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The Magic Thief: Home, the fourth book in the acclaimed Magic Thief series finds new Thief-turned-wizard Connwaer has earned the reputation as one of the. Discover the fantasy and wonder of The Magic Thief, the first book in Sarah Prineas's acclaimed middle grade fantasy Book 1 of 3 in the Magic Thief Series . The Magic Thief (Book One) [Sarah Prineas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a city that runs on a dwindling supply of magic, a young.

The Magic Thief Book 1

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The Magic Thief is the first book in a children's fantasy trilogy published by HarperCollins in June Authored by American Sarah Prineas and illustrated by. The Magic Thief book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In a city that runs on a dwindling supply of magic, a young boy. The Magic Thief (Magic Thief, #1), Lost (Magic Thief, #2), Found (Magic Thief, #3) , The Magic Thief: A The fourth book in the acclaimed Magic Thief seri.

Rate this book. In a city that runs on a dwindling supply of magic, a young boy is drawn into a life of wizardry and adventure. Conn should have dropped dead the day he picked Nevery's pocket and touched the wizard's locus magicalicus, a stone used to focus magic and work spells. But for some reason he did not. Nevery finds that interesting, and he takes Conn as his apprentice on the provision that the boy find a locus stone of his own.

Nevery plans on working on resolving the magical crisis from his home. Meanwhile, Conn gets started organizing and cleaning the residence. One day, Conn and Benet go into the city to buy cooking supplies. Nevery also gives Conn some money to purchase new clothes to replace his rags.

Conn is thrilled with his new ensemble, and it is clear how much better he feels having basic human needs like food, shelter, and clothes. Nevery then requests that he perform a spell on Conn that will transform him into a creature in accordance with his own nature. Conn is transformed into a black cat and sent to spy on the magisters--the council of wizards--in order to find out what they are saying about the magical crisis. Conn fails the first time he goes to the meeting, but the second time he gains entrance and hears that they hope to appoint Nevery as their leader in order to help solve the problem.

When Conn returns with this information, he is confronted with the fact that Nevery does not actually believe Conn is his apprentice, but merely his servant. Conn is heartbroken, causing Nevery to eventually change his mind and allow Conn to officially become his student. Yet, if Conn is truly to become an apprentice, he must find his own locus magicalicus.

When Conn is presented before the magisters, they tell him he can only become an apprentice if he finds a locus magicalicus within the next 30 days.

Conn immediately begins the hunt for his locus stone, which proves to be an immense struggle. Due to the fact that Conn cannot read, he starts school at the academicos, where is paired with a girl named Rowan as his tutor. Conn catches on to reading extremely quickly.

Despite excelling in school, Conn is more focused on finding his locus magicalicus. At the academicos, Conn becomes proficient enough in reading so that he is allowed to join regular apprentice classes.

Yet, as the days remaining to find his locus magicalicus dwindle, Conn decides to stop attending school. Instead of going to the academicos, he spends his days wandering the streets of the Twilight in search of some sign of his stone.

He has a frightening encounter with Pettivox, who Nevery continues to believe is good. Meanwhile, Nevery hires Keeston as his secretary to help him with his research. On the final day left to find his stone, Conn heads into the affluent area of Wellmet, known as the Sunrise.

Finally, he heads to the Dawn Palace, where the Duchess resides. He finds that a lavish party is being hosted. Through the window, he sees a brilliant jewel and instantly covets it. Conn waits until the party has disbanded and sneaks into the palace to steal the stone.

He is caught by the guards, and when he wakes up, he is in an interrogation room. The palace guards give him a truth serum called philster that makes him realize that he was trying to steal the stone because it is his locus magicalicus. Nevery arrives, having heard that Conn has been captured.

He works with the duchess to organize a test in which Conn will have to prove the coveted jewel is actually his locus magicalicus. Conn is able to prove that the stone is his by finding it in a large room without any hints or indication. In the following days, Conn revels in the acquisition of his stone, though he is unsure why such a grand object came to him.

