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Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach with EES CD. Home · Heat Heat and Mass Transfer: A Practical Approach 3rd - SOLUTIONS MANUAL · Read more. MASS TRANSFER Introduction Analogy between Heat and Mass .. Chapter 7 deals with the practical analysis of external convection while . Complete Solution Manual to Accompany HEAT TRANSFER SECOND EDITION A Practical Approach YUNUS A. CENGEL Preface This manual is prepared as.

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HEAT CONDUCTION EQUATION Introduction Steady versus Transient Heat Transfer Multidimensional Heat Transfer Heat Generation heat-and-mass-transfer-fundamentals-and-applications-5th-edition-cengel- solution-manual. Pages·· Heat Transfer; A Practical Approach. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach / Y.A. Çengel. | Contenido: Elementos de transferencia de calor; Ecuación de conducción.

Learn More. Figure 1. ACS Omega , , 4 4 , pp — Publication Date Web: April 15, Article.

Kanelakis , Heather L. Palomino , Theresa I. Brondstetter , Taraneh Mirzadegan , and Michael H. Analysis and Prevention of Microplastics Pollution in Water: Current Perspectives and Future Directions. April 12, Perspective. Simon Larsen , Laura J. Teat , and Abhik Ghosh.

Sharu Bhagavathi Kandy , George P. April 11, Article. Mangal S. Yadav , Anoop S. Singh , Anand K. Agrahari , Nidhi Mishra , and Vinod K. Naganath G. Selective Synthesis of Indenodihydropyridine and Indenopyridine Compounds. Next Page.

The Future for Organic Chemistry? The Chemical Sciences and Health: Sort No Filter Selected. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. By continuing to use the site, you are accepting our use of cookies. Read the ACS privacy policy. April 15, Article DOI: A Mechanistic Study Beatriz C. The paper also studied the effect of fermented activated sludge as o rganic fertilizer in the field.

The water content of sludge decreases gradually with the extension of fermentation time. The change of ammonia nitrogen shows that it first increases and then decreases. Although the content of nitrate nitrogen increases and decreases, the value of start and end of fermentation has not changed much. Total nitrogen content showed a downward trend. Cellulose can be degraded rapidly in the early stage of sludge fermentation, but slowly in the later stage. Aerobic fermentation is an effective way for sludge resource utilization.

Based on the structural feature of island mining face's 'T' shape overburden and by using analog material and numerical simulation to analyze the rules of overburden movement and stress distribution, and yield failure characteristics during stoping in island mining face, this paper studies the variation rules of roadway stress, acceleration, displacement and deformation velocity when island mining face's overburden breaks, producing strong dynamic impact load.

The result shows: In the beginning stage of stoping, plastic failure in the surrounding rocks mainly appears in the roof, while in later times, plastic failure in the overburden will gradually move up towards the overlying strata, appearing in symmetrical arcuate; under the dynamic load of mine earthquakes, the left and right ribs suffer slighter deformation than the roof and the floor; the right rib and the roof changes faster than other places; the roof sinks the most; and the vertical stress on the left and right ribs are bigger than that on the roof and the floor.

The rules of overburden movement and impact failure in island mining face stated in this paper provide theories for impact prevention in high impact-risk island mining face, impact prevention parameters design and impact prevention measure-making as well as help engineering practice so as to guarantee stoping safety in high impact-risk island mining face. Traditional automatic text summarization relies heavily on the original text information, and the extensibility is limited.

However, generation-style abstractive methods attempt to generate the corresponding summarization by understanding the original semantics. We set out to set up a sequence-to-sequence model for academic document summarization generation. For purpose of reducing the detail loss of input sequence information, we put forward the attention mechanism to assign the weight of each input word.

We trained this model on Chinese literature data set. It generated a reliable document summary. Our test shows that the approach has good adaptability to Chinese academic literature and has good performance in text summarization.

This paper aims to solve the problems such as limited range, poor mobility, poor signal, and failure of real-time transmission analysis of the previous environmental monitoring system. To do so, a new mobile environment monitoring and analysis system based on GPRS was designed comprehensively, using mobile GPRS technology, real-time server and intelligent analysis and push. By relying on the characteristics of wide range of cellular transmission and strong signal, problems such as poor mobility signal of previous systems can be solved.

