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Three MacGregor grandsons are heading for the biggest day of their lives in this heartwarming collection from #1 New York Times bestselling. Title: The Macgregor Grooms (Macgregors) Author(s): Nora Roberts ISBN: X / (UK edition) Publisher: Mills & Boon Availability. Editorial Reviews. Review. The eagerly anticipated sequel to The MacGregor Brides is here! And this time family patriarch Daniel MacGregor has.

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MacGregors 07 - The MacGregor Grooms. Read more · Roberts, Nora - [ Macgregors 10] - The Macgregor Grooms · Read more. The MacGregor grooms 6 editions. And Daniel MacGregor, powerful patriarch of the MacGregor clan, wants to see his three handsome, eligible--but stubbornly single--grandsons married. So he's found just the women to tempt, tease and torture cousins D.C., Duncan and Ian all the way to. The Matchmaking MacGregor It worked with his granddaughters. Now Daniel MacGregor, powerful patriarch of the MacGregor clan, wants to see his three.

Apr 10, Pages Buy. Apr 10, Pages. Three MacGregor grandsons are heading for the biggest day of their lives in this heartwarming collection from 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. Fresh from the success of sending his granddaughters down the aisle, Daniel MacGregor turns his matchmaking sights on his stubbornly single grandsons: She is also the author of the bestselling In Death series written under the pen name J.

Tons of romance and happily ever afters. I love the MacGregor stories! Feb 10, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: On reread, I don't love Ian's story but that's part and parcel with men thinking they know best. I love the fire and ice thing that DC and Layna have and Cat is a great feisty heroine. And I want to go on a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi! Are those real? I might have to do some research. Another good addition to the MacGregor series. Daniel, our sweet but conniving patriarch is back to his shenanigans again, fixing his three grandsons- DC, Duncan and Ian with Layna, Cat and Naomi respectively.

Three sweet stories of couples who came from completely different background and fall for each other, albeit after fighting some feelings. One v card, loads of family and babies, one grandpa you can't help but love- made up to a good anthology. All the reminiscing scenes between Anne and Daniel are heart warming. Oct 01, Dawn Michelle rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who likes a spicy love story. Once again, the head of the MacGregor clan is at it again, this time with his grandsons.

As hilarious as the granddaughter one, this too is a good, funny, easy read. Makes you believe in true love after all. New review below: I have had my mother here for 3 weeks and the book I am reading is just a LOT slower than the first two in the series. I read this Nora Roberts book just to get another book in. I needed some fluff in the mid Once again, the head of the MacGregor clan is at it again, this time with his grandsons.

I needed some fluff in the middle of Thursday Next and Jurisfiction don't ask Lovely to read again Just the fluff I needed. Three stories, three grandson's. Ian's story the third one is the best in my opinion. Love and hope and trust. Its lovely. Nov 21, Asounani rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 27, Lauribooks rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

[PDF Download] The MacGregor Grooms: The MacGregors Book 8 [Read] Online

To view it, click here. Nunca debes presionar a tu pareja o forzarla a hacer algo que no quiera, ya que es entonces cuando empiezan los rencores y los reproches. Ko voli romantiku, ovo je sjajno. Meni i nije posebno "legla". Feb 13, Bridget rated it liked it. I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is quite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots.

I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension, then lots of sex, and then they live happily ever after?

Sometimes there is some magic , a family legacy, or a mystery. I think I have read every one of her books to date because despite the cheesy nature, the ending is always happy and the read is easy.

Frankly, I like these books and will continue to read each one that comes out. I am going to post this same review for each of her books that I have read in the past. View 1 comment. Aug 22, Cheesecake rated it did not like it Shelves: Liked the male leads but the women were dull as dishwater.

Not sure what the heck was wrong with the first two female leads but they were just plain stupid and unbelievable. They had absolutely no sense of humour and no true reason that I could discern for walking around with a stick up their ass.

The last story with Ian was the best of the three. But even so, it did not make up for the other two. Wish it had been the first story before I lost my patience. Apparently today is abandon-the-crappy-book-you-are-reading-day but hopefully given the genre, people will not blame me for giving up on this book.

This was my first and last Nora Roberts read. It was incredibly boring. No character development. Lame dialogue. Lame descriptions of sex scenes. Lame problems. Just really lame.

Would not recommend this author. Jan 02, Juliana Philippa rated it liked it Shelves: I debated between 2. At least, that's my take. Me han gustado mucho las tres historias cortas que cuentan las de los primos. Apr 11, Ofelia rated it it was amazing. Another success for Daniel MacGregor paring off his grandchildren and starting them off with their families. Nov 09, Catherine Iriarte rated it it was amazing. I absolutely enjoyed these stories and the ending was much smoother than some of the others which, in my opinion, is the way it should be.