The Duchess requests a meeting with him in which she offers him the position of court magister. Conn is suspicious of this offer, especially because Pettivox is her current advisor. Keeston gets away unharmed, which leaves the others suspicious. Benet is hired muscle with a talent for knitting and baking. The house Nevery left behind, Heartsease , is falling to pieces. Lady is the cat. It runs on magic and is ruled by Willa Forestall, the Duchess of Wellmet , who is based in the Dawn Palace in the well-off Sunrise neighborhood.

Captain Kerrn , Farn , Jas , and Merik are guards. Wellmet Academics is… …headquartered on the islands which are the homes of the magisters , wizards, if you will. Magister Brumbee is the Master Wizard of the academy and is part of the council along with Periwinkle , Sandera , Pettivox who is also the court liaison, and Trammel , who appears to have some skill with healing.

Underlord Crowe is the crime lord of Wellmet with headquarters in Dusk House which is in the Twilight neighborhood of factories, warehouses, and the poor. A locus magicalicus enables a wizard to focus magic and work spells. Slowsilver restrains magic, so a wizard can examine it. Embero is a dangerous spell. Micnu wrote a paper explaining how magic is created; he and Carron have written about magical nodes.

The center, inside its round, gold frame is a graphic of Nevery and Conn, using his street skills along with his locus magicalicus.

On the left of the cover, just below the pivot of the conjoined frames is the leaf-shaped green and gleaming locus magicalicus. The title could go two ways, for there are indeed two thieves, and The Magic Thief could be the thief being reformed or the thief being born. Sep 14, Jasmine rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I have read.

Actually interesting. Feb 22, Abby rated it really liked it Shelves: Plot Summary: The city of Wellmet is losing its magic and no one can seem to figure out why. It is up to a previously exiled wizard named Nevery and a young thief named Connwaer, to save the town from its untimely demise.

He also helps Nevery solve the mystery behind the lost magic. Main Characters: He is a Plot Summary: He has a strong will and does not lie. He is also eager to learn, and will not be entered into servitude. Nevery is an old wizard, who 20 years prior, was exiled from Wellmet because he blew up his house and part of the palace. He is a bit of an ornery older man, who walks with a cane and believes that things are not always how they look.

Even though he is hired more as a body guard, we find out that he also has excellent cooking and knitting skills.

Key Issues: Fantasy, Magic, Good vs. Evil, Changing your Destiny Other Interesting information: The reason that I gave this book four out of five stars was that I really did the novel, it had an interesting, page turning plot line, and the characters were funny.

The book was a little slow going on the plot, but I would definitely want this book in my classroom, and would recommend it to others. View all 3 comments. Oct 08, Lucy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Conn is a thief--a pickpocket, lockpick and gutterboy.

Living in the Twilight, the seedy district of the magical city of Wellmet, there's not much else he could be. But when he picks the pocket of the wizard Nevery and comes out with Nevery's locus magicalicus, he's stolen more than he expected. Nevery expects Conn to be dead--and fast--but when Conn doesn't die, Nevery decides to keep him around--just for a little while.

Just until he figures out why not. While Nevery may think that Conn is his s Conn is a thief--a pickpocket, lockpick and gutterboy. While Nevery may think that Conn is his servant, Conn knows that he's really Nevery's apprentice--and that he is meant to be a wizard. But there are a few obstacles standing between Conn and his plans. He has to find his own locus magicalicus within thirty days, or he's out.

And between going to school for the first time and trying to help Nevery solve the dangerously low level of magic in Wellmet, Conn is running out of time. This book is. Conn is utterly, ridiculously, wonderfully likeable.

That's the first thing. Once you start reading his first-person narrative, you don't want to stop. And Prineas's fascinating magic system is clever. Best of all, Wellmet is a fully realized city in a fully realized world--and even as Conn only sees bits and pieces of it, we pick it up on the periphery of his vision--kind of like the way we learned about Lyra's Oxford in The Golden Compass.

