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Tim. Hi. I'm Tim and this is my Pronunciation workshop. Here I'm going to show you how. English is really spoken. Come on, let's go inside. You know, I've been . PDF | The American English pronunciation is in great demand, especially for International Business situations. Indians learnt to speak English. CET Pronunciation Workshop 1-page pdf Good pronunciation requires good listening: The Echo Method.

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PRONUNCIATION WORKSHOP. Below are 4 guidelines for teaching pronunciation and 4 Methods you can use with your student to help them improve . 1). Download for free Pronunciation Workshop - Speaking English with an American Accent - Paul Gruber Video Audio. категория: обучающие видео аудио курсы , Pronunciation Workshop. автор (author): формат (format): PDF, WAVE, AVI. Tim. Hi. I'm Tim and this is my Pronunciation workshop. Here I'm going to show you how. English is really spoken. Are you ready? Come on, let's go inside. Wow.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Pronunciation training: Marcus Perlman. Stephanie Bigler. Trevor Chen.

I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. Stevenson University. ELC No part of this manual may be publicly distributed, presented, duplicated or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the expressed written consent of the publisher.

You should further understand that text, images, sounds, video clips, and other multimedia items included in the PronunciationWorkshop. You agree to be wholly liable for any dissemination of such materials and realize that your computer and other possessions may be seized by law enforcement officials. A message from Paul Gruber: I am the victim of your unlawful act and you are significantly hurting my business.

It is only through the sales of my course that I am able to sustain my company and continue to help others. Please visit to purchase your legal and licensed version of our accent and pronunciation training program. Three years ago when I came to live in the USA permanently, everything changed! I kept hearing things like "Oh what a lovely accent!

Where are you from? I got tired of hearing these comments quickly and tried to correct my speaking, unfortunately with poor results. I encourage anyone in Russia or any Slavonic language country who is thinking seriously about finding a good job on an international level, studying or conducting business to consider this course.

My observation is that no one abroad will care too much to understand you.

(PDF) Pronunciation training: the role of eye and ear | Marcus Perlman and Slim Ouni -

It is your concern to make yourself understandable if you want to succeed. This program is "very, very, very rewarding"! Communication skills are extremely important for me and I am grateful for your English improvement program. Russia is my native country and now I am living in Minnesota. The Pronunciation Workshop Course was so very helpful and I really appreciate how convenient and easy it is!

I grew to love the Pronunciation Workshop Program! I have finally corrected my "hopeless" accent that I have had for decades. You have a way of breaking down the long and difficult sounds of English into small manageable parts. Your Live Training has been extremely productive and it has tremendously increased my confidence with my work.

Thank you for your help. People around me have recognized the improvements with my English! This is the best program I have ever seen. I think that many foreign speaking people would benefit from this course if they only knew about it. I am a Medical Doctor from Kazakhstan, immigrated to Canada 4 years ago and decided to confirm my medical diploma. I was involved with many different preparation courses where I saw how foreign speaking people were struggling with their English Pronunciation.

I found the course to be extremely helpful to me. Working with the challenging sounds and in seeing my progress I think your training is just great!

Thank you so much for making such an amazing course! I do not usually like to publicize my photo, but I am happy to do so if it would encourage more people to try this excellent course which can really make a difference in their lives.

Many other programs I bought have shown pronunciation; however, they were unable to teach me how to produce the correct sounds. I have been looking for good pronunciation teaching material for years and have never seen anything even close to this before. For the first time in years, your videos made me aware of exactly where my problems were and how to correct them.

I just want to thank you for your wonderful Pronunciation Workshop Video Course which has helped me so much. I wish I had known about your program years earlier. You have surpassed my expectations for sure! The live training that I had with Pronunciation Workshop was amazing. They demonstrated to me how experienced they are at detecting pronunciation problems.

The training is fun and I really look forward to the next ones. The Pronunciation Workshop Course gave me my life back. Thank you so much for helping me in such a profound way. I have been through a lot in my life.

Complete_Training_Manual.pdf - 20th Anniversary Edition...

On February 22, , I was inside of a Michael's Craft Store when an elderly woman drove her car through the front window, into the store and ran me over, dragging me across the store and pinning me under her car. I sustained a severe brain injury and other injuries. I suffered from aphasia, dysarthria, memory problems, and had great difficulty speaking and being understood.

I thought my life was over. Then, I was introduced to your Pronunciation Workshop Course through a local school. I found by helping foreign students with their speech and pronunciation, I was helping myself improve even more. Today, I am doing a lot better and I cannot thank you enough.

