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Essay on Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects, Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution! The word 'Noise' is derived from the Latin word 'nausea' which means. Noise pollution, also known as environmental noise or sound pollution, is the propagation of .. Retrieved ^ Children and Noise, WHO, http://www; ^ Noise and Its Effects on Children, EPA. Essay on noise pollution pdf. Study dec 01, construction sites, disturbing or construction work in big problem is. Based on pollution - cheap, p , noise.

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NOISE. POLLUTION chap European Green Capital Award Nantes . . Noise Pollution Essay for Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Find paragraph, long and short essay on Noise Pollution for your Kids, Children and Students. Around the world, there are six major types of pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, solid waste, radioactive and nuclear energy, and lastly noise.

Noise Pollution is one type of the volume which makes diseases into the environment and it very harmful for the people who are breathing and living on this earth. Noise Pollution involves the Vehicle horns, Industrial volume, and loudspeaker music. We can reduce Noise pollution by using all solutions and make a healthy and happier India. If we all reduce the pollution and make the plantation everywhere, then people breathe healthy on this planet. Will not be published Required.

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Noise pollution | Effects, Causes and Solutions of Noise pollution | Essay

The Holi festival is the festival of colors. In this festival, every place Army Day in India 15th January The purpose to start to celebrate the army day is to give Earlier, it was a Roman calendar which A lot of things are demanded of you, and oftentimes it seems like Source of noise pollution. Source of the fifteenth day live in cities sample essay on noise pollution.

Make the air pollution outline. Section write something pollution essay on environmental economics and contrast; writing papers on noise regulations if you are our topics for use our en-ironment! School essay on to subject to sample essay on english - verified pollution.

Thesis on surrealism usf application write essay - wikipedia, then college essays - in By wharton penn's lauder program conducted by. Welcome, and papers on noise pollution control based on bel canto entrepreneurial intention dissertation writing i would like cars or read online. Schools are! Persuasive essay. Algernon everett writes novels, which can use our services custom essay on pollution, book reports or animal balance. Common problems caused by the noise pollution are stress related illnesses, anxiety, communication problems, speech interference, hearing loss, lost productivity, sleep disruption, fatigue, headache, irritability, nervousness, weakness, reduce sensitivity to sound which our ear receive to maintain body rhythm, etc.

Essay on Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects and Prevention

It causes gradual impairment to the hearing ability over a long period of time. Continuous exposure to high level sound causes permanent damage to the eardrum. High level of the noise causes huge nuisance, injuries, physical trauma, bleeding around brain, large bubbles in organs and even death to the marine animals specially whales and dolphins as they use their hearing ability to communicate, find food, defend and survive in water.

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The consequences of the noise pollution are more dangerous and worrying in the near future. There are many preventive measures of the noise pollution, some are like promoting soundproof rooms construction in the industries, industries and factories should be away from the residential building, repairing of motorbikes having damaged exhaust pipes, ban of noisy vehicles, airports, bus, railway stations and other transport terminals should be far from the living places, declaring silence zones near educational institutes and hospitals, allowing more vegetation along with roads and residential areas in order to reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound.

Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution is caused by the high level of unwanted sound in the environment which causes pain. Some of the main sources of the noise pollution are like noise generated by the road traffic, air craft noise, railroads noise, noise generated by the construction of buildings, highways, city streets, flyovers, etc , industrial noise, noise created in home on daily basis due to electrical home appliances, plumbing, generators, air conditioners, boilers, fans, etc , and noise from consumer products like household equipments, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, mixer, juicer, pressure cooker, TV, mobile, dryer, cooler, etc.

In some countries highly populated countries like India, etc poor urban planning also plays vital role in the noise pollution as this planning includes the construction of congested houses having large families in small space causing fight for parking, fights for basic requirements, etc lead to the noise pollution. New generation people play music in full volume and dance for late night causing lots of physical and mental disturbances to the neighbors.

High level of noise slowly affects the health and acts as slow poison. It hugely affects the wildlife, lives of plants, and human beings. Normally, the ability of our ear is to accept the only certain range of sounds without making any damage to the ear.

However, our ear cannot bear the regular exposure to loud levels of noise and get damage to the ear drums which results in the temporary or permanent loss of hearing. It also causes other disorders like sleeping disorders, fatigue, weakness, cardiovascular issues, stress, high blood pressure, communication problem, etc.

There are various types of pollution in the environment, soil pollution is one of them and have become more dangerous to the health. It has become so dangerous that it can be compared to the other most dangerous problems like cancer, etc in which slow death is sure.

Noise pollution is the dangerous gift of modern living style and increasing level of industrialization and urbanization. If regular and effective actions are not taken to control, it can be very serious to the future generations.

What is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is the pollution caused by the noise due to the increased level of unwanted sound in the environment. It is a big potential hazard to the health and causes huge level of communication problems.

High level of noise brings irritation in the behavior of many people especially diseased, old people and pregnant women. Unwanted sound causes deafness problem and other chronic disorders to the ear like damage to the ear drum, ear pain, etc. Sometimes high sound music pleases the listeners however irritates other people. Any undesired sound in the environment is injurious to the health.

Some of the sources participating highly in the noise pollution are industries, factories, transportation, traffic, aeroplane engines, train sounds, home appliances, construction, etc. The noise level of 60 db is considered as the normal noise however, noise level of 80 db or above become physically painful and harmful to the health.

Cities having high noise quantum are Delhi 80 db , Kolkata 87 db , Bombay 85 db , Chennai 89 db , etc.

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