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Each issue will have a variant cover […]. By Kevin Gregory Apr 15, Reviews. You may be wondering why. Why take a look at this oft-reviled comic? Why resurrect the worst time period of the Ultimate Marvel experience? Why would you do this to me?! Multiversity Comics also turns 10 this year so […].

It should be up on iTunes, Stitcher, and […]. By Elias Rosner Apr 10, Columns. There are a lot of comics out there, but some stand out head and shoulders above the pack. Viz has recently changed their release format, but our format will mostly remain the same. We will still review the newest chapters of two titles a week, now with even more options at our disposal. The big change […]. By Matt Garza Apr 10, Columns.

Each week, we scour the internet for artwork sourced from the blogs, tumblrs, twitters, and instagrams of the best comic book and manga artists out there and curate them here for your viewing pleasure. This week, Matt Garza picks his favorite pieces. Enjoy and make […].

By Brian Salvatore Apr 10, Longform. Even those of us far past puberty can relate to the idea of leaving behind the restraints of childhood for the unbridled power and freedom of being able to fly. By Brian Salvatore Feb 19, Longform.

Bleeding Cool has been reporting lately that DC is looking to bring its number of comics published each month down. In December, they published just 52 single issues yes, really — 52 , their lowest number since While this is an anomaly caused by not shipping their standard fourth week titles due to Christmas, DC […]. By Kevin Gregory Apr 9, Interviews.

Robert Venditti has quite a few projects coming out at DC Comics at the moment, all dealing with history in unique ways. By Kevin Gregory Apr 8, Interviews.

This interview first appeared Saturday, April 6th, , on the most recent episode of the Make Mine Multiversity podcast, which you can find here. Writer Jeremy Whitley is in his second volume now with the new Wasp in the Marvel Universe, Nadia van Dyne telling stories about science, empowerment, mental illness, hope, and so many […].

By Kevin Gregory Apr 2, Interviews. Granny […]. By Kevin Gregory Apr 1, Interviews. At C2E2 we had the opportunity to sit down […]. By Michael Mazzacane Apr 3, Annotations. I will be using the seven core trade paperbacks that collect issues and the various one shots for a total of 27 issues overall.

Star Wars Omnibus Vol. 1 – 35 (Collection) (2006-2015)

In […]. By Elias Rosner Apr 3, Annotations. A comedy ends with a wedding, a tragedy in death. But what happens when the story begins in Hel and ends with Marriage and a return to life? Welcome one and all to the column fit to hold the hammer. Welcome to the column that follows the moniker of Thor.

Welcome back. By Matt Lune Apr 2, Annotations.

Multiversity Comics

The Fantastic Four! This month: Galactus gets turned into a battery, Reed Richards gets turned into a frosty bedsheet, and Doctor Doom lets it all hang out. By Vince Ostrowski Apr 10, Television. Amazon Prime may have dumped the entire series out to us all at once, but this column will be coming out once a week, covering one episode a week, until we reach the end of the season.

By Kate Kosturski Apr 10, Television. Welcome to the Umbrella Academy. The Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba series comes to Netflix, introducing the world to the eccentric Richard Hargreeves and his superpowered progeny, who themselves have become less than superpowered adults.

The more Vanya learns about herself, the more […]. By Chris Thompson Jul 8, Podcasts. Navigating […]. By Paul Lai Nov 6, Longform.

The Snoopy Industrial Complex, perennially active, has kicked into high gear, circulating the newly-3D Charlie Brown and the Gang on Fox NFL Sunday, big box store ads, and all over social media in the form of Peanutized avatars of every […]. Continuing our coverage of Hellboy turning 20 years old today, we have a Countdown in which some of our Mignolaversity staff chooses their five favorite moments from his history.

The lads celebrate episodes by finally talking about a creator never before mentioned on the show: Mike Mignola! After 23 years and 66 issues in […]. Spin-Offs Are Safe: Exclusive Preview: Wrapping Wednesday: Robots From Tomorrow: The Rundown: Saturday Morning Panels: Marveling at the Movies Season 4: Star Wars: Reader Poll.

Reader Poll: Pick of the Week: The DC3cast, Episode This Week in Shonen Jump: Art of the Week: By Brian Salvatore Feb 19, Longform Bleeding Cool has been reporting lately that DC is looking to bring its number of comics published each month down. C2E2 Postal Notes: From the Files of the Baxter Building 7: Think Quick! Locked content Food Trails. Locked content Lonely Planet's Beautiful World.

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