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TRANSISTOR AS A SWITCH. - Saturation. LEARNING OBJECTIVES. At the completion of this experiment, you will be able to: Understand the importance of . Transistor switches. • Can use load line to show how transistor behaves as a switch. • When no base current flows, no collector current flows. ∴transistor is said. Transistor as a Switch is a very important and useful application of transistors. Transistor works in Saturation and Cutoff regions when it works as switch.

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Electronics Tutorial about the Transistor as a Switch and using the Transistor as a Switch to operate relays, motors, lamps and other such loads. Following our study of amplifiers, we turn to the use of the BJT as a switch, a fundamental element of a digital logic circuit. Single transistor switches are useful as. Abstract: Understanding the application of a bipolar Junction transistor or BJT as a switch requiers understanding the general working.

As one of the significant semiconductor devices, transistor has found use in enormous electronic applications such as embedded systems, digital circuits and control systems. In both digital and analog domains transistors are extensively used for different application usage like amplification, logic operations, switching and so on. This article mainly concentrates and gives a brief explanation of transistor application as a switch. Almost in many of the applications these transistors are used for two basic functions such as switching and amplification. The name bipolar indicates that two types of charge carriers are involved in the working of a BJT. These two charge carriers are holes and electrons where holes are positive charge carriers and electrons are negative charge carriers. The transistor has three regions, namely base, emitter and collector.


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