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We are very excited to offer this excerpt from Brandon Sanderson's fourth and latest Mistborn novel, The Alloy of Law, out November 8th from. The Alloy of Law: A Mistborn Novel (Mistborn series) by Brandon Sanderson. Read online, or download in DRM-free EPUB format. Mistborn RPG — Alloy of Law - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Mistborn RPG.

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The Alloy of Law: A Mistborn Novel. Home · The Alloy Physics: A Comprehensive Reference Experiments on the Electrical Conduction of a Hydrogen Alloy. Alloy of Law is a core supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game, letting Magic of The Alloy of Law era, including updates for all three Metallic Arts and rules. Brandon Sanderson – The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1) (epub, Brandon Sanderson – The Alloy of Law (Mistborn: The Alloy Era, #1) (epub.

Title Thoughts: The Alloy Era, 1 epub, 1,KB. Brandon Sanderson — Shadows of Self Mistborn: The Alloy Era, 2 epub, 3. The Alloy Era, 3 epub, 3. I love this series so much but never made it available to you guys.

Printed in the U. A World Transformed. Start with the Crew. Devise a Concept. Answer 10 Beliefs. Define Your Strengths. Fill In The Details. Improving Alloy Heroes. The Dust-Eaters. Guns and Gunplay. Building Alloy Heroes. Gunsmithing Stunts. Telling Alloy Stories. Those Who Leave. Technological Tales. Magic of the Alloy Era.

The Elendel Basin. Belief and Worship. Secrets of the Alloy of Law. The Roughs. Rogues Gallery. Heroes of The Alloy of Law. Stranger Frontiers. History and Society. Edited and annotated by Handerwym. I was elevated.

Fortunately for me.

The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson (ebook)

Fear not. These lands of adventure and danger are my natural habitat. I found dried blood. The hulking koloss were older ones. Surely I had weathered far worse. My cavern was on the wall of a small canyon. This was not nearly as bad as when I had found myself sinking in the ocean.

The cavern was shallow. Had I not in so doing main- tained the loyalty of the entire koloss clan? Each time. My enclosure was a natural cavern of some sort. Across from me. I edged to the front of the cavern and looked out.

I would not be escaping in that direction. I groaned and rolled to my knees in the darkened chamber. My vi- sion shook and took time to recover.

One wonders if Jak ever stops to read his accounts after their publication. At this point. If you have this concern. If I were to spend too long in the safe and mundane environment of milky Elendel. Jak writes that it was a bust of the Lord Mistborn. As I had guessed from the slight chill to the air. I had defeated him with a bullet through the eye. What had happened to me?

I remembered my contest with the koloss chal- lenger — a brute sized like a steamrail engine. See episode twenty-six. I fear I would wilt away. Perhaps my situation was not as ideal as I had decided upon my first assess- ment. An Allomancer without metal.

But neither could I simply wait. I gave little thought to how I had reached this dire location. They had also taken my vials of metal. They sat around their smoldering fire. Who knew what kind of trouble the fair Elizandra might be in at this point? I had burned the last to steady my hands and eyes as I took the perfect shot at the koloss challenger to my throne. I had lost the pouch!

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I made a note to myself to speak with Ranette about her heel contraption and its tendency to open unexpectedly.

Those — though of no small measure — might not be enough. My system was clean of it. I had no idea what might have happened to her. The mind of a gentleman adventurer needs to retain clarity at all times. It had been a very long day. Perhaps they wanted to see if those contained whiskey. It is a matter which I have regarded with some interest. I was left with only my own wits as a tool. I needed metal.

The bed the koloss provided. Miss Dramali. Curse that woman and her headstrong ways. If you have harmed one hair upon her ever-beauteous scalp. I surely could not survive an attempt to climb down.

Perhaps dens of thieves do not count as places where a clear mind is required? By mis- fortune. Some Roughs Allomancers do store their metals in such solutions. I peeked out of my cavern and saw that the rocks below hid a small stream I had not seen earlier.

It was an unlikely chance. I knelt down and began to lick the wall. I did so. That said.

I began to feel about the cavern. Even cassiter- ite. I heard two things with my tin-enhanced ears. With my tongue. Honesty is my greatest virtue. I have found from my infrequent trips to Elendel that I am regarded with a somewhat heroic reputation.