Please share my story with others. Even though we have never met in person, I want everyone to know how you helped me. I hope you share my story with others. God bless you and take care. Thank you so very much for giving me much confidence when I speak in English!

The more I study your program, the more I enjoy the way you teach. It is simple, easy and very effective! I believe that your program is extremely helpful for the USMLE Step 2, Clinical Skills Assessment, which requires that examinees speak clear English and have very effective communication skills during the patient encounter. I am going to recommend that my sister use your program to improve her English as well.

Thank you again and have a great day! Your skill in coaching proper English pronunciation has enabled me to perform better as a physician. In addition, your excellent medical vocabulary has truly helped in communicating with my patients and colleagues. I wanted to genuinely express my gratitude to you for being such a wonderful "pronunciation" teacher and by helping so many people motivated to master the English language.

The changes in my pronunciation worked!!! Thanks to you guys, you made it so much easier for me. I suppose all the extemporaneous speaking helped while interacting with my patients. I just wanted you to know that I am really happy and glad with my results and to say thank you! I am so grateful that someone out there has cared enough to pour his heart onto those videos and help so many people to be better understood.

In an unbelievable short span of time, I am now always understood by patients and coworkers. There were big variances in my accent which I perceived, but did not know how to rectify. There were also many other pronunciation issues that I never recognized. Paul, you are the best! Gruber is one of the most highly-skilled specialists I have ever worked with.

Apogee Physicians has had a long standing history with Pronunciation Workshop as Mr. Gruber has assisted many foreign-born doctors with communication concerns. Gruber for the past number of years. I have personally seen him guide International Medical Graduates, who are seeking to secure a residency in the United States, overcome major accent issues and cultural hindrances. Paul Gruber has been a consistent trainer, and has shouldered all the responsibilities of securing a successful outcome for Apogee Hospitalists in the area of accent reduction, and he does this all with a pleasant smile and an optimistic demeanor.

Besides being a high-spirited teacher, Paul has been phenomenal in giving the doctors innovative tools in order to achieve professional excellence in their work environment and confident social skills. Paul Gruber and his company have been an asset to the retention department of Apogee by insuring that international doctors who struggled with conversation or articulation were given the necessary skill sets to overcome accent issues.

I highly recommend Paul Gruber and Pronunciation Workshop to any organization seeking to empower their employees with the necessary proficiency in the arena of communication and comprehension. I got my Step 2 CS results today and I passed it!!!

I know that if you would not have been there for me with your valuable advice and patience to improve, I would not have been able to make it. It is not only my hard work but yours too that made this exam come true. I got a higher performance in my Spoken English Proficiency. Thanks once again! This program is phenomenal.

I tried many different methods and Pronunciation Workshop is the best. The course is very well structured and presented in a logical manner. The material you presented is easy to understand and concentrates on the most critical points of my speech.

I think you easily recognize the areas any non-native speaker should concentrate on and you deliver results fast. Great course! Despite a busy life, I would advise internationally-practicing physicians to take this course. Paul has special skills to help with the most complex medical terminology and scientific language. I wish I would have taken it earlier! I took this course and it tremendously helped me with communication with patients and colleagues.

I also received a lot of compliments during conference presentations. Prior to taking this course, I contacted, screened, and interviewed several organizations for improvement of pronunciation, however this course is the most helpful and professionally designed program for a physician with an extremely busy-life in a private oncology practice. Thank you to Pronunciation Workshop! My pronunciation improved very quickly, I was prepared for my interviews, and I owe so much to him and his training!

I really found Pronunciation Workshop to be a great investment for myself. I gained so much more than I spent. I believe foreigners should start to work with your course right after arriving to USA before they learn the wrong methods. Thank you. I heartily recommend the Pronunciation Workshop Course for organizations that want quantifiable results.

It really made a difference for our employees and while we see a demonstrated improvement in their on-the-job communication skills, I also feel that the program gave them a life skill that they can take with them wherever they go. Eleven Japanese One of the magical realizations about speech is how speakers of English as a second language were bimodally seamlessly the ear instructs articulation.

Speech identification and production improved under difficult and visibly more prominent [2,3]. At first glance, both training methods and this learning transferred to the new imitating speech from sound alone seems much more words, although training with a view of the internal remarkable than the ability to imitate our visual observation articulators did not show an additional benefit.

