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Elvis: What Happened? is a book about the personal life of legendary singer Elvis Presley. The book, which is based on the personal accounts. A review of the Elvis biography, "Elvis: What Happened," the book that first revealed the bizarre private life of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Horrible book! It was all over the place and didn't follow time frame went back and forth and hard to follow. It was obvious these men were upset at Elvis for.

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Elvis, What Happened - Digital Version () - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Elvis, what happened? by Steve Dunleavy, , Ballantine Books edition, in English - 1st ed. Book Details Author: Steve Dunleavy Pages: Publisher: Ballantine Books Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Release Date: This is the Elvis Presly the world knew -- and cherished. Guide to energy management eighth edition international version.

The original publication date of this book was August 1, fifteen days prior to the unfortunate and untimely death of Elvis Presley. This book was to be, in their minds, a desperate effort to communicate to Elvis one last time: What Happened? Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: It is February and the air is so crisp and clean, it almost crackles.

However, the shaky foundation of this Elvis biography was greatly reinforced soon after publication. The drug-related death of Presley gave Elvis: And, as a steady flow of Presley confidants began speaking out in the succeeding years, many but not all of the allegations first mentioned in the book have been confirmed. First, it must be noted that the volume is not anti-Elvis from beginning to end.

Elvis, What Happened - Digital Version (1977)

Most people, however, first read the book after Elvis had died. And yet, he would turn around and spoil it all by some thoughtless gesture. In the early days of his exploding fame, Elvis was both respectful to those around him and fun to be with, according to Red.

However, Red claims Presley began to change as early as the Jailhouse Rock period in mid Sonny says that attitude intensified in later years. It actually seems funny now to read about how Elvis would pull out a pistol and blast away at a TV set or a chandelier. Apparently no one ever got hurt from such behavior, although Red and Sonny claim one errant bullet almost hit Linda Thompson.

The idea that Elvis never matured to the point where he would take responsibility for his actions is a theme that is repeated throughout the book. According to Sonny, he and the other boys around Elvis did nothing to help their boss grow up. There was no need to develop maturity. That insulation from reality helped lead Elvis to a rather strange vision of spirituality, according to the authors. They say Presley felt he had supernatural powers.

He believed he could heal people with his touch and could make clouds and bushes move through his powers of concentration. His belief that he would be reincarnated and his late-night viewing of bodies at mortuaries are also offered as strange aspects of his spiritual beliefs. Dunleavy even makes the following startling statement about Elvis: The revelations in Elvis: Still, they could be dismissed as mere quirky behaviors. However, there were other revelations that could not be so easily dismissed, even by his fans.

Red West revealed the now accepted fact that Elvis was introduced to Dexedrine in the army while stationed in Germany. Red even claimed that Elvis was high on the pills while filming most of his movies during the s. But Dexedrine was only the beginning.

One of the most disturbing stories in this Elvis biography, one that has stayed fresh in my mind all these years, is the one about a pretty, young woman that Elvis picked out of the crowd one night in Las Vegas. Later, she nearly died after a night of drinking a dangerous prescription drug, Hycadan, fed to her by Elvis at his Palm Springs home. Others have since verified the story.

Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Elvis, What Happened? Elvis, What Happened? A devoted son. A generous friend.

A model Army recruit. A gifted entertainer. A beloved hero to millions. This is the Elvis Presly the world knew -- and cherished. Obsessed with death. Strung out.

Sexually driven. This is the other side of Elvis -- according to the three men who lived with him through it all -- a man who: Get A Copy.

Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Elvis, What Happened? Elvis what happened this book does anyone know how much truth is in this book? Cosmic Dwellings As a considerable amount of biographies and "tell-all" books have been written about Elvis over the many years since his untimely death, the consensus …more As a considerable amount of biographies and "tell-all" books have been written about Elvis over the many years since his untimely death, the consensus is that most of what was written in "Elvis What Happened?

This is because a number of those books by family, friends and the like have confirmed the events and occurrences which originally appeared in "EWH? However, said book was primarily written and overseen by a trashy tabloid hack Steve Dunleavy who put a slant on certain events and stories in the book in order to achieve the 'drama' required to make it sell.

Therefore, those events and stories would probably have occurred albeit with slightly different outcomes in order to portray Elvis in a more negative spotlight. It has been reported that Red, Sonny and Dave were somewhat subdued when they first read the finished product and discovered that Dunleavy had undertaken a certain amount of artistic license.