This book is the real deal. An honest to goodness great adventure, a feel-good fantasy read that you won't be able to stop reading and will be sorry once the book is over. Lucky for us, it's the first in a trilogy.

The Magic Thief Summary & Study Guide

Get to it. You will not regret it. Feb 19, Bette rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked this book a lot. There is a wizard school, for instance, but the focus of the book on schooling isn't nearly as prominent as in Harry Potter.

But overall, Prineas succeeds in creating a unique alternative fantasy world with an engaging protagonist. The main character, Conn, is a clever pickpocket and lock picker.

He is "nosy," according to the wizard, Nevery, but it's his curiosity that leads him to solve the mystery of why the a I liked this book a lot. He is "nosy," according to the wizard, Nevery, but it's his curiosity that leads him to solve the mystery of why the ambient magic in Wellmet is disappearing. Benet, the "muscle," reminds me a little of Butler in "Artemis Fowl"; Benet seems to be just muscle at first, but he turns out to have a good heart, as does Nevery. The relationship among the 3 grows as the story progresses.

The story-telling technique is inventive. It consists of Conn's first-person narrative interrupted periodically by Nevery's diary entries. This allows for humor since Conn at first thinks he's Nevery's apprentice, while Nevery keeps calling him a servant in his diary.

There is actually quite a bit of humor in the book. Conn keeps eating Nevery out of house and home, i. My only objection to the book is that I found the magical language awkward.

I kept having to stop to figure out how to pronounce the words for spells and magical objects, and they didn't seem to have a rhyme or reason, unlike Rowling's, which are Latin-based. Plus the spells themselves are very unwieldy.

They are just a lot of letters strung together. But overall, I enjoyed the book a lot and would read the rest of the trilogy. It's a good addition to the fantasy of childre's fantasy lit. May 11, colleen the convivial curmudgeon rated it liked it Shelves: The wizard, intrigued, takes the boy in and the boy just happens to turn out to be a sort of chosen one figure. The characters were ok, though, again, fairly typical, but my biggest issue was the way Conn, raised poor and uneducated, was naturally good at everything.

He learns to read in about a day, and can memorize complicated spells after hearing them twice. As for 2. As for interactions, everyone sort of jumped to conclusions, and no one listened to anyone else.

I guess, in a way, it makes sense for people to not listen to an untrained boy who used to be a thief but, still, it was annoying when Nevery knew something was going on, but refused to listen to Conn's ideas.

Also, the writing was a bit meh. Very sort of clipped: Step step tap. Old man, I thought. A bet, bearded, clock-wearing old croakety croak leaning on a cane. Climbing the steep street toward me. Muttering to himself. His purse, I decided, would be paying for my dinner, though he didn't know it yet. The story alternates between Conn's first person narration, and Nevery's journal, but both are written in a very clipped, matter-of-fact kind of style.

But, for all that, it was a quick read, and rather fun, for all its flaws.

Feb 08, Hallie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Hallie by: This one just felt right from the beginning and continued to hit me the right way throughout. It's a bit younger than I normally read, but the fact that I never felt the least bit less enjoyment from it says a lot.

It's extraordinary because if you set up the plot it sounds very, very old. Young boy, underdog of the first order orphan, "gutterboy", pick-pocket , taken up, reluctantly, by an older wizard - a grumpy and often distracted one who ultimately comes to care for the boy. I almost could This one just felt right from the beginning and continued to hit me the right way throughout. I almost could see Nevery saying "Fool of a Took!

And big threat to the city through loss of its magic which only the boy can figure out in time to save the day, using his magical talents and left-over thieving skills. Conn is one of the best characters I've encountered in a long time, and the super-restrained presentation of his real pain ends up being very effective. The magic was fun too, and all three of the male main characters being men of few words worked too.