With the rapid development of paper industry, the pressure of environmental pollution is going more and more serious. Recently, resource utilization of wastewater by anaerobic digestion has become a feasible way to solve this problem. In order to maintain the safe and efficient production of the process, a novel adaptive soft sensor model was developed to infer the chemical oxygen demand COD of paper mill effluent in this paper.

First, the principal component analysis technique was performed in this model so as to eliminate the col-linearity between the process variables and accordingly obtain the low-dimensional feature principal component.

Then, the least square support vector machine method was used to construct a quantitative regression model between principal component and the effluent COD. Along with it, particle swarm optimization was implemented to search for the best value of the LSSVM model parameters, namely the kernel parameters and the regularization factor. Finally, an online calibration strategy was designed to adapt to the process dynamic changes in an adaptive iterative manner.

When the constructed model tested for performances in a full-scale factory, the average relative deviation and maximum deviation are 1. The experimental results show that this proposed soft sensor model is featured with high accuracy and strong dynamic stability, and it can provide good guidance for COD prediction and optimal control of paper mill wastewate treatment.

In view of the main problems faced by power plants, many scholars in China have focused on the problem of distribution adjustment of secondary air. This paper also conducted research on the adjustment of secondary air distribution.

Table of contents

In this paper, a MW four-corner tangential boiler of a power plant is taken as the research object, and the overall size of the boiler and the modification of the damper are clarified.

The boiler is tested under different loads and different working conditions. Through the inverse balance calculation of boiler thermal efficiency on the SCR inlet NO X analysis, the combination of numerical simulation and test method provides an important reference for the four-corner tangential boiler optimization and variable load operation in the future.

At present, the domestic research on the numerical simulation of boiler combustion is mainly to change the different secondary air distribution methods. In this paper, the analysis of the effects of different number of tertiary air nozzles on the combustion of boilers under different loads is studied under the condition of equal secondary air. Taking a college building corridor as an example, the fire simulation software FDS is used to study the fire characteristics of narrow space.

By creating a numerical model, the temperature field in the space is monitored, moreover the effect of ventilation conditions on the distribution of temperature in the channel is researched to provide a reference for the setting of the temperature detector in the channel. According to the forecast problem of monitoring information, the predicting method of monitoring information is proposed based on PSO. Then, the prediction model of monitoring information based on LS-SVM is constructed, and the method of confirming parameters in model is proposed.

Finally an experiment is carried out on PhysioNet database, which verifies the effectiveness of the proposed forecasting method. Combining the opportunity for the introduction of the outline of development planning in the grand bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, to promote the cconstruction of intelligent manufacturing headquarters base in. Through to the modern manufacturing and innovative factors analysis of the city, we think that intelligent manufacturing headquarter base in Grand Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao concentrated in the Guangzhou Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation corridor includes Dongguan, Huizhou and Foshan.

All in all, the institutional and resource advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao shall be brought into full play,. The mechanism of weathering damage on stone archives by several factors was analysed, such as human, physical, chemical and biological factors.

It was also put forward the surface decontamination, reinforcement, restoration and sealing technology to provide the stone archives.

Furthermore, the advantages and disadvantages of each technology were also compared in detail. It was provided a new way for restoration and protection of stone archives. With the increase in the number of construction companies and construction personnel, the occurrence of engineering quality accidents has also increased. Therefore, the management of project quality is very important. This article mainly introduces the connotation of construction quality and construction quality management, analyzes the factors influencing construction quality and the characteristics of construction quality control, and applies PDCA circulation principles to project quality management, hoping to help improve the level of project management.

On the basis of SCOR, combined with the characteristics of the prefabricated building industry in China, the reference model of the prefabricated building supply chain operation is constructed, which provides a set of standard business processes for the prefabricated building supply chain node enterprises to make better communication among the members, thus improving the core competitiveness of the installed construction enterprises and promoting the core competitiveness of the installed construction enterprises.

Promote the sustainable development of the prefabricated building enterprise. This paper proposes a new hybrid parallel—serial 6-DOF lower limb rehabilitation robot including two mechanical legs and an adjustable seat, which could train in sitting, lying and standing three postures. Each mechanical leg consists of hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint. The result lay the foundation for prototype build in future. The time domain features extracted based on the appliance steady-state depends highly on the stable voltage.

