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Inception is a film which was written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. Is that all, Chris? What a slacker. Inception movie script by. Inception () Movie Script. Read the Inception full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode. Chris Vogler & much more. BPS How to Write a Screenplay with Fight Club Screenwriter Jim Uhls . INCEPTION (). Screenplay by.

Inception Script Pdf

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INCEPTION. By. Christopher Nolan. SHOOTING SCRIPT .. Inception. Arthur raises his eyebrows. Cobb is poker-faced. SAITO. Is it possible? ARTHUR. Jonathan Nolan: Let's talk about the script. You've how Cobb and his team pull off inception. porate espionage scripts that you were playing around with. Quite often, the first ten minutes of a screenplay are the slowest, bogged down This article will examine how Inception's first ten pages are.

Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation. His screenplays are a master class in the craft. We decided to put together an easy resource for screenwriters and filmmakers to be able to download Christopher Nolan Screenplays and study his unique storytelling methods. Screenplay by Christopher Nolan, David S. Download ALL the Television Pilot Scripts.

This is not uncommon: This would give other screenwriters heart attacks, but the introduction of Mal Marion Cotillard on reveals just why:.

Arthur nods. What's she doinghere, Cobb? Cobb turns to see a beautiful woman, elegantly dressed, staring out at the sea.

This is MAL. Cobb watches her. You just get to your room. Se that you do. For the first sequence of the film, we are hoodwinked into thinking Saito is the villain, until he unexpectedly gives Cobb a job. But Mal is the real villain or antagonist of Inception , and Nolan establishes who the two main characters are by giving them the biggest descriptions, and ensuring that our focus is mainly on the bitter love story between Cobb and Mal.

Her entrance is effective and Nolan creates a picture of her instantly:.

Christopher Nolan Screenplays (Download)

Arthur brushes past Mal, shaking his head. She nears Cobb. Looks out at the DROP. If I jumped, would I survive? With a clean dive, perhaps. Mal, why are you here? She turns to look at him. She smiles. He leans in, mesmerized.

But I can't trust you anymore. Note Mal mentioning her fate in the very first line of the movie. This is a regular gambit for Nolan, in which characters mention their fate or let slip their secret in the early moments of a movie.

Harvey Dent Aaaron Eckhart spookily predicts his fall from grace during dinner in the Dark Knight, and during the early moments of The Prestige , Borden Christian Bale hints at the secret of his magic to his rival without the guy realizing. The world of the story is complicated. We have an invented technology called dream sharing, in which people connected by tubes can fall asleep and share the same lucid dream, able to run and jump, bend gravity, walk on ceilings and crucially, enter into the mind of the person who is doing the actual dreaming, or the host.

A sweating man 40's watches over Cobb. This is NASH. Nash checks Cobb's left wrist: Whole scenes are devoted to explaining the physics of the dream, the time structure, the weaknesses, and yet it is still considered an action film. This is because Nolan stalls on telling about the detail as much as he can, carefully choosing when to give particular details about the plot.

But crucially, as clearly illustrated in the scene above, he tries to show it as much as he can. He shows time moving more slowly in the dreams with shots of watches, he shows the tubes that are connected to all the dreamers, and later on page 9 he shows the death of Arthur and how this will awaken someone from a dream.

If the reader loses track of too many details, Inception is toast.

Nothing spectacular here, right? This is actually the easiest place for a screenplay to drop the ball and lose reader interest, by breaking one of the golden rules of screenwriting: So Nolan writes the dialogue accordingly, Cobb and Mal stating the rules without directly telling the audience.

You should always look to show the world of the story, but dialogue used in the right way can be your cavalry when you find yourself in a dead end. The first ten pages of any script are the most vital in introducing the protagonist, establishing the world of the story and the status quo, but it is also essential to set up the dramatic situation, that is what the story is going to be about.

And any good story is always about an interesting character or characters in an interesting world, who face s obstacles conflict while trying to achieve an objective goal.