I found it on the ground of the camp following his second capture. I discovered it only by touch. The first was the tinkling of water. I would do so. The Survivor is pleased by your ingenuity. I do value my reputation. The other thing I heard was a strange scratching. But in order to survive in the Roughs.

This activity gave me very little tin to burn. But Jak is being truthful about having lost his pouch of tin. My research indicates that one is highly unlikely to find pure tin exposed in this way inside of a natural cave formation. I looked up.

Could it be? I would not ever wish to look foolish before you. I offer you the truth of what needed to happen next. Almost invisible. I must assure you. Savages though they are. It was her. Do the koloss have a secret passage somewhere.

He put a hand on my shoulder and said. I am proud to count a savage as my friend. I dared not explain just how insulting he was being. You must escape.

Why was I taken captive again? Had I not earned the loyalty of the koloss clan. Upon 15 doing this edit. I will repeat what I said there: I did not see. The koloss have not harmed her? I wished several times to be similarly afflicted. I was not only concerned for the safety of my dear Elizandra. Never mind that the Faceless Immortals are a mythological feature of the Path. I suspect Jak was hallucinating through this entire section. I defeated the challenger! Many ko- loss clans see killing at a distance with guns to be a sign of weakness.

It is not the way of the Survivor. I did leap from my cavern prison into the rising waters of the river. I was certain that my time had come. It often strikes me that I wish I could find these people and discover to whom they sold the contents of their skulls. As you may recall. I needed a way out. There was no secret passage — instead. I looked out again. This started me thinking. The contents of this letter are dreadful.

I trust this message finds you well. As if. If you must read on. I spotted distinctive lines on the canyon walls — water lines. I glanced down at the trickle of water in the canyon floor below. I surely would have taken it. I sealed it in the special.

Their keen regard for my personal annotations proves them to be of a superior taste and intellect. Just as they worried at the end of the other three hundred episodes. If I had been presented with any other option. I personally much prefer the audience of the bound volumes. I waited nervously for the right moment to enter the river. My avenue of escape was soon to come! The waters of a Roughs-style flash-flood are danger- ous.

As I had noticed. I hurled myself into the risen waters below.

I must severely advise any reading against this kind of activity unless presented with the most dire of circumstances. More likely.

As rain began to fall on the canyon itself. I am left to wonder why these extreme events never happen in my presence. The waters churned around me like a stampede. I deemed it better to let them drag me where they wished. Perhaps I would be placed back in my cavern prison. The beasts hauled me. Not without my guns and without metal. They dragged me past the trees and around the watering hole.

The sides were all of stone. Jak is also under the impression that koloss looks better with an excla- mation point in the center. I had never come to this location before — indeed. I managed to steer myself around the most deadly of rocks and survive as the waters of my small tributary merged with the greater waters of the Rancid.

I found this curious. There were six of them. I realized that the pool was shaped vaguely like a spearhead. No sooner was I free. One must travel with the current. I flopped to the bank of the river. For my own sanity. I had experience with surviving waters of this nature.

They did not speak to me in their brutal tongue. With strength of arm. From whence. I did manage to snip sixteen super- fluous commas from this page.

I have removed these. I left a trail of water in the dust. I had been captured again. I could see how a weary traveler — reaching this location — might mistake them for such.

Incredible as it seems. I did not see them until my wet form was dragged across the stones nearest to the pool. My guards deposited me before the ancients. The koloss do not speak of it to anyone. These would continue to grow. The patterns do look like footprints.

I take this as proof that Harmony watches over all of us. This was obviously a holy place for them. In ancient times. But here.

This was it! Though not true footprints. The place was accoutred with koloss tattoo designs traced on the rocks and had their leatherwork wrapping some of the tree trunks. The water my body dripped on the stones revealed a pattern in the rock not unlike that of a set of footprints leading into the oasis pool. This is not so much the case in the city where many of you live. If you have never seen a koloss ancient. I climbed to my knees. In modern days. Any who stumbled across this spot were murdered for having witnessed what they should not.