This paper proposes a frequency domain features extraction method, which applies the empirical mode decomposition EMD principle. The combination of frequency domain features and time domain features can effectively reduce the impact of voltage fluctuations on the accuracy of electrical identification.

Through experimental comparison, it is proved that this method can solve time domain features overlapping, with higher anti-interference ability and robustness, especially for the non-resistive electronic loads.

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The method of the current acceleration range navigation satellite signal simulator detection theoretically analyzed, but in the actual test work, how to set the satellite navigation signal simulator motion scenes and satellite receivers, a smaller level of the RF test signal navigation As well as implementing automated testing, there is a lack of practical and feasible testing methods.

This paper simulates the RF signals received by receivers in different dynamic environments in real time, builds a dynamic range test staging, forms a specific test plan, and carries out the validity, practicability and effectiveness of the test verification test method. This test method is simple and reliable.

The dynamic range of the satellite navigation signal simulator in the simulation environment can be accurately detected by this method. In this text, the study was conducted to the diesel engine running process by oil analysis. Based on the spectrographic analysis and ferrographic analysis, the extraction of lubricant analysis results have been completed by various methods as limits method, tendency chart method and linear regression method.

On the basis of information issued from above analysis, the wearing tendency model of diesel engine has been established to assess the diesel running quality. It has been proved that the running quality of 1 main diesel engine is better than that of 2 main diesel engine. At the beginning, the report filter six main influential factors which has seriously affect toward the fragile of a country by Grey Correlation Grade model.

Second, based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation, we introduce the idea of Entropy Method into our model and build an evaluation model in valuing the national vulnerability. Finally, select twenty countries around the world evenly to substitute their data into our model and compare our results with the published results of Peace Foundation. Therefore, the view that our model has high credibility. In order to obtain the strain distribution of the free-form surface to be tested and reduce the difficulty of assembling large-scale curved structures, a free-form surface strain distribution detection method based on FBG array was designed.

The system consists of a laser, a coupler, a demodulator, and an FBG array. The strain distribution and displacement offset of the test specimen under five different force conditions are simulated and analyzed. The simulation results show that the strain distribution is related to the position, size and surface structure of the applied force.

The experiment was tested on a 3 mm aluminum plate and compared to the simulation data. The experimental results show that the maximum strain is The difference in strain at the same curvature position is significant. It verifies the feasibility of solving the displacement field distribution by the strain field distribution. With the help of Internet technologies, P2P Peer-to-Peer lending industry has witnessed the rapid development of loan market.

From the reason presented above, credit assessment becomes more and more important to the healthy development of P2P load marked. In order to improve accurate predictions of credit assessment, there is necessary to a kind of credit risk evaluation model based on SVM Support Vector Machines. The performance of SVM depends, to a great extent, on parameters we chose, therefore, our prior work is optimize them.

Basic support is provided for system operation and analysis by Data Center, which is used as an important infrastructure of Smart City. Data Center is related to network, system integration, information security, data base, data mining, etc.

The connotation and the composition of Data Center are researched, and according to the construction request of Data Center, a certain architecture of Smart City is put forward, and the content of data center is discussed, and the approach of construction idea is researched, and the application of data center for Smart City is discussed in this paper. In view of the low utilization rate of learning resources and high repetition rate of resources in the university, this paper aims to design a learning resource sharing service platform to make it more convenient for undergraduate students to acquire learning resources.

In this paper, the design principles of the platform are introduced in detail through the description of the design framework, the design of database and the implementation technology. Aiming at the yacht equipment and personal safety, as well as the yachtowner and water management departments should grasp the yacht related state in time, it is designed in this paper the remote monitoring system for yacht cabin environment parameters based on ZigBee and GPRS technology. The work mainly includes the structure of network system and the network topology design, as well as system hardware design, software design, and simulation experiment to realize the remote real-time data display, analysis and storage.

The simulation test shows that the system can monitor the internal environment parameters of the yacht in real time. The system runs stably and has good expansion performance. The relative error of the system measurement is no more than 1. On the basis of deeply understanding and grasping the connotation of the five major concepts of development, we should closely follow the important spirit of implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches.