Dec 19, Summerita Rhayne rated it it was amazing. I haven't read any other of the series. This one is a 3-in-1, the three heroes are cousins.

They don't feature much in other stories than their own , so the novellas are pretty much standalones. I really enjoyed reading this. The long time it took me to finish is because I picked up other books alongside. Otherwise the book is very readable and you can probably finish in one go. I picked up a Nora Roberts book after a long time and the delight quotient is still the same as ever.

Her writing is engaging, pacy and humorous. Her characters are likeable. Her heroines are decisive, career minded women. All the factors which make her romances stand apart from the weepy heroine and bossy hero types out there - and believe me, there are many.

Not being a fan of the so called Alpha and actually unbelievably domineering heroes, I would pick this kind of book any day. The book does harp a little too much on marriage and that may put off women not inclined to settle down soon.

I'm pretty old fashioned that way and didn't mind that fact much. But even if you aren't, it's quite easy to overlook that point. Great, easy reads in the short format for romance. Apr 28, Ronnie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'd be lying if I weren't to admit that I preferred this book compared to the Brides series! Ask me why, ask me why! It's simple- how can I resist not reading from a man's perspective? I have enjoyed the trios journey in finding the suitable person for them to spend the rest of their lives with!

I think I've done all possible squirming a person could actually do when reading a good damn book. I wanted a lengthier story like the other couples in the series but I've grown contented with the fact th I'd be lying if I weren't to admit that I preferred this book compared to the Brides series! I wanted a lengthier story like the other couples in the series but I've grown contented with the fact that though this was rather short, Nora Roberts still managed to make me fall in love.

The Macgregors are stunning and bloody attractive- how can one resist, aye? I'm also pretty sure that it took me longer to set this one down due to my unnecessary pauses to take a breather because it was just too much to take I'm like always 'hot damn these gene pools'.

The MacGregor Grooms - All About Romance

And good gosh, these men are growing on trees and I want to look for the source to get a good glimpse of the other uncommitted Macgregor males! I am head over heels in love with DC A Campbell, bless him! These men have their own mood, habits and intriguing personality on how they pursue and face things that saunters their way. How do you handle these women, boys? Make no mistake, they can do a fine job of handling themselves!

My only request: Can they be actually real for me? I love this book. These are quick reads and entertaining if you like romance novels. There are three stories. I used to read a lot of romance novels as a teenager and remembered this author was always a solid read. I picked this up for a quick, fun, read and they worked well as a distraction for me. However, each of the main characters is problematic in the way they treat women by not respecting boundaries.

For example: So overall not terribly written stories but not good role models either. I would never actually date anyone who treated me the way that these three main characters treat their love interests.

Daniel MacGregor has decided it's time three of his grandsons get married and he's picked out the perfect women to be their wives. His godmother has another godchild, Layna Drake. She's running her family department store in D.

Duncan Blade runs a luxury gambling boat on the Mississippi. His intended grew up in the projects of South Chicago, but has an amazing voice she's using to improve her lot. Booked o Daniel MacGregor has decided it's time three of his grandsons get married and he's picked out the perfect women to be their wives. Booked on for 6 weeks as entertainment for his boat, they meet and fall. Ian MacGregor is a Boston lawyer in the family firm. His intended runs a venerable Boston bookstore, but she's just coming into her own, so Ian feels the need to go slow.

Helps to have read the MacGregor Brides. I love every book about MacGregors, especially Daniel, it's impossible not to love him! But 11 books later it started to lose its charms. I mean can they once prove Daniel wrong and fall in love with someone who was not his first choice?

For example a cousin of that person or I don't know Reverse psychology has never been so much fun! Daniel MacGregor and his old pal Myra work magic in bringing these two together.

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My only quibble is that the author seems to have forgotten D. John Fogarty and John Mellencamp would be more fitting for a slightly older man. Small thing, I know, but it was a distraction. Duncan Blade is a riverboat hotel owner. He is the son of Justin and Serena. Cat Farrell is the vibrant musical talent Duncan has hired for a six-week stint aboard The Comanche Princess.

There was little of his patented blaming of his wife for trying to fix the two up, and, the match-making itself was rushed.

Daniel MacGregor only thought this one out for about a week. As such, there was less of the humor I look for in a MacGregor book.

Ian MacGregor is a lawyer who works with his parents Caine and Diana. By the time his grandfather and father call him a pinhead for not asserting himself strongly enough, the reader will be laughing out loud, and rooting for Naomi to show her newly-discovered feminine power.

Ian was just a tad too perfect for me to rate the story higher. While that worked in the context of the romance, it was less than believable. This story earned a B. I love Daniel and look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

I hope they have as much of Daniel as D. Roberts writes this extended family so well, and the cousins egg each other on in a delightful manner. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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