The film gives us a mirage like image as the bearded man hits the beach:. The two children in the mirage are out of reach, and we will learn soon that these are his actual children and that Cobb must get back to them, but at the moment this does not mean anything yet — the screenplay lays more hints down as the heist progresses:.

And then there's the script itself — reading through it, you can't help but be struck by how tight it is. There are pretty much no wasted notes, and all of the dialogue is pretty much dead-on — with a few exceptions, like some of the chunks of exposition.

The shooting script is remarkably close to what ended up on screen, although I think one or two lines were cut here and there, and when you read it on the page, you notice lots of clever touches — like in the "hotel" dream level, Eames is disguised as a blonde woman who gives her phone number to Fischer — and the phone number is deliberately the same as the possible safe combination Fischer blurted out in the "hostage" level earlier.

And of course, it also provides the hotel room where they put Fischer under again, and that safe combination turns out to work later, in the hospital level. It's also very noticeable how much Ariadne remains the voice of the audience throughout — she's almost like a companion from Doctor Who, and we don't really see her doing the "architect" thing that much.

The other thing that really jumps out at you when you read the script on the page is how much all of this shouldn't work. There are a few too many contrivances that work in Cobb's favor, which you have to stop and question when you see them written down — like the ease with which they get Fischer onto the plane they want him to be on, where Saito owns the airline and the flight attendant is paid off.

And the fact that Fischer not only trusts Cobb once he's introduced himself as "Mr. Charles," but Fischer pretty much lets "Mr.

Inception Script at The Screenplay Database

Charles" tell him what to do, in ways that go way, way beyond what you might expect from a piece of Fischer's subconscious protecting him from dream theft. And Fischer never wonders why Saito, his business rival, is not only on the plane with him, but is also one of the "subconscious projections" leading him to invade what he believes is Browning's mind.

Of course, the stuff with Mr. Charles and Saito is all a dream to Fischer, so maybe he assumes it doesn't have to make sense. What's very apparent on the page is that Nolan's super-tight, whip-smart writing is carrying you along so briskly, you don't ever stop to question any of this.

Nolan is a master of suspension of disbelief — and yes, that's what Dom Cobb is supposed to be too. At one point during the introduction, Nolan tells his brother that it never occurred to him before that Inception might be about the film-making process until Jonathan suggests it, even though Nolan has admitted as much in interviews since the film came out.

Maybe this conversation between the Nolan brothers took place before those interviews, I guess. Most of all, the blend of dream weirdness and a conventional con-artist plot Nolan refers to it as a heist plot, but really it's a con game, not a heist simply should not work, and the fact that it does convince you on screen, and mostly convinces you on the page, is Nolan's greatest achievement.

It helps a lot that the characters all come through sharply on the page, and they each have a distinctive voice, even without the A-list actors bringing them to life.

And then there's Inception 's central mystery: Like the film, the shooting script ends with Cobb apparently reunited with his kids, and he sees their faces for the first time in the film.

And he puts his top down, leaving it spinning before he turns away — and we cut to black before the top can stop spinning. That's where the script ends, and it doesn't mention anything about the sound of a top falling.

I don't know if I just missed this in the film, but there's also a scene in limbo where Mal is talking to Cobb and Ariadne, and the children are there. Mal says these are Cobb's real children, and calls their names. They turn around to face Cobb — but he covers his face and says they're not real.

So he comes close to seeing their faces in limbo, but chooses not to. Also, at one point, Mal explicitly raises the possibility that Cobb has dreamed all the stuff about the faceless corporation chasing after him:.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of a dream? Mutable laws of physics?

Inception (2010)

Tell that to the quantum physicists. Reappearance of the dead? What about heaven and hell?

Persecution of the dreamer, the creator, the messiah? They crucified Christ, didn't they? No creeping doubts? Not feeling persecuted, Dom? Chased around the globe by anonymous corporations and police forces? The way the projections persecute the dreamer? Mal puts her hand on his face.

Inception (2010) Movie Script

Admit it, Dom. You don't believe in one reality any more. So choose. Choose your reality like I did. Choose to be here. Choose me. Rising anger I have chosen, Mal. Our children. I have to get back to them.

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