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Cthulhu Invictus - Adv - Mystery on, , KB. file, Cthulhu file, Cthulhu Invictus -, , KB. file . The Cthulhu Invictus Companion. 5. As Rome's influence spreads throughout the known world, so too spreads the worship of its gods. Roman leaders know that. Cthulhu Invictus is published by Chaosium Inc. of Cthulhu Invictus, charioteers earn sestertii a race. companions of Persephone who entertained her.

Cthulhu Invictus Companion Pdf

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The Mythos Threatens Ancient Rome. AS ROME'S INFLUENCE SPREADS across the known world, so too spreads the worship of its gods. Roman leaders know. This free item contains downloadable handouts for use with these Cthulhu Invictus Companion scenarios. 3 pages. Watermarked PDF with cover images. Set in Roman Antiquity, the 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus is an opportunity to battle the occult off work. Vinalia Rustica—The companion to Vinalia.

Brother, Brother, I ask that you do the follow- To date, I have performed ing for me. Men will come to you, castrations per your request. I unsavory men, and ask to be cas- know you asked that I wait un- trated. Complete their desires, til the Republic is restored to seek but do not charge them. Instead, compensation, but I have fallen keep a tally, and I will reimburse on hard times and need money.

Pollius Nasennius Servius Vitellius Minucius 5. Sestius Pontius Ovidius Rusonius Mucius 9. Volusius Papirius Petellius Seius 5. Urgulanius Talmudius Salvius Pupius Portius Scribonius 3. Pomponius Oranius Paesentius Nectove Suetonius Statius Ursius Volusenus Sepurcius Sentius 8. Vibidius Petronius Volumnius Paternius Uulius Sennius 7.

Quintius Nepius Platorius Suedius Oppius Rabirius Tremellius Nigilius Modius 6. Vesuvius Varius Rupilius Tarquinius Tertinius Verginius Ogulnius Nigidius Statorius Rutilius Rufrius Tullius Piscius Sevilius Plotius Mustius Verecundius Pescennius Villius Numerius Vipsanius Neratius Virius Titinius Sidonius Sulpicius Vassinus Pomptinus Praesentius Novius Munatius Vagionius Rufus Minius 4.

Pompeius Olcinius Stanlilius Sacerdus Ulpianus Tarquitius Salonius Valerius Tadius Papinius Saufeius 2. Pellius Placidus Solanius Septimius 9.

Minicius 3. Tetius Octavius Trebellius Postumius Extrico Tabula. Poenius Nemetorius Papellius Sextius Rufius Plautius Viridius Roscius Octacilius Murrius Servilius Nestorius Terentius Titius Trebatius Ulpius Pomtidus Sittius Vagnius Octobre Pompilius Silvius Quintilius Stertinius Sepunius Velvus Popillius Quincticus Vibenius Socellius Tabellius Ostorius Papius Tuccius Thoranius Volcatius Sallustius Sicinius Rustius Sabucius Umbrenius Victricius Silius Vinicius Otacilius Petillius Nipius Mussius Velleius Volteius Norbanus Ritulius Quininius Vettius Mummius Pinarus Valgus However Germania is an old place with many secrets.

The lands north of the Rhine were seldom controlled by the Empire for long. The forests and rivers of this land hold more dangers than Germanic uprisings or the occasional wolf. The province might have been the frontier of the empire. Germania was an important part of the Empire. It was the northern border of the Empire and one of the most active for the Roman legions. It was a fertile land. Chapter 2: The warrior traditions of the Germanic people were welcomed into the Empire.

Germanic towns and cities were built to the standards of the empire. Germanic citizens sent their children to Roman schools. Creatures disguised as men plot to spread their control over humanity. Dark things dwell among the ancient towering trees.

Many locals embraced their Roman citizenship. Not all of Germania was in a constant state of war or even opposed to Roman rule. Foul gods are worshipped as they have been since mankind was first taught of their existence. The province was the location of numerous bitter wars costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Roman soldiers. The civil war over.

The Teutoni are defeated by Roman forces under the command of Giaus Marius. Many of the Roman forces in Germania are sent to Italia to fight. The Batvii tribe led by Julius Civilis revolts. As such the Empire usually garrisoned four legions in the province. After some early successes King Boiorix and his people. He is mostly successful but dies in 9 BC.