Drawing on domestic and foreign representative research results on the development of evaluation indicators systems and innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared evaluation indicators, we conducted preliminary screening of evaluation indicators for sea elections based on the principle of observability. Then, the data of six central provinces were selected by combining R-cluster analysis and variational coefficient analysis to select 39 evaluation indicators, and the effectiveness evaluation index system of the "five major development concepts" suitable for the six central provinces was constructed.

Then, according to the regional characteristics and characteristics of Hunan province, two indexes were added from the perspective of rational analysis, so as to construct a quantitative evaluation index system of the "five major development concepts" in Hunan province with 41 indexes. In this paper, the traits between underground rescue and ground borehole rescue were analyzed, technical principle of the vehicle was introduced, the technical parameters of rescue capsule and hoisting control system were listed.

Of the 11 key parts in the vehicle, the rescue capsule design and the design of hoisting winch with large rope capacity were introduced in detailed. It was validated that the vehicle is useful for normal borehole or sleeve with the diameter of mm to mm. With the help of the vehicle, the miners trapped in meters underground can be rescued quickly and safely. Matching with the new-designed rescue drilling rig, a package of emergency rescue technology and equipment were formed. A new low-cost anti-scaling compound salt high-density solid-free killing fluid system is developed by adopting the high-efficiency scale inhibition technology, using a newly-developed weighting agent, and taking cheap inorganic salts as the base fluid, to solve the problems that the common killing fluids for high temperature and high pressure oil and gas reservoirs include bromine, zinc, heavy calcium, etc.

The system contains neither solid-phase components nor divalent ions that are prone to scaling, such as calcium and magnesium ions.

The salts used are all monovalent salts with a density of up to 1. In addition, it is also consistent with the future development trend and the requirements of the national new safety and environmental protection for the low damage, low cost, high density, solid-free and non-toxic environment-friendly killing fluid system.

P2P lending platform contains many risks of loan default. The top priority of P2P lending platform is to predict the risk of default accurately and to take corresponding measures. The paper selects public lending loan transaction data of users from Lending Club to carry on the empirical study on the risks of loan default by respectively using logistic regression model, the bat optimization algorithm of feedforward BAPA neural network and least squares support vector machine LSSVM to analyze the experimental data, and then to evaluate the applicability of three methods in predicting the risk of loan default on the P2P network platform.

The experimental results show that the least squares support vector machine has a better prediction effect. This paper aims to analysing the optimal decisions in a supply chain when the information of cost disruptions is asymmetry.

The results show that the asymmetric information and cost disruptions cause a profit loss to the supply chain. The supplier should control its cost disruptions to a small scope so as to coordinate the supply chain. This paper also analysis the information value based on the decisions, and we find that it is beneficial to all the supply chain members to share information.

Heat Transfer A Practical Approach 2nd Edition By Yunus A Cengel | Engineering eBooks Pdf

Based on the further understanding of the five development concept connotation, combing the development of the concept of the five related index system research, Based on the five development concept measure index system of hunan province, this paper makes an empirical analysis on the progress level of five development concepts in hunan province.

Finally, the shortcomings of the empirical analysis are summarized. In order to explore the mechanism of value co-creation behaviors in online health communities, a multi-agent conceptual model was constructed to simulate the dynamics of value co-creation in different online health communities. The corresponding results deny that the more trust community members have in each other, the better it is to co-create values in the community, suggesting to manage communities according to their patterns and the conditions of community members.

According to our research data, to improve the mindsets and knowledge reserves of community members is the key to strengthen value co-creation in online health communities. The roundness of crankshaft main journal is a key parameter which affects the performance of automobile engine. When the crankshaft comprehensive measuring machine is used to measure roundness error, the result of roundness is deviated because the workpiece is eccentric installed.

In this paper, an technique of eccentric error separation is proposed to separate and correct the eccentric error existing in the original measurement data. On this basis, the least square evaluation algorithm based on polar coordinate is used to evaluate the roundness error of crankshaft main journal.

The result shows that this method can effectively eliminate the installation eccentricity introduced in the measurement results and has high accuracy. In recent years, with the explosive growth of data, deep learning has become one of the hottest research areas in artificial intelligence. Deep learning has been widely used in many fields such as medical field, industry, transportation system, agriculture is no exception.