I have seen it myself. What did it say for my future that they had brought me here? The invented story of the Survivor himself — bleeding from his spear wound and stopping here to drink — made sense. If you travel long in the Roughs. Some were so ancient that they had burst their skin completely. Could this be it? Had I found it at long last? Their immensity of size is only matched by the strangeness of their features. Most ko- loss die of heart attacks before reaching this state. The process is terrible.

Koloss are made. Please note that what Jak is saying here is. I had heard such statements before. The ancients are right. I did try to explain this to Jak on several occasions. So very wrong. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that I was wrong. Their barbarity exists inside of all of us. So I stood up. I realize that I dispar- aged them to you.

Sodden and dazed though I was. This creates a mystical transformation. Perhaps this was what dear Handerwym was trying to tell me. She no longer wore her dress. In the end. I considered them silly and fanciful. Koloss are people. To initiate a man into their ranks. Was this to be my final end? To live my life as a brute in a distant village. I have since learned the terrible truth. I turned and found Elizandra Dramali emerging from behind some trees nearby.

I would meet my fate head-on. I have seen the process with my own eyes. It would be much like dividing by a null set.

Koloss are not born.. It was either that or shoot myself. Everything I knew about this woman was a lie. The woman I had grown to love and cherish above all others. True as the ink on this page. I would make note. My mind is as keen as that of any human. She was a monster. My mother. I wish I did not have to write these words to you. But they are true. The woman who had somehow hidden her true nature from me all this time. She might have lied. I was born to koloss. Take that as you wish.

Elizandra was koloss-blooded. This lack of taste upon the part of the general public was one of the very reasons I left Elendel to travel the Roughs in the first place. Or for most adventurers. I stepped into her embrace. Not my fair. Clever use of powders and gloves have allowed me to hide what I am. You knew of this pool. I do not mourn her. I glanced at the gathered koloss. I had never been to the holy pool. If there was a way to distinguish the males from the females other than.

These children are generally human. I had no intention of ever joining them. In fact. Those who do not accept the transformation must leave and join human society. I might have given one at that moment. They would have freed you after three days. But she does seem to be fond of him. I would not let them take my mind as a youth — I will not allow it now! But to do so. By my estimation.

I have resisted this all of my life. From there. My crusty. They speak of this being my will. Each child is offered the choice to make the final transformation when they reach their twelfth year. This fate would be worse than death — it would be a death of the mind. I did not know it. Though I have gained a great respect for the koloss savages For some reason.

If you know Zandra. Their children are born with skin that ranges from blue to mottled grey. You will lose most of your self. I could not see it. But this kiss. Would an ordinary human be strong enough to do this? She confided in me she threatened to shoot him in the. I proclaimed. When she finished. For I will bring you the treasure of the Survivor! Though not an Allo- mancer. One of the ancients reached out a trembling. She had been so cold to- ward me at times that I was certain my affection would go unrequited.

As deep as the pool beside us. Their clapping stopped. For I am already one of you! As powerful as a bullet in flight. The passion in it warmed me. I spoke of the only thing that occurred to me. I wish I could tell you that bravery steered my lips that day.

I pulled back. If the legends were true. I was setting myself up for certain death. I would have to dive in and recover the treasure. Very little in life shocks me. I had no air. I felt the coldness of the water. My body was too weak. This thought gave me strength. Even my steel nerves gave way to trembling as my descent continued. I could not think. My wound threatened to overwhelm me. I worked again to lift the box. I am aware that he has quoted this poem six different times through the course of this narrative.

I have never wel- comed it as much as I did then. I went back and measured. Not daring to release my rock weight. Unfathomably 36 deep. My body was failing me as I plummeted toward unconsciousness. Flared tin brings clarity of mind. What was life down here?

My lungs burned like flared metals. Was it here? It was. I realized that I could never carry this up to the surface. I felt about me with one hand. It was useless! And then. I thought of Elizandra being turned into a koloss. With dismay. I dropped for what seemed like forever. It was deep. I know not. A strongbox? I tried to lift it. Opposite the sky you shall find it. I remembered the poem. I nearly let go of my rock. Dear readers. I knew that I would die in these unseen depths.

I knew that my vision was growing cloudy. If I reached the surface without the treasure. To be consumed by the blackness is itself a remarkable experience.. Something square and unnatural.

I hit the bottom. The darkness soon swallowed me. I picked the largest rock I could carry. A terrible pain struck my ears. The koloss started to clap again. At that moment. Was I to fail.