General Germanicus. They respond by attacking and defeating another Roman army under the command of Marcus Junius Silanus. These legions were garrisoned with troops from Italia.

Germanic forces led by the Cimbri King Boiorix launch an offensive and defeat the Roman Armies under the command of Mallius and Caepio. The Second Cthulhu Invictus Companion Germania Timeline The following is a brief timeline of historical events taking place in Germania with regard to its conflicts with. Military Forces Germania was a hot spot for the Empire. Germanic requests to settle the lands of southern Gaul are refused by Rome.

The precise legions and their locations varied from era to era. The Germanic forces are utterly annihilated. Germanicus is eventually recalled. He forges good relations with the Germanic tribes. Tiberius continues the work of his brother. Arminius dies.

Tiberius invades the territory held by Arminius in 9. Keepers wishing to know the full details behind these events are encouraged to consult historical sources on the matter. Rome denies any involvement in this act and comes to accept the lower Rhine as the northern boarder of Rome-controlled Germania.

This is in no way a proper historical document. Caesar is forced to launch three separate campaigns against the Germans in Caesar is aided by his ally. Tiberius withdraws his forces east of the Rhine. The Uprising of Arminus Begins: The XVII. Tiberius become emperor and assigns his nephew. The revolt is put down. Nero Claudius Drusus moves into Germania to establish Roman control over the region. Rome launches its campaign against Gaul.

Rome experiences a civil war. After an unsuccessful drive into Hispania. Large numbers of local auxiliary units operated as parts of these legions. The attack is led by the Cherusci tribe under the command of Arminius.

He launches invasions across the Rhine in The Frisians and Chauci tribes revolt but are defeated by the 5th Legion. Roman forces suffer more than sixty thousand casualties. Xanten is rebuilt. The 1st Germanic and 16th Gallicia legions are forced to surrender to Julius Sabinus. The two then make a push towards Italia. The forces in Germania side with Emperor Vitellius. POW check on the resistance table. As the area came under Roman control the native people adopted many Roman ways.

They are known for being warlike. Former and active auxiliary personnel. Amber amulets were placed on babies for general protection.

The Romans have introduced many crops to the area. Rudiger must win a POW vs. However Cassia is wearing an amber amulet. A few of these tribes. Their settlements began to be planned on orderly grids and cities began to emerge. Investigators may find the investment to be well worth it. This helped Romanize many of these citizens. Relations between tribes were seldom stable either. These men came from a culture that respected military service and had proud warrior traditions. Amber Romans wore amber for a variety of reasons.

It was worn to combat fever. The province imports glass. This bonus only works as a passive defense. The warrior traditions of the native Germanic people would not be silenced.

The belief in the beneficial effects of amber is not unfounded. The province of Germania supplied large numbers of auxiliary infantry and cavalry troops. Individuals wearing amber are also partially immune to Shan Meld attacks. Northern Tribes: Germania is a valuable market for Roman merchants.

Unfortunately for Rome. German warriors often enlisted in the Roman Legions. Seubii Economy The basis for the economy in Germania is agriculture. Germania exports more than foodstuffs. There are a wide variety of tribes of native Germanic peoples. Native Peoples The native people of Germania come from a collection of many different tribes. It was widely believed that wearing a piece of amber around the neck protected one from goiter and tonsillitis.

This works against Mythos magic and spell-like effects of Mythos creatures. The price of amber is quite high and only the wealthiest can afford to own it. Ubii Southern Tribes: Tribes would. A small piece of amber is worth as much as a slave.

Much of this goes to feed the province and the vast numbers of soldiers stationed within it. Some of these such as the Ubii are openly allied with Rome. In areas where the soil is too poor to raise grain. This raises her POW by 2 points. This made the region easier to rule and control for the Romans. Adalwulf 3. Ansgar 7. Wenzel Hrodland Ansell 6. Jurgen Lanzo Wolfgang Ewald Faramond Reimund Gunther Kuno Gomeric Kipp Ernst Gerrit Mertem Hagan Azzo 8.