Lest it should seem that only the boys have any interesting parts, it's not the case! The ruler of Wellmet is a woman, and her daughter Rowan is another great character. That said, after Conn, my favourite is probably Benet, hired as a thug, pretty much, but a knitting, cooking sweetie.

Not that I'd say it to his face. Finally - it's got runes for deciphering. I'd have loved them as a child and I still love them now. And the messages at the bottom of Nevery's journal are so much fun it's a nice touch.

Mar 25, Charlyn rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The story is told in first person by Conn, the thief; through the journal of Mevery, the wizard; and in correspondence to and from him.

The Magic Thief Summary & Study Guide

Conn has forever been a thief, but when he steals a wizard's magic stone and nothing happens, the wizard takes an interest in the boy. Conn becomes Nevery's apprentice, an uneasy assignment for both the boy and his master.

To be an apprentice and accepted by the council of wizards, Conn must first find his own magic stone, not an easy task. When Nevery is asked The story is told in first person by Conn, the thief; through the journal of Mevery, the wizard; and in correspondence to and from him.

When Nevery is asked to find the reason for the city of Wellmet's loss of magic, Conn attempts to help the wizard, only to realize that he himself is in danger.

Phineas has created a magical city and a cast of characters with sharp personalities. Conn is a completely honest thief, a hero with a tarnished past. At the academicos, he strikes up relationships with two students who each surprise the reader with who they are and what they become. Children will want to know more about Conn, Rowan, Benet, and Nevery. Aug 10, Pallavi Sharma rated it really liked it Shelves: What i really appreciate in this book is "Very less Characters", compared to some other fantasy books.

Conn, who lives on the streets and is a thief accidentally steals from a wizard. A wizard, who is the best among his profession. And Conn begins his journey to be a wizard. Magic thief tells a tale of a thief who wants to be a wizard and who catches another thief who wants to steal magic from the city.. Magic lives in the city u see!! First in the series, this book somewhat resembles the InkWorld What i really appreciate in this book is "Very less Characters", compared to some other fantasy books.

First in the series, this book somewhat resembles the InkWorld series, but lots of magic and i loved the world described here: Aug 29, Alice rated it liked it. One of my friends received this book as a gift from a friend years ago but no one ever read it. When my 9-year-old was sick this summer and his siblings were out of town I wanted to read aloud to him and decided to give this one a try.

We were both delightfully surprised. The story is fun and compelling and the writing is decent I was occasionally annoyed by the clunky style, but that may have been mostly because I was reading it aloud. It is a bit of a Harry Potter rip off, but that's OK Dec 08, Devin Ames rated it liked it. Conn is a young pick-pocket and a thief, who is growing up alone on the streets of Twilight, dirty, in thread-bare clothes, just trying to stay alive.

He picks the pocket of a wizard named Nevery and takes his locus magicalicus, a stone that focuses the magic of wizards. Each wizard has their own, unique locus magicalicus.

Surprisingly, he lives after touching the stone. Nevery is fascinated, and decides to find out why. He takes the boy home with him to serve as his apprentice.

As he learns about magic from Nevery and searches for his own locus magicalicus, he becomes suspicious of other wizards that he meets. In a city that runs on a dwindling supply of magic, a young boy is drawn into a life of wizardry and adventure.

The Magic Thief

But for some reason he did not. Nevery finds that interesting, and he takes Conn as his apprentice on the provision that the boy find a locus stone of his own. His master, Nevery, warns him that it could all blow up in his face. Besides, they have bigger problems to deal with.

Magic Thief Series

But Conn is drawn to the murmurs he hears every time he sets off an explosion—something is trying to talk to him, to warn him. When none of the wizards listen, Conn takes matters into his own hands.

Luckily, Conn is both! His home is a pile of rubble since he blew it up doing magic. His master, the wizard Nevery, is not happy with him. But Wellmet is in danger from an evil predator coming to destroy the city, and Conn must set off on a quest to fight it. Suddenly, a huge shadow looms over him and he is swept away by something more awesome than his wildest imaginings.

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