If you read Sonny's "Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business" Triumph Books, you will find a more mature and balanced perspective of events most of which were originally published in "EWH? Hope this helps. See all 3 questions about Elvis, What Happened? Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 03, Steve rated it it was amazing Recommended to Steve by: Andy Seven.

On surface, this is probably a 3 to 3 star book, largely due to its organization, which is a mess. Upon reading this, I was actually surprised at the lack of sour grapes complaining.

Elvis, What Happened - Digital Version () | Elvis Presley | Leisure

West definitely liked the man, and was troubled by his descent. The good side, his generosity, his talent, love of Mom, etc. Maybe so, but his decline is one mean slope. One incident that struck me as particularly vicious was an argument that resulted in Presley hurling like a spear a pool cue at a woman, striking her in the chest.

What a dick. Another telling incident, toward the end of the book, had Elvis being rushed on stage by some nut. While the nut was wrestled to the ground, Elvis moved around the stage delivering karate kicks to the air. At this point, life for Elvis had become something scripted by Hunter S.

While I was reading it, I would on occasion check on events as reported in another, more recent bio. For the most part, the stories held up. It was worth every penny!

View all 5 comments. Mar 15, Carol Storm rated it it was amazing. The night Red West would like to forget.

Elvis: What Happened?

When I read the book as a teen, I didn't really fall in love with Elvis -- that was a done deal. Every loser teen should have a friend like Red West. And every superstar should have security men like these. I think what got to me even then was the "voice" of these The night Red West would like to forget. I think what got to me even then was the "voice" of these tough Southern men -- compassionate, but never sentimental, macho, but never bullying.

All of the book sounds like actual conversation, spoken in a tough redneck bar over cold beers long after midnight. The rhythm goes something like this: And right away, man, Elvis is in his face, saying he served his country and he voted for Nixon.

And this writer, man, he is getting angry -- but you can see at the same time he is ready to lose it, just cry all over the place that Elvis is not the guy the rock press wished he was.

So right then good old Lamar comes up to me and says, Red, man that dude is about to say something he shouldn't, why don't we get him out of here. And so I go up to him and say, now look, man, if old E does not like hippies there is no use bugging him about it.

If you start to hassle him then you will have to start with me, too, and that will turn into a whole other situation. And that was the last time any rock critic ever asked Elvis about Politics. After that they just made it all up. Nov 04, Megan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What Happened? These three were fired from the "Memphis Mafia" in July Steve Dunleavy contacted them shortly thereafter, and this book was published on August 1st Going into this story, I thought it would be difficult to truly appreciate it.

Of course Elvis is such an ingrained part of our popular culture, and we all know that towards the end of his life he was hopelessly addicted to prescription medications and that his behavior was erratic. But at the time, this was a closely guarded secret.

What Happened is a very ugly look at the private life of The King, told by men who know him better than most people. I didn't find myself shocked by the stories of drug abuse, women, and bizarre behavior the way people were with this book was first published.

The Memphis Mafia was a strange monster. These men considered themselves close and personal friends of Elvis, yet complained that they didn't feel they made enough money from him. While they told stories of being able to travel with Elvis on Elvis' dime live with him in various mansions, have access to all sorts of women, their meals were paid for, Elvis bought them countless cars, and other gifts So what was their role, friends or employees?

My vote is employees. While these men complained that Elvis' behavior was becoming more and more erratic, and his beliefs wack-a-do, they never contradicted him. Red relates: Well, after a while I learned not to complain about it when I was around Elvis, because I knew what would happen.

Whenever he knew I had the pain, he would ask me to sit down in front of him, and then he would lay on his hands, telling me over and over that the pain would go away, that he was drawing out the pain.

Well, I would sit there and he would say, 'It's going away, Red. You're going to be okay. The pain has gone.

That's fantastic. It really has gone. I would walk away and my back and neck were still hurting like hell. It was a case where I didn't want to tell him that he was kidding himself, because he really had the best of intentions, but he was convinced that he had fixed me up. In a fit of rage, he threw a cue stick at her, spear style.

According to Sonny West, " I was worried about that in the back of my mind. She had every damn right to sue him. I told her not to be silly. She should forget about it. Then I very gently told her that she was in his house, and she did insult him, and there were a lot of his friends around as witnesses and then I said, 'Who do you think they're gonna stand up for?

Sonny felt ashamed of himself.