Freidhold Reginold Dedrick Male Germanic Names 1. Deitmar Ingwaz Witold Fastred Adlric 2. Dachs Rotger Lutiger Gotthold Hardwin Werner Barthold 9. Werther Ortwin Below is a good selection of suitable Germanic names. Gernot Emeric Tancred Traugott Markus Edsel Carsten Karsten Rudiger Wilhelm Konrad Gaufrid Rupert Sigmund Ludwig Hugbert Eckehard Till Manfred Kayetan Kurt Herrick Erwin Leonhard Bernigar Dietrick Korbl Severim Seppel Gerwulf Meinrad Volker Sigiswald Leudbold Burkhard Rickert Rikert Jochim Adelmar 4.

Meinhard Detlef Ludger Aldrik 5. Gerhart Lothair Bruno Reginar Kiefer Karl Landoberct Erdmuth Sieghard Urs Hilbert Reto Kaiser Velten Otto Sigbert Hrodwulf Deithelm Eldric His body was rumored to have shown signs of poisoning speculated to be carried out under the orders of Emperor Tiberius.

In 14 AD he was put in command of all military forces in Germania. Little does he know that this assignment is not going to be an easy one. Once in Germania he quickly led his men across the Rhine River. Some are loosely based on actual historical figures. In 9 AD. Curtius Masavo took command.

He deals mostly in leather and metalwork. From a minor Equestrian class family with few political connections. Germanicus and Arminius played a chess game with their armies. Menius knows Germania. Arminuis a Latinized version of Irmin attained Roman citizenship and status and became a Roman auxiliary commander. The merchant owns two spacious homes. Curtius Masavo is a good. Menius Corvinus Roman Merchant Skills: Germanicus Roman General Skills: Germanicus hails from very prestigious stock.

An excellent soldier. Germanicus was transferred out of Germania in 17 AD. Few could deny his valor. This happened after he saved the legion from decimation after the previous Legate and the highest-ranking tribune were killed. Both his wives are happy and beautiful. If investigators need a guide. He died under mysterious circumstances in Antioch in 19 AD. Germanicus managed to recover two of the three Eagle standards lost in the Roman defeat at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

He also speaks several of the local Germanic dialects and seems to be well liked by everyone he meets.

Unbeknownst to anyone. Should someone ever find this out. His master wishes to be free and tells him to do things. For the next twelve years. Lutiger Savius Germanic Finder Skills: Bonn is an important religious center to the Cult of the Aufanian Mothers. These days he makes a good living as an advisor to various Roman officials. To his people. The city boasts an aqueduct system. When he was old enough. The Romans also used Mainz as a naval station. If he should happen upon investigators combating the forces of the Mythos.

His master has taught him many things. When he was nine years old. Once after a battle. His master lives far away. Lutiger obeys without question. Everyone trusts Lutiger.

As he was dying. Konrad of the Helvetii Germanic Auxiliary Skills: Konrad still has the scars the ghouls gave him that day. That was more than ten years ago and Konrad is now a Roman Citizen. It was an important military town. The town was rebuilt out of stone after the Batvian revolt of 70 AD and became the base for the 21st Rapax and later the 1st Minervia Legions.

So far he remains unmarried. He tried to drive them off thinking they were looting the bodies. Arminius waged war against Rome — until members of his own tribe murdered him. It was initially used by auxiliary troops to guard a river crossing but was occupied by the 1st Legion Germanica after the battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

Province of Germania Cologne has most of what any true Roman city would.

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Daughter of Vipsanius Agrippa. Cologne is the northeast cornerstone of the Roman Empire. Julia had been born and raised in Cologne and in 50 AD granted her birthplace the full rights of a Roman City.

She soon afterward took her own life by drowning herself in the Rhine. A town sitting at the foot of the hill usually supports the fortress. Having figured out the problem. In 43 AD. Near the town was Hunerberg. The 10th Legion was stationed here for three decades to keep an eye on the Batvian. The trap worked. This fortress is situated on a high hill approachable only from the south. This fashion trend has been making their activities much more difficult.

Their town was burned down.