We see a moving image of the several reasons why a difference between the two training action, and we then duplicate this action by tracking the methods might not have been observed. Participants were changing image. Putatively, imitating action is now better trained in both conditions, two of the three training stimuli understood with the discovery of mirror neurons. A mirror had a ceiling effect, and the amount of training was relatively neuron fires both when an animal performs an action and short.

Given these methodological limitations, it would be when the animal observes the same action performed by premature to conclude that views of the internal articulatory another animal [4]. Mirror neurons could serve as basis for movement do not benefit language learning, and this the imitation of movement and therefore learning specific observation serves as another motivation for the current study.

Imitation appears to be a natural act for our movements in 1. Current Study the visual world because we have an image of the movements and therefore simply have to move our effectors to mimic the The specific question in the current study involved native gestures in the image.

One member of the pair is basically see an obvious isomorphism between what we hear and what identical to a segment in English and the other member is we speak. However, this difference between the two similar but does not occur in English. In both cases, we psychoacoustic properties, and their visual mouth movements have to substitute our own actions for sensory, perceptual, and are relatively more distinctive.

Procedure the segments during the training period will facilitate learning to perceive and produce these segments. We made close-up Sixteen students recruited from the University of movies of our animated talker, Bao [11], whose articulation California, Santa Cruz were tested in the design shown in was specifically modeled on a real speaker.

Table 1. For example, when able to watch a frontal view of the animated talker, participants might be more likely to physically practice pronunciation in coordination with the model. Given the sagittal view, they might even practice the gesture of a particular articulator, of which they might not otherwise be aware or only passively aware. To address this question, participants were videotaped during pronunciation training. Then the student is told Figure 1. Identification sections involved training.

In the Presentation section, one of the six items was highlighted and Timo gave Imitation One of images is highlighted and the participants the pronunciation of the highlighted word, the item is named. The student is and then asked them to click on the corresponding highlighted instructed to repeat the name just written form.

If the word was responded to correctly initial said. If Elicitation One of images is highlighted and the word was responded to incorrectly, the response word was the student is asked to name it. In Identification, Timo gave the participants the pronunciation Table 1.

Description of the 6 sections in the training and of the highlighted word, and then asked them to click on the testing task taken from Timo Vocabulary [12]. As before, the student selected the appropriate word by clicking on it, and feedback was given as in the Presentation section.

Method For both sections, in the visual conditions, pronunciation This study involved the use of a recently-released feedback was illustrated with a visual presentation of the application, Timo Vocabulary, which provides 8 optional animated talker pronouncing the word in natural citation exercises to test and train language skills, such as vocabulary speech, either in a close-up frontal view in Mandarin or a and pronunciation [13].

The same testing and training sagittal view in Arabic see Figures 1 and 2. Next, explicit pronunciation training and testing followed Each trained and tested 6 words consisting of 3 minimal pairs in the Imitation and Elicitation sections, respectively.

The six words in Arabic were was highlighted and said by Timo with only auditory speech. The six words in In the subsequent Elicitation exercise, the participant was Mandarin were nuu, ni, yuu, yi, luu, and li. The spoken responses from these two exercises were recorded.

The whole session ended with a Post-Test, which was identical to the Pre-Test. For the Mandarin results, an analysis of variance was carried out with Experimental versus Control 4 subjects per group , Imitation vs.

Elicitation 2 levels, within , Consonant Context 3 levels, within , and Vowel 2 levels, within. Specifically, the Imitation advantage over maximum articulation of the vowel. The experimental design.

There was The experimental design involved the testing and training no significant difference among the Consonant environments, of both of the languages, as illustrated in Table 2. The speech for the Arabic inside view was slowed. Each subject each participated in two sessions, one in None of the possible 2-way and 3-way interactions were Arabic and one in Mandarin.

The order of the sessions was significant. In addition to performance data, we also analyzed the Subjects were video recorded as they participated in the video recordings to observe how learners interacted with each experiment, with the camera focused on their face to record type of training. In particular, this analysis focused on how pronunciation practice during the course of the experiment.

We wondered 3. Results whether they were more likely to initiate imitative practice in response to the audiovisual versus audio-only conditions in The Production results from only 8 of the 16 participants were the Mandarin experiment, as well as in the frontal versus analyzed, and the presented results must remain tentative.

The sagittal views compared in Arabic.

These included any articulatory We evaluated to what extent the training conditions movements of the mouth that were unambiguously an attempt influenced production learning to determine if the visible to practice the target distinctions; sometimes these speech condition shows a significant benefit.

Production movements were vocalized, sometimes they were not.

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