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Five On Treasure Island. Read more Five on a Treasure Island (Famous Five). Read more Five on Kirrin Island Again (Famous Five) · Read more. Famous Five 4: Five Go to Smuggler's Top (Famous Five) · Read more Five on a Treasure Island (Famous Five) Five on Kirrin Island Again (Famous Five). “Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island” By Enid Blyton 2 Chapter One A GREAT SURPRISE Contents/Next "MOTHER, have you heard about our summer .

Famous Five On A Treasure Island Pdf

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“Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island” By Enid Blyton 2. Chapter One. A GREAT SURPRISE. Contents/Next. "MOTHER, have you heard about our. Increase thy ability to earn —The Richest Man in Babylon READ ON FOR MORE! graduate or anyone who seems baffled by th. “Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island” By Enid Blyton 3. "Oh, you always say. Famous Five 04 - Five Go To Smuggler's Top By Enid Blyton.

Someone else has got the same idea. Time is running out for the Famous Five, who will follow the clues and get to the treasure first. Her writing was unplanned and sprang largely from her unconscious mind; she typed her stories as events unfolded before her. The sheer volume of her work and the speed with which it was produced led to rumours that Blyton employed an army of ghost writers, a charge she vigorously denied. Blyton's work became increasingly controversial among literary critics, teachers and parents from the s onwards, because of the alleged unchallenging nature of her writing and the themes of her books, particularly the Noddy series.

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Page 75: Five on a Treasure Island

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Views Total views. Actually, George had a dog named Timothy Tim but she hid the dog from her parent.

Five on a treasure island

George liked Timothy very much. Tim was like her friend.

Julian, Dick, and Anne liked Timothy too, so they shared ice cream together. Because of their kindness, George promised would take them to the Kirrin Island. One day, the day for visiting Kirrin Island by boat.

Five on a Treasure Island (Famous Five, #1) by Enid Blyton

After arriving, the four and Tim walked around in Kirrin Island and looked the old castle. The four and Tim looked for shelter. After the storm finished, they went back to Kirrin cottage and then they started to make a plan for exploring the ship next time. The next day, they planned to explore the ship that had found by them.

The box contained a map to the ingot, like a treasure map. Unlucky children, their treasure map was taken and sold by Uncle Quentin to the newspaper-man but they did not give up they tried to make the copy of the map. So, the next morning they went camping on Kirrin Island for 2 until 3 days.

They explored Kirrin Island based on the map, they tried to found the gold ingot. In Kirrin Island, not only the five children who visited but other people exactly the newspaper-man.

The newspaper-man with his friends visited Kirrin Island to find a treasure too, but the five who found where the treasure. The five found treasure in a dungeon. They were very happy and they decided to inform this to Uncle Quentin but unluckily Julian and George were prisoned by two-man.

After Dick thinking for a long time, he was able to make Julian and George free. The five can escape together to the Kirrin Cottage and they told Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny that the gold from Kirrin Island would be stolen by the newspaper-man and his friend. So, Uncle Quentin called the police to catch them before they ran away and carried the gold. My name is Egisha Devon. Enjoy my page!

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