multiple choice questions and answers pdf Dear Electrical students, We provide Basic Electrical Engineering multiple. Experienced,eee questions mcqs viva objective faqs with answers ppt. Basic Electrical Interview Questions and Answers Pdf ebook for Job.

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ELECTRICAL MACHINE 25 IMPORTANT MCQ PDF FOR UPCOMING EXAM BASIC ELECTRICAL MOSTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PDF. Our + Basic Electrical Engineering questions and answers focuses on all areas of Basic Electrical Engineering subject covering + topics in Basic. Basic Troubleshooting. - Description of how resistors are manufactured and occupation that uses electrical components or devices.

Current Electricity 2. Network Theorems 3. Electrostatics 4. Magnetism and Electromagnetism 5. Magnetic Circuit 6. Electromagnetic Induction 7.

Sir engineer can I please ask for a pdf file of all this Objective questions in electrical engineering It would be very helpful in my studies.. Thank You Sir! Sir,i am preparing for competitive exams for electrical engineers and also for gate exam.

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[EEE] ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Dear Sir ,I want all questions related to electrical engineering so that i can prepare better for my upcoming tests. It will be very helpful for me if you can send me question paper. So that it will help me to secure job. Pronam mohasoi. Sir this question are very importent for my competitive exam preparation. Please send me all electrical and electronics pdf in Hindi…please.. Dear sir, Plzzz mail all these multiple choice questions in pdf form.

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Hi I am saddam baloch from balochistan plz friends send me paf of all these electrical questions with anwere. Saddamlehri21 gmail. Can any one mail me this stuff in pdf adnanmalik gmail. Thanks a lot sir for sharing the basic and fundamental information of electrical engineering.. Sir,please send me all question and answer for competitive exam in pdf format. My email id is ranjeet. Sir,please send me pdf format my email id is ranjeet.

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Sir it is very useful to me. Thank you for posting this and pls send me the pdf format for thr above topics my mail id is praveenvenkatesh gmail. Hi sir. Plz send me electrical quotions with answers in PDF files, for government exams plz sir.

Very nice. All sections covered. Dear author, kindly forward me the question bank if possible. Respected sir, I read these all question for electrician. Send mi question and answer my email. Respected sir, I am not able to see following topics question. I have studied all the topics and got to much help for competative exams specially for electrician exam can you please mail me sir. Only following topic multiple type question and answer.

It will also help for me…….. Three phase induction motor. Single phase induction motor. Universal motor. Alternator 5. Synchronous motor 6.

Transformer winding 7. DC Machine Winding. AC Machine Winding 9. Illumination Industrial wiring. Please send me question and answer please……….. E Electrical,so please Send me Electrical related Pdf if you have.

With regards, Ramji Ahir, ahirramji gmail. Material…my exam is soon…i will eagarly wait for your response…. God bless. Sir can u send me the pdf format i have test soon waleedkhan hotmail. Sir, please send me all MCQs in pdf? Respected sir, Plz send all electrical mcq in pdf. Mail id-sanket. Sir can you provide all in PDF format. Please sent me silambarasand01 gmail. Dear sir, Please send me all electrical engineering question in pdf format to my mail id: Hi,sir Also provide me all electrical question and answer objective in pdf format I complited diploma..

Dear sir, i am an ITI student of electrician then sir kindly give me an very important questions for all electrical exam. Respected Sir, Please send me the book pdf at mail2mbabar gmail. Thanks a lot. Sir if numerical based mcq is available then send me on tusharrathod50 yahoo. Sir please I want objectives with answers and entrance oriented questions for practice. Sir I will be grateful to you. Please sir, send me all above the electrical engineering material in pdf formate.

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Sir please send me the entire PDF of all questions and answers. Respected sir can you please send me the questions which are above to my mail in PDF format.

[EEE] ELECTRICAL Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

My Mail ID is satishreddynreddy57 gmail. Would you please sir send me the electrical question in pdf format I will be very grateful to you. This questions are very important for any examination. Plz sir send me all questions pdf file. My email sahu.