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They are well funded. The Shan will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. The base was only occupied for a few years before being abandoned. Once they have fifty or sixty members. The Shan are finding their activities hindered. Within weeks the murders begin. Jurgen and Hulda then begin convincing other Atuataci who are still eager to throw off the chains of Roman oppression to join their new pack.

This is because Maccius Longus and most of his associates are actually being controlled by Shan living inside their brain tissue. The once proud and powerful Suebii noble was whipped and humiliated before her people. All of the victims had been in the prime of life when last seen alive. Lady Cordula was handed over to the Romans by her traitorous handmaiden and bodyguards in return for sesterces.

Jurgen discovers this and allows his wife to infect him as well. His actual plan is to make amber so scarce and expensive that it falls out of fashion. The Suebii launched an all-out attack in an attempt to free her. Afterwards a community of luxurious accommodations for high-ranking Roman officials was established on the Kops Plateau. Xanten was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Many years ago. Fear is spreading throughout the city.

Once per month. The next morning they are found. After the Batavian rebellion. So far. Unless stopped. Cordula only kills Romanized Germanic citizens.

The few witnesses to her appearances describe the ghost as a mass of living shadows in the shape of a woman with two red glowing eyes.

From where in the forest are these bandits striking? How many troops are needed for total victory? Long cloaks and tunics are given to you. The coven grew in wealth and power until the rebellion was put down and the conflict ended.

It would not be wise to let the enemy know they are being spied on. As the troops were transferred to other regions. A combination of Roman legionnaires. After nearly a year of fighting. Have they occupied the old campsite inside the Black Forest. Savage bands of barbarian warriors.


The road connects Xanten. Things are starting to go well in the lands around Xanten. The survivors are few. The problem was solved. Chapter 3: Is this a small band of upstart bandits. Now it has become the most used trade route in the region. War had been good for them. As your team leaves its base of Xanten you already see preparations being made for the arrival of additional troops from Rome. Peace was proving to be a death sentence for the cult. Six years ago. The local people are getting accustomed to Roman rule.

No town would accept them and their once great wealth and power was waning. In the end.

Cthulhu Invictus Companion PDF

Gangs of barbarian bandits have begun savagely attacking travelers along the Accius Path. As peace settled over the land.

You have six days to return with your report. This coven of five women operated not only under the noses of the Roman soldiers.

0354 - Extrico Tabula - The Second Cthulhu Invictus Companion

The almost constant rituals grew fewer. The cultists. Trade routes are being established to deliver Germanic goods to the markets of Rome: The bandits have declared that the Black Forest is now a free kingdom. The survivor always carries a message to the Roman authorities. In the days when thousands of troops were stationed within the forest.

Each time a soldier visited one of the whores. Your group. The troops moved on to other hot spots of the Empire and peace settled into the region.

The intelligence your group gathers will be vital to planning the operations to crush these savages once and for all. More than a hundred of these brigands were eventually captured and hanged. Their plan is to bring the soldiers back to the Black Forest. When the battle ends. He needs this information in six days. The meeting should be brief and Keepers should portray Sergius as a busy man with many details to attend to concerning the coming campaign.

They tried to defend themselves. Pre-generated characters vs. Maybe regular legionaries would be too obvious? My name is Gaius Mons. Cultorum Externum 4: Senator Sura. Along with this mes. If I knew where Empire. Gaius Mon 7: All that I ask in return is for 30 wom- en. Gaius Mons. I wish to offer my services as a pow- erful sorcerer to your cause. This I have no idea what you are letter serves as my formal intro. His rain killed many. Your brother. We slowly approached and heard them repeat- edly calling.

After the ceremony concluded. He lies sleeping under the earth and in the sky. He can be You are to recover the scrolls. Failure will not be tolerated. It is through Chuma that the forests overflow with food for their villages. Gaius Ptolemicus will steer you in the right direction. There must have been a fire nearby because black soot began to fall and land on our shoulders and heads.

They told our guide that they are praying to their god. We encountered one of the villagers. When we returned through that spot several days later. On the sixteenth day of our journey.

Xanthippus approached the natives and inquired as to what they were do- ing. This villager told us that they destroyed the men we saw worshipping because Chuma is a god of evil and responsible for the death of many villagers. Flag for inappropriate content.

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