Crop planting is a vital part of agriculture. Here, we review deep learning applications in crop planting. In addition, we discuss the challenges and future trend of deep learning in crop planting.

We hope that this review could promote more researchers to apply deep learning methods in crop planting field. Through literature analysis, two cases were divided of the determination of additional costs caused by intervene of gov in PPP project: First, according to the relevant policy papers, the situation suitable for gov intervention is sorted out; secondly, according to the process in which the gov is involved, the additional cost is deconstructed, and the calculation methods of each part of the cost are given separately.

Finally, through collating and analyzing the relevant policy papers, it is clear that the gov should intervene in the bearer of additional costs and the mode of payment under various circumstances. It can also improve control system's anti-disturbance ability.

Coal mining face is the place where coal mine accidents occur frequently.

In this paper, the security early warning expert system is buliled based on the analysis method of system engineering and the investigation of coal mining face in a large number of coal mines. The classification, acquisition mechanism and representation of knowledge are described, and the system structure, reasoning mechanism and the establishment of knowledge base are also introduced.

At the basis of analysis on acquired hoisting capsule parameters home and abroad, manned hoisting capsule used for large and deep drilling borehole was integrated and designed, it can meet the demands of drilling borehole diameters of mm to mm, depths of s and single man hoisting each time.

In the condition of safety and reliability, cabin, guide device, rope breaking protection device, main cabin and disconnect device, buffer device and other devices were specially designed and introduced.

And the key part of upper link of hoisting capsule was simulated, function tests of capsule were did in field test. It was validated through simulation and field test that the cabin was stable, the upper and lower guide device were smooth, the functions of rope breaking protection device, disconnect device, and buffer device can meet the demands of design expect, key part was under normal running.

Worker safety and quick hoisting rescue requirements can be met under depth of m. With the development of social economy, emission of greenhouse gases and environmental pollution has causes greenhouse effect problems that need to be urgently solved Combining with the definition and connotation of the low carbon economy and low carbon development, on the basis of analyzing the production of petroleum and gas resources and current consumption at home and abroad, this paper discusses the low-carbon development path of petroleum and gas resources enterprises.

At present, in the field of financial science, so as to make intelligent recommendation, the potential financial intention is usually analyzed by the behavior patterns of users. However, due to the diversity of user' behavior and distribution on different platforms, the feature of users' financial behavior are also composed of weak features.

In this paper, a cross-distributed user' behavior recognition method based on topic transfer model is proposed. To training a transfer model with APP data in source domain, the model can weaken the influence of different distributions and recognize the intention of the target user.

Finally, based on the user's APP online data, we prove that the model based on topic transfer has better performance on cross-distributed data. Aiming at the problem of automatic proofreading of sensitive information in mass text content, an automatic proofreading method based on the combination of rule and SVM Support Vector Machine is proposed.

To classify sensitive information based on important sensitive information provided in the "Newly Prohibited Texts and Cautions in Xinhua News Reports" newest revision and related central and online texts.

According to the different categories, the paper constructs the classification processing rule base, designs the corresponding rules automatic Processing algorithm, and realizes the sensitive information automatic proofreading, At the same time, using the SVM model to analyze the result of the rule processing with emotion, which greatly reduces the false alarm rate. The test result shows that the recall rate of method is The inefficient investment is mainly caused by information asymmetry and principal-agent problems.

Earnings management is an important factor affecting the inefficient investment of enterprises. It directly affects the effectiveness of earnings information and the decision-making of investors. Accounting information, especially information disclosure, is the basis of maintaining the normal operation of investment. It can provide effective incremental information to stakeholders, and make optimal investment decisions.

It is found that earnings management is positively related to investment efficiency. It shows that earnings management will have an impact on investment decision-making. Accounting information, especially information disclosure, is the basis for maintaining the normal operation of investment. It can provide effective incremental information to stakeholders and make optimal investment decisions. Next basket recommendation becomes an increasing concern. Repurchase recommendation, i.

However, most conventional models are not able to extract the whole important features to describe the customer's repurchase process: In our work, we firstly utilize the causal dilated convolutions and recurrent neural network to capture context information and sequential information in different ways. Furthermore, the information extracted by causal dilated convolutions and recurrent neural network is combined at each time step for recommendation.