Dilip92 gmail. Drear sir plz send me electrical objective question my email id suryapratapdhn gmail. Dear sir This all question are very important for any compitive exam preparation sir.

Honestly I am requesting you to please sent me a PDF format of all question and answer sir. The difference between the electronic and ordinary regulator is the fact that in electronic reg. In electronic regulator triac is employed for speed control.

A two phase motor is often a motor with the the starting winding and the running winding have a phase split. What does quality factor depend on in resonance? Quality factor q depends on frequency and bandwidth.

What are the types of power in electrical power? There are normally three types of power are counted in electrical power. They are,. What are the advantages of VSCF wind electrical system?

Advantages of VSCF wind electrical system are:. What is slip in an induction motor? Slip can be defined as the distinction between the flux speed Ns and the rotor speed N.

Speed of the rotor of an induction motor is always less than its synchronous speed. State the difference between generator and alternator? Generator and alternator are two devices, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Both have the same principle of electromagnetic induction, the only difference is that their construction.

Generator persists stationary magnetic field and rotating conductor which rolls on the armature with slip rings and brushes riding against each other, hence it converts the induced emf into dc current for external load whereas an alternator has a stationary armature and rotating magnetic field for high voltages but for low voltage output rotating armature and stationary magnetic field is used.

What is ACSR cable and where we use it? Why star delta starter is preferred with induction motor? Star delta starter is preferred with induction motor due to following reasons:.

State the difference between generator and alternator Generator and alternator are two devices, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Why AC systems are preferred over DC systems? Due to following reasons, AC systems are preferred over DC systems: It is easy to maintain and change the voltage of AC electricity for transmission and distribution.

Plant cost for AC transmission circuit breakers, transformers etc is much lower than the equivalent DC transmission c.

400 TOP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions and Answers Pdf- EEE

When a large fault occurs in a network, it is easier to interrupt in an AC system, as the sine wave current will naturally tend to zero at some point making the current easier to interrupt. How can you relate power engineering with electrical engineering?

Power engineering is a sub division of electrical engineering. It deals with generation, transmission and distribution of energy in electrical form. Design of all power equipments also comes under power engineering. Power engineers may work on the design and maintenance of the power grid i.

What are the various kind of cables used for transmission? Cables, which are used for transmitting power, can be categorized in three forms:. Why back emf used for a dc motor? The induced emf developed when the rotating conductors of the armature between the poles of magnet, in a DC motor, cut the magnetic flux, opposes the current flowing through the conductor, when the armature rotates, is called back emf.

Its value depends upon the speed of rotation of the armature conductors. In starting, the value of back emf is zero. Slip can be defined as the difference between the flux speed Ns and the rotor speed N. Explain the application of storage batteries. Storage batteries are used for various purposes, some of the applications are mentioned below:.

Explain advantages of storage batteries Few advantages of storage batteries are mentioned below:. What are the different methods for the starting of a synchronous motor. Starting methods: Synchronous motor can be started by the following two methods:. Name the types of motors used in vacuum cleaners, phonographic appliances, vending machines, refrigerators, rolling mills, lathes, power factor improvement and cranes.

Following motors are used: State Maximum power transfer theorem The Maximum power transfer theorem explains about the load that a resistance will extract from the network. This includes the maximum power from the network and in this case the load resistance is being is equal to the resistance of the network and it also allows the resistance to be equal to the resistance of the network. This resistance can be viewed by the output terminals and the energy sources can be removed by leaving the internal resistance behind.

Explain different losses in a transformer. There are two types of losses occurring in transformer:. Explain different types of D. C motors? Give their applications Different type of DC motors and their applications are as follows: Explain the process of commutation in a dc machine.

Explain what are inter-poles and why they are required in a dc machine. It is phenomenon when an armature coil moves under the influence of one pole- pair; it carries constant current in one direction. As the coil moves into the influence of the next pole- pair, the current in it must reverse.

This reversal of current in a coil is called commutation. Several coils undergo commutation simultaneously. The reversal of current is opposed by the static coil emf and therefore must be aided in some fashion for smooth current reversal, which otherwise would result in sparking at the brushes. The aiding emf is dynamically induced into the coils undergoing commutation by means of compoles or interpoles, which are series excited by the armature current. These are located in the interpolar region of the main poles and therefore influence the armature coils only when these undergo commutation.