That really wasn't his style. Here was this little girl, victim of a sudden, sadistic flash of temper, and he was trying to talk her out of suing. It was second nature for me to stand up for him, even when I knew he was very wrong. Elvis was talking about the power of metaphysics, although I'm not quite sure whether he knew the real definition of the word Suddenly Elvis yells out, 'Stop the car.

I want to show you what I mean, Dave. Now see that cloud? I will show you what my powers really are. Now I want you all to watch. All of you, look at that cloud.

Elvis is staring a hole through the damn thing. Well, the perspiration is dripping off us. Not a sound in the car, just a whole lot of dummies dying of heat stroke looking up at a cloud.

I'm near dying and I am praying that the sonofabitch would blow away. At the same time, I'm really having a problem not to burst out laughing. Well, after about ten minutes, thank God, the damn thing dissipated a little.

I mean, if you watch a single cloud anyway after ten minutes, it will move or dissipate to some degree. I saved the day by noticing it first, and, because I didn't want to die of dehydration, I said, 'Gee, Elvis, you're right. Look, it's moving away,' That was just the right thing to say. Old Elvis gave me one of those sly little smiles that told me he had done it again. Then we drive off. Poor Elvis. This book tells story after story of Elvis displaying the patience of a two year old and the beliefs of a crazy person.

And his so called "friends" encouraged him every step of the way. It is an intriguing look into a side of Elvis that very few people were privy to.

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It is also the most disgusting display of "yes men" and hangers on I have ever read. My one consolation is that I purchased this from a used book store, and these men did not receive my money. They say this book was intended to be a way of reaching out to Elvis, a way of letting him know his behavior was out of control.

Elvis, What Happened?

Was it? Big surprise Elvis was reported to be hurt, saddened and betrayed. Although Dave Hebler appears to be more star struck when he talks kindly of The King, the West cousins insist they truly do care about Elvis and hoped he would turn his life around.

That's the Way It Is , despite being the best documentary evah, always makes me a little sad. Whenever Elvis cracks a joke, he very quickly looks around the room to make sure every one of his boys is laughing with him.

And of course they are. What a shame that a man with so much talent was coddled and spoiled to point that he became delusional, isolated and so unhealthy that he suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of forty-two. Perhaps his life would have taken that turn anyway?

But somehow, for these men to say they cared about Elvis This book was at times sad, at times disgusting, yet always fascinating.

Let me end this review on a high note. Elvis had a number of hobbies and interests, one of which was collecting law enforcement badges. At a Hollywood party, Elvis discovered that an unnamed celebrity was an undercover agent for the Federal Narcotics Bureau. When Elvis saw the badge, he decided he needed to have one and set up an appointment with John Finlator, then the Deputy Narcotics Director. Finlator met with Elvis, and offered to give him an honorary badge but Elvis wouldn't take it, he wanted the real thing.

Elvis insisted that he wanted to help in the fight to keep people off drugs, and even offered money. Finlator stood firm, and would not give Elvis a real badge. Undaunted, Elvis left and hired a chauffeured limousine to drive him to the White House.

Although this was spur of the moment, and he didn't have an appointment to see the President, Elvis charmed his way into the oval office. According to Sonny West, "Presley seemed very much at home in the Oval Office and he said, 'Now, the president has got something for ya'll. Presley wasn't shy when it came to the president. He said, 'You know,l Mr. President, they've got wives.

In a daze, Sonny and Jerry and Presley then left the office, after warm handshakes. Before Sonny and Jerry had gotten to the office, President Nixon assured Presley he would get his federal narcotics badge. Presley smiled triumphantly at Sonny and Jerry and said, 'Who said something can't be done? Fuck me. View all 6 comments. Jul 09, Andy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What starts out as a "Get Rich Quick" p-back on the downfall of Elvis becomes more of an expose on the Memphis Mafia that catered to Elvis' every whim, making them the most demented pack of yes-men since the Bush Administration.

Lining up chicks for the King, getting cast as extras in cinema classics like "Harum Scarum", and bullying over-zealous fans, these guys were bigger life-savers to Elvis than the DEA. You'll read about them taking care of Elvis' pet chimp Scatter, colorfully named after, What starts out as a "Get Rich Quick" p-back on the downfall of Elvis becomes more of an expose on the Memphis Mafia that catered to Elvis' every whim, making them the most demented pack of yes-men since the Bush Administration.

You'll read about them taking care of Elvis' pet chimp Scatter, colorfully named after, well you know, scat.

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