More importantly, to effectively adapt the repurchase recommendation, we introduce a weighted sequence loss, which is able to ignore invalid logloss at special time steps to guide the RNN combined with causal dilated convolutions RCCNN training. A deep experimentation shows that RCCNN is able to explain the customer repurchase behaviors, and provide reasonable recommendation.

Reinforcement learning RL imitates how human perceive the word and acquire knowledge. We manage to propose a RL method to realize text sentiment analysis. When we choose an action for a word, relative LSTM tunnel will be chosen to handle the input.

After traversing a whole sentence, we get both word-level sentiment sequence and a sentence-level representation.

Such representation is used in classification and we success in getting a sentence-level sentiment analysis. Results show that our method can get sentiment for each word in a specific task. As to the word-level analysis, results from several datasets show that our method plays an acceptable job. Fold structure and fault exist in fully mechanized mining face of seam in Bu'ertai coal mine. During the mining process, the two sides of the roadway are deformed greatly by the influence of geological conditions, and the phenomenon of roof and floor breaking is very serious.

Combined with the above problems, this paper analyzes the rationality of length design of coal seam working face. The length parameters of the working face are calculated by fitting the control theory of the rock stratum and the measured data, and the following conclusions are obtained. The reasonable working face length of coal seam in Bu'ertai coal mine is more reasonable to take meters, and the width of roadway pillar is designed to be 20 m. In view of the rapid increase of data volume in large-scale intelligent connected vehicle scene, this paper proposes a local dynamic map LDM construction method based on the mobile edge computing MEC architecture.

On this basis, we select key nodes from a large number of vehicles to upload data, reducing system computing pressure, data redundancy and system delay. Moreover, the intelligent connected vehicle simulation tool is used to simulate the intersection with large numbers of intelligent connected vehicles, to verify the advantages of the selective local dynamic map construction method.

An multi-parameter equation to predict the effects of seafloor sediment on sound velocity is established by means of principal component analysis. The empirical equations in previous reports are analyzed and studied, and calculation errors are also analyzed.

The principal component regression model is established based on the data of seafloor sediment of the continental slope in the Southern South China Sea.

Theoretical research is performed on the method to eliminate interrelated parameters among the physical parameters affecting the sound velocity and select a f ew independent physical parameters with significant impact on the sound velocity. A three-parameter acoustic speed prediction formula is established with the selected physical parameters, i.

Study results show that the minimum relative error of predicted value is From the perspective of social capital, this paper studies the income acquisition mechanism of water conservancy project resettlement.. According to forced immigration data of L village in Danjiangkou Reservoir, the ordinary least squares model is used for empirical analysis in this paper.

The results show that the scale of support network has a significant negative correlation with income; the frequency of neighborhood communication is not significant; and the frequency of communication and income of residents outside the community is obvious. However, the "isolated information island" and "split data lake" are formed due to poor connectivity of government data among departments.

By online researching and analyzing the the current situation and development bottleneck of China's e-government, the authors designed the e-government cloud platform system framework from the perspectives of big data and value co-creation, and then put forward a series of suggestions, such as establishing data-oriented value co-creation mechanism, developing the system which realizes real-time visualization of public demands and so on, thus to provide references for meet "the people's growing need for a better life" proposed by President Xi in the reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Multiple detonation structure based on elementary cells of the diagonal, rectangular and spinning mode in square tubes are obtained by numerical cases with different aspect ratios of cross-section. By means of visualizing its detailed structure, the formation mechanism of 3-D multiple cellular patterns is preliminarily discussed. As the cross-sectional aspect ratio increases, new multiple cellular patterns are observed. This paper proposes an indoor positioning algorithm based on kernel function, aiming at the problem that error of indoor positioning is large.

Gaussian kernel function can capture the nonlinear correlation of received signal strength RSS between reference point fingerprint and the test point, and has a better matching effect than the KNN algorithm. At the end of the article, measurement uncertainty is analyzed to describe the reliability of the measurement results. This paper aims to solve the problem that most rehabilitation robots lack to integrate their physiological functions and psychological states into closed controlling loop in rehabilitation training of stroke patients.

The application of fusion technology of multi-electromechanical sensor signal and DSmT signal is used to achieve patients' comfort judgement. Mean value and variance are used to extract physiological information such as heart rate, temperature and skin resistance.

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