Comment on the working principle of operation of a single-phase transformer. Working principle of operation of a single-phase transformer can be explained as An AC supply passes through the primary winding, a current will start flowing in the primary winding.

As a result, the flux is set. This flux is linked with primary and secondary windings. Hence, voltage is induced in both the windings. Now, when the load is connected to the secondary side, the current will start flowing in the load in the secondary winding, resulting in the flow of additional current in the secondary winding.

The voltage induced in secondary coil is known as mutually induced voltage. Hence, transformer works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Define the following terms: It is the capacity of the power system to serve all power demands without failure over long periods.

Maximum Demand: It is maximum load demand required in a power station during a given period. Reserve generating capacity: Extra generation capacity installed to meet the need of scheduled downtimes for preventive maintenance is called reserve-generating capacity.

As the percentage of the time a unit is available to produce power whether needed by the system or not. Mention the disadvantages of low power factor? How can it be improved? Disadvantages of low power factor:. State the methods of improving power factor? Methods of improving power factor:.

State the factors, for the choice of electrical system for an aero turbine. The choice of electrical system for an aero turbine is guided by three factors:. Explain the terms real power, apparent power and reactive power for ac circuits and also the units used. Define the following: Average demand, Maximum demand, Demand factor, Load factor. Explain forward resistance, static resistance and dynamic resistance of a pn junction diode.

How does Zener phenomenon differ from Avalanche breakdown? The phenomenon when the depletion region expands and the potential barrier increases leading to a very high electric field across the junction, due to which suddenly the reverse current increases under a very high reverse voltage is called Zener effect. Zener-breakdown or Avalanche breakdown may occur independently or both of these may occur simultaneously.

Diode junctions that breakdown below 5v are caused by Zener Effect. Junctions that experience breakdown above 5v are caused by avalanche-effect. The Zener-breakdown occurs in heavily doped junctions, which produce narrow depletion layers. The avalanche breakdown occurs in lightly doped junctions, which produce wide depletion layers. Explain thin film resistors and wire-wound resistors a. Thin film resistors- It is constructed as a thin film of resistive material is deposited on an insulating substrate.

This reduces the amount of noise injected into the amplifier, because any noise appearing simultaneously on both the input-terminals as the amplifying circuitry rejects it being a common mode signal. If a differential amplifier is perfect, CMRR would be infinite because in that case common mode voltage gain would be zero. What is the difference between electronic regulator and ordinary electrical rheostat regulator for fans?

The difference between the electronic and ordinary electrical regulator is that in electronic regulator power losses are less because as we decrease the speed the electronic regulator gives the power needed for that particular speed but in case of ordinary rheostat type regulator, the power wastage is same for every speed and no power is saved.

In electronic regulator, triac is employed for speed control by varying the firing angle speed and it is controlled but in rheostatic ,control resistance is decreased by steps to achieve speed control.

What does the KVAR means? The KVAR indicates the electrical power. Thank you sir. This is extremely helpful for those who appearing for interview. It contains most probable questions ,it will be very helpful to me if you will send me the pdf of above questions and answers. This is impressive for Electrical Engineers.

Can i get it through mail. My Mail ID: This very good sir , please send me an email of this to devaponraj gamil. Very good Sir plz send me a email to manikiran. Its really good questions. Its really helpful kindly send this pdf to my mail sachin. Very good work pls send this to my email…dkamenewe yahoo. Its really nice information for aspirants. Thanks for sharing it. Plz mail me on n3deore gmail.

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Skip to content 20, Views. Thank you for providing this. It has been immensely helpful in my interview preparation. Thank you Sir for this post.

I think it will be very helpful for us. Sir, your interview quest-ans is very useful. It is very useful for interview Please air send me pdf file. B Answer [13] The full-scale deflection current of an ammeter is 1 mA and its internal resistance is Ohm. This is to have full deflection when V is measured. What is the value of series resistor to be used?

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