I breathed into it. I burst from the surface of the pool as my vision clouded again. She pulled back with me as they gathered around. They were losing the wars with those nearby. The view of her leather costume from beneath was not particularly proper.

I will express some regret to you. The koloss shouts first worried me. This will grow them by the dozens. It felt leathery. It is a true treasure to them. Inside were spikes. If a bag of air was all that was needed to raise the treasure. At that very moment. I reached into the water and grabbed the strongbox that floated underneath. I saw only a moment of light before darkness snatched me back.

It appeared that the two of us had been forgotten in the excitement. I travel not for wealth. I kicked off of the bottom. With these. I looked to Elizandra. I turned it with a click. We quickly left the small oasis valley. I fumbled at the sides of the box and found a latch.

A handful of small spikes? This was what I had searched for months upon months to find? This was the fabled wealth left by the Survivor himself? I grinned. It was my grandest adventure yet. I still found myself disappointed. I blinked in surprise. Handerwym of Inner Terris. I bid you farewell. I gestured for her to hand it to me.

Until then. The 17th of Hammondar. I have been hearing of strange lights in the southern skies that can only hide another mystery. The treasure found. And it is here. Jak promises further adventure and mystery. We have found our treasure after all.

And so. I believe my task to be the more difficult of the two. It was then that I noticed something. The survivors of that apocalypse became the Originators. Harmony used the moment of this Final Ascension to correct the catastrophic mistakes made by the Lord Ruler a thousand years before.

The Alloy of Law: A Mistborn Novel

He created a region of bountiful land. This fresh start is known by modern Scadrians as the Origin. He made what few souls still lived — skaa. Then he set them free to rebuild what a thousand years of darkness and terror had destroyed. He set the planet back in its proper or- bit. Draw- ing deeply from his knowledge of the beliefs and histories of the past. Spoilers for the original tril- ogy abound. He rejuvenated the land and restored many plants and animals that had gone extinct. Three centuries ago.

Men and women with the amazing powers of Allomancy and Feruchemy no longer need to live in secret. They were under the leadership of Spook — now known as the Lord Mistborn — who also made Vin.

Things once lost — faith. Nobles with names like Ladrian. Based on the novel of the same name by Brandon Sanderson. The destiny of people of all stripes and species was determined not just by the circumstances of their birth. The great metropolis of Elendel is the center of the civilized world and the seat of government.

Welcome to Alloy of Law. So pull on your chaps. The citizens of Scadrial make their living as craftsmen. Scadrial today is a much more modern and familiar world. Please Note: As a supplement. Twin- born. This section features lots of background information and is most useful for the Narrator page The Reforged World provides a wealth of information on the world. Alloy of Law is divided into three books: Adventures in the Alloy of Law Era is designed primarily for player characters. Koloss tribes — though freed from the will of the dark god Ruin — still prowl the remote plains.

Gone is the systematic repression of technological and intellectual progress. As darkness falls. Gone are the red skies. A great and untamed wilderness surrounds the cities. Yet despite these changes. And secrets are still dangerous.

Men with power still scheme and betray. A lucky few can still harness the powers of Allomancy or Feruchemy — sometimes both. Gone are the Lord Ruler. Mysterious shapeshifters known as the Faceless Immortals still inhabit the dreams of children. Those wishing to journey beyond the mountains have two basic options: Three mountain ranges surround the Basin.

Much more in- depth information and detail is explored throughout the rest of this book. The Basin was the nursery for the infant society of the Originators. Two seas. Harmony was able to do away with many of the natural features the Lord Ruler had created to keep the planet from dying: The Basin is described in more detail in Book 3.

The Channeral Range sits in the northwest. Both lead into the Roughs beyond the mountains. Chapters see pages Other cities have advanced along similar lines: The following is an overview of the changes. More details about this new land and its secrets can be found in Book 3.

Amongst the fertile farmland. These changes — though they might seem small — have fundamentally shifted the way modern Scadrians live. The Basin is a land of plenty. Chief among them is Elendel. Chapter 3 see page Blessed with an industrious population and abundant resources.

The Reforged World. After moving Scadrial into a better cos- mic location. All three mountain ranges offer abundant mineral resources. The Irongate River — a massive waterway origi- nating in the Faleast Mountains — cuts the Basin neatly in two. Rain rarely falls here, and crops only grow through a lot of hard work and careful tending — but for the industrious and unscrupulous, there are fortunes to be found as well.

Out of this rugged landscape, several communities and townships have sprung up, often without law enforcement or any semblance of government. The line between good men and bad is often drawn in the thinnest of terms out in the Roughs, and sometimes it vanishes entirely. But even this imperfect place, dominated by petty desires and the great evils that spring from them, carries the potential for great futures and even greater heroism.

More on the Roughs and many of these townships can be found in Book 3, Chapter 4 see page These uncharted lands — ranging from the peaks of the mountains to the expanses of the seas — are filled with strange and dangerous beasts both real and imagined, and only the bravest and most fool- hardy of Scadrians have dared to discover their secrets. Greater details on these strange frontiers and their denizens are in Book 3, Chapter 5 see page All peo- ple are free to come together as they choose, be it through religious belief, business interests, shared politics, romantic entanglement, or ideas.

While not everything is as good as it could be — prejudice and misunderstanding are still part of human nature — things are far better for modern Scadrians than they have ever been before. Beyond this overview, you can learn more about modern society in Book 3, Chapter 6 see page Those who survived the. Together, the Originators founded cities, engaged in trade, and established new forms of government to rule their population.

The fertility of the Basin limited the need to compete for resources, but some power hungry leaders saw the remade world as a chance to start a new empire, while others allowed festering resentments and perceived slights to boil over into open hostility.

Conflicts flared throughout the first century of the new era, as growing city-states jockeyed for position and supremacy. They eventually settled into the system that now stands: Commerce tri- umphed over territoriality.

A complex series of treaties and agreements bound the cities together, creating stability and allowing technological advancement to flourish.

By and large, the squabbles and attacks that defined the early years have vanished. With peace and prosperity came the need to explore this brave new world, particularly the Roughs beyond the great mountain ranges. Most of the hardy pio- neers who first ventured there were never heard from again, but gradually more settlers arrived. Towns sprang up, railway lines appeared, and real government began to claim small areas from the gangs and bandits who previously ruled.

Today, Scadrial has settled into a largely stable society, with an acknowl- edged social order, economy, and territory. Conflict erupts over resources, class strife, and economic disputes from time to time, but for modern citizens, history — and their future — is what they choose to make of it.

More chronicles of the history of Scadrial can be found in Book 3, Chapter 6 see page The Ascended Warrior, the Lady Heir: Vin The Counselor of Gods: Breeze The Hero of Ages, Harmony: Sazed The Last Emperor: Elend Venture The Lord Mistborn: Kelsier The World of Ash: The Final Empire era of Scadrial.

As in the days before the Collapse, it is they who by and large control land, busi- ness, and wealth, and thus the reins of power. But the nobility of the modern day is a far cry from what it was in the time of the Lord Ruler. While many famous Houses from the pre-Origin days managed to survive into modern times, their prestige is no longer simply an extension of legal, genetic, and magical superiority.

Nor is the power of Allomancy exclu- sively their birthright — in fact, magical ability is a vital part of all levels of society see page Though their positions afford them great comfort and means, nobles are subject to the same laws as common folk — the times of tormenting weaker people, or each other, with impunity are over… for the most part.

Despite the necessities of realpolitik, not all nobles are selfish. Many of them understand their obligation to society, with thousands of workers and others of the underclass dependent upon their actions. Many more believe that their station offers opportunities to improve soci- ety, and a tradition of patronage for prom- ising artisans, engineers, and craftspeople has become a widespread phenomenon. This new space for opportunity has allowed those with skill and ambition to raise themselves up, far beyond the dreams of their skaa forbears.

Now he must reluctantly put away his guns and assume the duties and dignity incumbent upon the head of a noble house. Or so he thinks, until he learns the hard way that the mansions and elegant tree-lined streets of the city can be even more dangerous than the dusty plains of the Roughs.

The Alcatraz vs. Brandon Sanderson grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. He lives in Utah with his wife and children and teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University. For behind-the-scenes information on all of Brandon Sanderson's books, visit brandonsanderson. Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. How many copies would you like to buy? Mistborn No.

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